Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 221

Huo Mchen was grabbed by the wrist through the fabric, and an extreme discomfort crawled through the fabric. He gritted his teeth: "Immediately, let go, get out!"

Su Xuening clenched her hands even more paranoidly, her dark pupils glanced not far away, and a hint of success and calculation flashed in her eyes: "Huo Muchen, if you give up Song Ci, you can get more! The Su family will give you more! You get the top decision maker of the Huo family!

I will be more suitable for you than Song Ci! "

"You are not Song Ci, you will never be able to do it in this life!"

Huo Mochen was not a gentleman, he did not have the demeanor not to hit a woman, so he flung his arm away abruptly.

But Su Xuening twisted his arm fiercely, but didn't let go: "Huo Muchen, if I can't marry you, I will marry your brother Lu Ziyan! You have the heart to let your father marry me to an adopted son. A victim of the family?"

Su Xuening could tell that Huo Xi was deeply interested in her bringing the AK channel. If she couldn't marry Huo Muchen, she would have to marry someone else in the third bedroom of the Huo family!

But now I can only marry... the son of a singer!

"You are not qualified to marry Lu Ziyan!" Huo Muchen half-closed his eyes, threw him a stern breath, and directly took off the suit that Su Xuening had grabbed, and threw it to Su Xuening with someone!

"Get out, if you dare to lean over again, I'll cut off your hands and feet!"


Inside the black Aston Martin.

It was cold and lifeless.

Song Ci's body felt fine and dense pain, every inch of her muscles and bones were twisted desperately, and her vision was directly blurred by tears.

Yan Baichuan didn't know when he sat in the co-pilot, watching Song Ci staring at the man and woman in front of him, his pupils were scarlet, burning deep clusters of fire.

His handsome and gentle features were full of gloom: "Xiao Ci, don't be sad, I will accompany you."

"Why am I sad?" Song Ci's unusually calm voice made Yan Baichuan's body tremble, and his eyes gradually ignited into a frantic storm: "Standing opposite are my husband and Su Xuening.

Su Xuening is pestering my husband, didn't you see? "

"Xiao Ci, stop deceiving yourself and others."

Yan Baichuan suddenly hated Song Ci's unconditional trust in Huo Muchen. She could endure until Huo Muchen came out, and even defended Huo Muchen after seeing Huo Muchen and Su Xuening's "intimate" movements!

Why, you can't leave him with a little patience!

Don't even give him the slightest impression!

"I'm deceiving myself!

Huo Muchen said that he loves me, and only I live. The position of Huo Muchen's wife is always mine! "Song Ci was emotionally unstable, his slender arms tensed, and the stitched wound burst open again. At some point, he put the engine into gear and started the car directly.

The wheels were grinding on the ground, making a roar like a wild beast devouring the world!

Song Ci bit the corner of his lips, the bright red blood stained his pale lips, and he smiled so strangely.

"Your goal has been achieved."

She suddenly said, "I'm indeed sad and sad, but I believe in Homchen.

If Su Xuening was the only one standing opposite, I would drive over and run over her to death! "

Yan Baichuan heard that she still believed in Huo Mochen, and a smile appeared on his elegant face: "Xiaoci, if you don't believe me, you can call him, and you will know whether what I said is true or not!"

"Enough!" Song Ci kicked off his high heels, stepped on the gas pedal with his bare feet, and said to Yan Baichuan while accelerating, "If I kill Su Xuening with your car, you, Yan Baichuan, will be responsible too!

Even if I go to hell, I will drag you all to hell! "

Even though Song Ci believed that he held back and didn't call, but seeing her husband being plotted against by another woman in front of her, Song Ci still couldn't help feeling sad!

She felt as if a big hand had torn open her chest, held a dagger, and stabbed countless knives in her heart!

Since everyone is against her being together with Huo Mochen, then they will all go to hell!

Song Ci's eyes were gloomy, and the sound of the rumbling car grinding the ground successfully attracted the attention of the two people in front of him!

As soon as Su Xuening was thrown away, she saw Song Ci driving towards her in a car, and couldn't help screaming: "Song Ci, how dare you hit me!"

Song Ci?

Xiaoci is here?

Huo Mu's gloomy eyes locked tightly on the woman driving the car.

She was sitting in the driver's seat, and there were other men sitting beside her!

In an instant, Huo Mochen clenched his fists tightly, exuding hostility all over his body, and saw that the Aston Martin was about to run over Su Xuening's body at the last moment, the car was slammed on the brakes, and then quickly reversed, driving directly not far away !

The speed of getting on the road is comparable to death!

Huo Muchen squinted his eyes, and his gaze shot out a knife light: "Xiaoci has been here?"

"Okay, okay! Dare to plot against my head, plot against my wife, the Su family is really capable!" Huo Muchen pulled on his tie, the two agate buttons on the neckline were ripped open by the man, and his protruding Adam's apple rolled twice: " Su Xuening, you want to marry the Huo family, I will grant your wish!"

Huo Mochen turned around and went to the parking lot.

Huo Xishen rushed out and stopped him: "What happened?"

"Step aside!"

"Huo Muchen, if you fight against the Huo family like this again, even I can't save you! Do you still want to be the top decision-maker of the Huo family!"

"I don't mind buying the Huo family directly! You'd better stop plotting against my wife, or I will take away the foundation of the Huo family!" Huo Muchen didn't want to waste any more words with Huo Xishen. He wanted to see Song Ci, Want it now!

He couldn't imagine how a wife who was waiting for her husband outside would react when she saw her husband hugging and flirting with other women when she came out.

The fact that Song Ci is here means that she knows where he is?

But he didn't go in and chose to wait outside, which means he trusts him!

Now... all her trust has been broken by the Huo family and the Su family!

Huo Mu's deep eyes flashed annoyance and regret. He should have cleaned up the Huo family and the Su family long ago, instead of using the Huo family to balance the Yan family!

"Huo Muchen, if you dare to take away the foundation of the Huo family, you are against the entire Huo family! For Song Ci, it's not worth it!"

"Shut up! I'll let you know if it's worth it or not!" Huo Mochen slammed the door of the Maybach, pulled out the engine, ignited the ignition, quickly stepped on the accelerator, and followed the car in front!

He took out his mobile phone from the car box, and watched the red dot on the mobile phone's positioning system keep moving, and it was moving recklessly!

In fact, Song Ci's eyes were blurred by tears and he couldn't see the car in front of him clearly. He almost collided with the car several times. Fortunately, Yan Baichuan turned the steering wheel in time so that no catastrophe occurred!

"Xiao Ci, stop, if you continue like this, something will happen!"

Yan Baichuan warned that even though he fastened his seat belt, Song Ci didn't want to do anything, which made him feel a little more fear in addition to his heartache!

Song Ci looked ahead, and didn't give Yan Baichuan alms from the corner of his eye. A sneer filled his throat: "Isn't this what you expected?"


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