Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 222

At the end, she said again: "You all know that when I saw that scene, even though I believed in Huo Mchen, I still felt sad!

I can't stand Huo Mochen not wanting me!

If he doesn't want me, then I'd rather die! "

"Song Ci, you lost yourself just because of Huo Muchen!"

"Yan Baichuan, what do you know! You don't even know what I've been through! The whole world doesn't want me anymore, he will want me!

I came back just to love him and live for him, so what!

As an outsider, don't intervene in the matter between our husband and wife! "

Song Ci directly increased the speed to the end, and suddenly heard the phone buzzing and vibrating in the cassette!

"Huo Mochen, do you want to pick it up!"

"Put down my phone, I don't want to waste a phone!"

Song Ci let the danger run wild in his ears, pressed the hands-free button of the mobile phone, and a cold growl came from the mobile phone!

"Stop the car!"

Because of a traffic light, Huo Mochen, who was still sane, had no choice but to distance himself from Song Ci!

The man stared at the fast-moving dots on the phone with downcast eyes, and said sharply, "Xiaoci, stop the car, don't make me angry!"

Listening to his voice, Song Ci's grievances immediately flooded up, crying and saying, "I need to be quiet now!

Huo Mochen, leave me alone for a while! "

She doesn't want to be jealous, really doesn't want to be jealous, but she can't control it!

Why didn't she kill Su Xuening just now!

The man seemed to understand the pain in her heart, and his sharp voice suddenly slowed down a bit: "Xiaoci, come here, I'll let you kill Su Xuening!"

"I don't want to hear that name!"

"Okay, Xiaoci, be good. Tell me what you want, and I'll give it to you." Huo Muchen's voice was as gentle as possible, but he couldn't hold back the slightest bit of anger that came from the phone to Song Ci's eardrums. , pulling Song Ci's nerves.

"Huo Muchen, I just want to be quiet now! You let me cry alone!" Song Ci couldn't help crying when he heard him say 'good boy'.

She really, really wanted to throw herself into Huo Mu's heart and cry, but she didn't want him to see her distress!

"You need a man to accompany you to be quiet?" The man grimaced.

"I'll be wronged for a while! Huo Muchen, I don't want to be jealous, why does Su Xuening touch you, what right does Su Xuening have to touch you! Didn't you say that you want to talk about work today? Why did you meet Su Xuening privately!"

Song Ci complained all of his grievances, his body trembling violently, and he didn't hear what Huo Mochen was saying at all.

Song Cikuang drove, got on the highway and then got off the highway. Huo Muchen chased after him all the way, the distance getting farther and farther.

Her body is also getting more and more painful, and the pain is so painful that all internal organs have been displaced!

"You come back, I will explain to you. If you are not satisfied with the explanation, you will kill me!"

Huo Muchen promised, and said word by word: "If I betray you, you will kill me with your own hands!"


Song Ci's heart shook violently.

This scene reminded Song Ci of the scene where she was tricked by Song Yanran into elopement with Lu Huaike, and Huo Mochen hit them with a car.

She panted heavily, as if someone was strangling her throat.

Song Ci's voice was extremely frightened: "Huo Mochen, don't die, please!

I don't believe you!

Did I cry so embarrassingly! "

"My small words are not shameful, I understand, you come back, I will let you dispose of me!"

Huo Mu's voice was soft to a certain extent, and he gently coaxed the crying little boy on the other side, while he could only follow the constantly moving red dot and drive at a gallop.

"Whatever you want in the future, I will indulge you and pamper you, don't beat you, don't be fierce, don't yell..."


A big black truck almost ran into Huo Mochen when he was distracted while talking!

Song Ci's heart sank when he heard the sound of the car's horn. He didn't dare to drive crazily anymore, so he threw the car directly to the gate of 1986.

Because the brakes were too fast, Song Ci's forehead slammed into the steering wheel!

The white forehead slammed into the steering wheel, making her mind buzz.

Yan Baichuan directly picked up Song Ci, saw her red and swollen forehead, frowned, and asked worriedly, "Xiao Ci, are you okay?"

Hearing the man's caring voice, Huo Muchen fell into the abyss, and said in a cold voice, "Yan Baichuan, let go of my wife! Whatever you touch her with, I'll destroy you!"

"Mr. Huo, I'm afraid you don't have this chance now."

Yan Baichuan stretched out his hand and broke the cell phone on the cassette!

He lowered his head and looked at Song Ci worriedly, wrinkling his brows, and leaned close to her forehead, but just met Song Ci's raised cold eyes.

A pair of extremely exquisite deer eyes were full of hatred, staring straight at him: "Get out, don't touch me!"

Song Ci looked at the mobile phone in his hand, a look of disgust flashed in his eyes, and he directly threw it out of the car window. The passing cars didn't see it, and the wheels directly ran over the mobile phone.

In an instant, the 'corpse' of the mobile phone separated everywhere!

thump, thump, thump!

The man who followed Song Ci's whereabouts by following the red dot on his mobile phone had no information for a moment, and his heart was so irritable that he couldn't find an outlet to vent his anger.

His muscles and bones were twisted inch by inch, and he directly dialed the phone.

"Young Master Huo."

"Turn Huacheng over, and find out my wife!"

Huo Mochen squeezed out a word from between his teeth.

The person on the opposite side only said 'yes' after receiving the order, and immediately dispatched everyone to start looking for someone, while he parked his car on the side of the road and waited for news.

The wound on Huo Muchen's palm was torn, covering the entire steering wheel, but the man didn't feel it at all, but dialed the phone again with a blank expression.

"Third brother?"

"Sever the foundation of the Huo family directly, as well as all the industrial chains of the Su family. The Southern District project left over from last time will be terminated immediately!"

Hearing this, Lu Ziyan stared in surprise: "You are crazy! Now that the Huo family's own project is cut off, isn't it just a chance to give the Yan family a chance to rise? The Huo family is now wooing AK. We have already opposed AK, so we can't let it go The Huo family is broken!"

"Old Six, I'm sorry for you, do it!" Huo Muchen's voice was urgent, and he didn't give Lu Ziyan any time to spare.

Lu Ziyan felt that something was wrong, that the situation was a little serious, and he couldn't understand what Huo Muchen was saying, but in the end it all became one word: "Okay!"

It's good that he can do something for the third brother!

In less than half an hour, Lu Ziyan fully used M&R and secret resources to block all the projects in the southern area that were supposed to be transferred to the Huo family.

Not only that, the original project that M&R wanted to start again for the Huo family was also a phone call. In just a few seconds, all the funds and projects of the Huo family were completely paralyzed, and with it, all resources of the Su family would also be withdrawn!

M&R uttered harsh words, if anyone dares to rescue them, they will end up like the Su family!

M&R's comprehensive acquisition directly made the resource channels in their hands useless, and the stock became a pile of waste paper!

When Su Changan got the news, he slapped Su Xuening directly on the face, and rushed back to the office angrily to find a solution.


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