Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 224



Song Ci sat directly at the public bar, ordered the strongest wine, and poured it with his head raised.

Yan Baichuan sat beside her, held her wrist, and prevented her from pouring wine down her throat: "Xiao Ci, you have a wound on your arm, so you can't drink anymore. If you want to drink, I'll drink with you."

"You don't need to be kind." Song Ci grabbed the bottle and poured the wine down his throat, completely ignoring the bleeding from the wound.

"For Huo Muchen, are you worth it? The Huo family is scheming, and everyone is scheming to fight for the last top decision-maker! Xiao Ci, you are not suitable for this kind of life, you are more suitable to be a quiet princess, and someone will protect you! "


Song Ci directly poured the whiskey in his hand onto Yan Baichuan's handsome and gentle facial features, saw his black hair on his forehead was wet with alcohol, and smiled after his face was full of embarrassment: "Yan Baichuan, why do you always haunt me? Between Huo Mochen, do you know how much I hate you just now! I hate you so much that I want you to die!"

"I know." Yan Baichuan replied in a low voice.

"What do you know? Are women just pets in your eyes? When you like them, you can pet them for a few days, and if you don't like them, just throw them aside!" Song Ci's eyes suddenly became sharp: "What kind of family do I live in? I don't know yet, if I were a princess, I would have died long ago!

You know, even if I think about it, why I still choose Huo Mochen! "


Yan Baichuan's throat was choked up. Regardless of his shirt being wet with wine, he asked the bartender for another bottle of whiskey. He drank it by himself and listened to Song Ci's answer.

"Huo Mochen knew how to respect me, and never regarded me as a canary in his palm. He taught me to love me and gave me a world of development." When Song Ci said about Huo Mochen, the corners of his lips twitched sweetly smile.

The sweeter she is, the bitterer Yan Baichuan is!

He clenched his fists tightly, and his body was tense. She was not strong enough to protect Song Ci, so he could only watch Song Ci being snatched from him by Huo Mochen!

If the sober Song Ci heard this, he would definitely be furious: "MMP, I was never yours, but my husband's. Can you just take it for granted!"

"If I say that I know how to respect you now, will I have another chance?"


Song Ci drank a bottle of spirits, and his sanity has long been unclear. He lazily vomited alcohol and lay on the bar counter, humming in a daze, unable to hear what Yan Baichuan was saying at all.

In the eyes of men, silence equals acquiescence,

Yan Baichuan simply drank a few glasses of wine, which did not make him drunk.

The corners of his lips curled slightly, and he raised his slender fingers and touched her blushing cheek as he said, "Xiao Ci, give me another chance!"

"It's impossible in this lifetime!"

A cold and apprehensive sound split from it!

Followed by two rows of well-trained bodyguards lined up, clearing away those blocking the way.

The heavy footsteps made everyone sober as if they had been poured with cold water.

Huo Mchen was only wearing a thin white shirt, and the black tie had been thrown somewhere long ago, and the cuffs and neckline were all ripped open, revealing a sexy Adam's apple and powerful arms.

The man had a handsome face, with a clear jaw line that was icy cold, and when he followed his slender legs, he carried a heavy and gloomy hostility, and a pair of extremely sinister eyes locked tightly on the bar counter of Yan Baichuan and Song Ci.

Seeing Huo Muchen approaching, Yan Baichuan's bent fingers froze when he saw Huo Muchen.

"Release her, or you die!"

Huo Mochen's conditions are full of threats and cannot be discussed!

Yan Baichuan curled his lips into a smile, and gently brushed Song Ci's cheeks with bent fingers as if deliberately provocative, and said in a light voice with the smell of alcohol, "Xiaoci brought me here, why is Mr. Huo's marriage going well?" ?”

Huo Mu stared at him with dark eyes, and said with a half-smile: "So?"

"I want to congratulate Mr. Huo on his successful remarriage. As for the person Mr. Huo snatched away from me, I will take it away." Yan Baichuan reached out to help Song Ci's shoulder, but before he touched a corner, Huo Mushen ruthlessly He clasped his wrist tightly and pressed it against the bar counter.

"It's this hand that touched Xiao Ci, right?" Huo Mu glanced at him with dark eyes.

Those eyes were as disgusting as they wanted.

Yan Baichuan's face was always calm and calm, except for the smell of alcohol on his body, there was no trace of drunkenness: "Mr. Huo, do you want to abolish my hand? Then abolish it!"

Anyway, my goal has been achieved! "


Huo Mushen smiled instead of anger, and said mockingly with disdain: "You will never reach it!"

"Huo is always deceiving himself? Xiaoci has now seen the matter between Su Xuening and you with her own eyes. If one day she knows what the Huo family has done to her, will she still love you as much as she does now?" There was a crack on the face that was as warm as jade due to pain, and the face was distorted like Su Xuening's.


Huo Mochen glanced at Song Ci, who was drunk, and saw that her gauze was stained red with blood. He lost his patience completely, and let go of his drooping wrist. He still had to take Song Ci back to apply medicine, and he had no time to spend with Yan Baichuan.

He took out the tissue in his trousers pocket, wiped his fingers casually, and stretched out his hand to grab Song Ci.

Yan Baichuan guessed his intention, and retreated with Song Ci in one hand.

Huo Mu stared at her gloomyly, directly opened the wound, and quickly kicked Yan Baichuan fiercely with his sharp eyes. Yan Baichuan, who could only use one hand, was not Huo Muchen's opponent, and was directly kicked down on the wine glass tower.


Yan Baichuan fell into the glass shards in embarrassment, his pure white shirt was dyed red and blue, making him extremely embarrassed.

He seemed to have been used to it for a long time. He patted the broken glass on his body calmly and gracefully, and stood up with his blood-stained wrist supporting his body.

"Huo Muchen, you are relying on Song Ci not knowing what you have done. When she thinks about it, she will know who I am? I love Xiao Ci as much as you love her."

"So? Mr. Yan is showing off to me?" Huo Mochen pursed his lips tightly, and a dark light flashed in his eyes under his long eyelashes.

"Hehe, I just want to tell Mr. Huo that we will know in the end who will win the battle." Yan Baichuan's brows are relaxed, even if he is in a mess, he can't see that he is panic, because he loves Song Ci, so he is full of courage when facing Huo Muchen .

"You think that Xiaoci will leave me when you think about it, is this your confidence?" Huo Mochen clenched his hands tightly, the veins on the back of his hands were exposed, and blood dripped out from his fingers: "You will only stay in the past , and her past, present and future will only have me."

Huo Muchen left 1986 with Song Ci in his arms, leaving behind a single sentence.

"Take a breath and leave it to the Yan family. If you dare to bully my Huo Muchen's wife again, Mr. Yan will be next!"


The bodyguards understood. Several people grabbed Yan Baichuan and waved their fists. They greeted wherever they were vulnerable or hurt. They didn't show mercy at all because they were facing Yan's family.


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