Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 223

"It's not good for you to like someone from the Huo family, you have to like Huo Muchen! That's the wolf, what good is it for us to offend him!

You see, now that the Su family is completely paralyzed, all resources would rather pay us liquidated damages than cooperate with us again! "Su Changan's mouthful of old blood was irritated to the throat.

Su's mother finally realized that something was wrong, and watched the stock fall to the bottom, and cursed: "Huo Mochen is so ruthless?

This is driving us to a dead end!

Old Su, what should we do now? "

"What else can we do? We can only wait now! When Huo Muchen calms down, we'll beg! I gave you winks at the dinner table just now, but you didn't realize it! You still let Xue Ning go after Huo Muchen Mu Chen, you directly angered me."

Su Changan was so angry that he swept the documents across the floor, looked at the scattered documents all over the floor, and fell directly into the soft black chair, put his elbows on the edge of the table, pressed his eyebrows, and said in a weak voice, "I told you a long time ago not to anger Huo Mu Chen!

At the last M&R celebration banquet, several daughters offended Huo Muchen, and Huo Muchen directly forced the five families into bankruptcy!

Also, I just went to the bidding meeting a few days ago and saw Song Yuancheng.

Even Song Yuancheng and Huo Muchen's father-in-law didn't get any benefits. Instead, most of the shares were taken away. Now the chairman's status is in jeopardy.

How could such an ambitious and wolfish person allow us to get half of the benefits from him! "

"Then if we really marry Xue Ning, wouldn't the Su family be annexed sooner or later!" Su's mother's face was distorted by fright, and she couldn't help being angry, and said loudly: "Huo Muchen didn't do business at all. Do not fear being boycotted by others and fall from the altar!"

"Are people afraid of you! It's not because of the Huo family that Huo Muchen can gain a foothold in Huacheng.

M&R also started from scratch by himself, without any resources from the Huo family!

Even the Huo family relies on M&R's resources.

Otherwise, you can see why the Huo family didn't dare to fight Huo Muchen for so long. It's because M&R is so strong that they can ignore us.

Today, five companies called me to boycott M&R, but I directly declined. Su Chang'an said: "Sooner or later they will be worse than us!" We still have room for maneuver. "

Su's mother finally grasped the point: "What room?"

She didn't want to miss the opportunity to marry the Huo family.

"Marry with the Huo family."

"But Huo Mochen already has a wife?"

Su Chang'an was angry: "It's not Huo Muchen, but also the brothers who are beside Huo Muchen, the adopted son of the Huo family, Lu Ziyan."

"Lu Ziyan, but he was born as a gangster, and he is not worthy of our family Xue Ning at all. This will make Xue Ning Chu lose too much." Su's mother still thinks that Huo Muchen is the most suitable for them in Huo's house. Jia Xuening.

Su Changan slapped the table hard, and the teacup made a loud noise: "For the current plan, what else can you think of to save the Su family!

Lu Ziyan also works beside Huo Muchen, even if he is the vice president of M&R, marrying him will allow Huo Muchen to suspend his attack on the Su family! "

Su's mother looked contemptuously and said, "Lu Ziyan has no real power in his hands, so he just works for the Huo family for nothing!

Let Xue Ning and Lu Ziyan get engaged first, and when that little bitch Song Ci is kicked out of the house, then let Xue Ning marry Huo Muchen as a matter of course! "

"It can only be this way."

Su Changan was too lazy to plot against Huo Muchen with Su's mother.

Their abacus was clattering!

If you can't be Huo Mochen's wife, you can be Huo Mochen's brother's wife!

If Lu Ziyan heard it, there would probably be 10,000 mud horses passing by his heart!

Another roar: "I rely on me, I'm not a trash can, why do you want me to pick up trash!

If I don't marry, I won't marry. I want to protect my future cutie like a jade! "


And when Huo Xishen heard the news, half of the Huo Group was almost pissed off!

He quickly checked the southern area of the Huo family and some restarted projects, and repeatedly confirmed that Huo Muchen had really cut Huo Muchen off the foundation of the Huo family, and then he was so angry that he fell straight to the back.

Ye Mei supported him in time behind him, and comforted him softly: "Don Huo, don't be sad, I'm by your side. Huo Shao just can't think about it for a while, and he will understand your feelings when he marries a sensible wife Work hard."

"Song Ci!"

Seeing the opportunity, Ye Mei said, "Young Master Huo has Song Ci by his side every day, so some decisions may not be correct.

You know that some women can blow pillows. No matter what, Young Master Huo is still from the Huo family, so he won't always attack Huo Shou. "

"You mean, Song Ci might have made these?"

Huo Xishen is now very sure that Huo Muchen is just trying to vent his anger on Song Ci!

"Huo Dong," Ye Mei bowed her head and leaned close to Huo Xishen's ear, but she was already very close: "According to what we know, Song Ci is indeed a very capable person, maybe she did it. Huo Shao didn't know about this!

Now that M&R is listing the E-star project, and Song Ci is the person in charge, maybe he is plotting something for the Song family! "

"Song Ci is actually the person in charge of the project! Huo Muchen was so used to the ecstasy soup by Song Ci that he lost his head!" Huo Xi was furious. Huo Muchen's large-scale revenge on the Huo family had already begun to shake the confidence of the director of the Huo family. status.

Coupled with the fact that Huo Mochen was the one who did it, his position will be even more precarious!

Huo Mochen is self-destructing the third room!

"So we can no longer let Song Ci continue to be in charge of the E-star project, or find an excuse to let Song Ci leave the Huo family!" Ye Mei urged, and now she has made two preparations, one is to replace Jing Lianxi and marry Huo Xishen anytime, anywhere , as his third wife.

The other is to replace Song Ci anytime, anywhere and marry Huo Muchen, regardless of whether he loves her or not!

She wants to be a master!

Huo Xi let out a deep "En" from his throat, and turned around to see Ye Mei's pretty red face nearby. He stared intently for a while, and Jing Lianxi's face suddenly appeared in his mind, and he quickly retreated.

He cleared his throat and said, "Ye Mei, go out and deal with follow-up cooperation projects first."

"Okay." Ye Mei straightened up slowly, and walked out of the office unwillingly.

She almost kissed Huo Xishen just now, but Huo Xishen has already had a normal physiological reaction of a man, but the atmosphere is not enough now, and later...she and Huo Xishen will have a random turmoil in this office, and then there will be another one Son, replace Huo Muchen and get everything from the Huo family!

Ye Mei made all the plans in her mind before sending out the message.

Her red lips curled up proudly, thinking that Song Ci would serve her with tea and water in the future, she felt a burst of joy in body and mind!

Huo Xishen is now the director of the Huo family. In the future, after the old man of the Huo family dies, everything in the Huo family will fall on Huo Xishen.

When it comes to Huo Xishen, it's all about her and her future son!

At that time, the entire Huo family will be hers!

Thinking about it, Ye Mei couldn't help laughing, she felt more comfortable to do things, and even the mess that she was most willing to deal with at this moment felt much easier.


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