Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 225


When Huo Mochen left from 1986, he happened to meet Jiang Jingxing at the door.

Seeing Huo Muchen come out with Song Ci, he took the initiative to open the car door for them, and put away the toothpick in the corner of his mouth: "Get in the car, I will take you back."

Huo Mochen did not refuse, and directly led the person across the long legs to the back seat.

Jiang Jingxing closed the door with a bang, sat in the driver's seat as the 'driver', stepped on the accelerator and drove towards Huo Yuan.

On the road, he used the rearview mirror from time to time to look at Huo Muchen's tense expression that was about to freeze Han Chuan, and asked casually, "Tell me, what do you want? When I apologize to you and your little wife in 1986 today!"

"She is not allowed to come to 1986 to drink in the future!"

"Okay." Jiang Jingxing responded immediately, and then asked, "Just this one request?"

"Well, it's gone."

Huo Mochen hugged Song Ci, raised his still clean hand to caress her tear-stained cheek, and kissed away her teardrops little by little until Song Ci opened his eyes in a daze, staring at her with a red face. The handsome man who was close at hand was puzzled: "Why are you?"

"It's not me, who else do you think it is?"

Huo Mochen gritted his teeth and said.

"Where's Yan Baichuan?" Song Ci's voice was extremely hoarse because of drinking strong alcohol, and he was able to speak after coughing twice, and he didn't know if he was drunk or not: "I haven't taught him a lesson yet!

Why should he hold my hand! "

Song Ci sat up from Huo Muchen's lap, rubbed his left wrist, rubbed it back and forth, and muttered to himself: "He will pay for the drink later, I have no money! Also, please don't let me drink. My husband knows that he touched my wrist, otherwise my husband will punish me!"

Huo Mu Shen's brows ignited with anger, and he raised her chin with his fingers, forcing her to look up into his dark eyes, and asked with a voice from his throat, "Has he touched your place yet?"

"I won't tell you, who are you, why are you hugging me!" Song Ci puffed her cheeks, she was super cute when she was drunk, showing a fierce expression, slurring her speech and slapping Huo Muchen away with aura Finger said: "I tell you, don't touch me! I'm married!"

After finishing speaking, the little girl showed her wedding ring proudly: "Did you see it? This is the ring my husband made for me. Be envious, be jealous! You single dogs, hahaha!"

Huo Muchen's anger at having his fingers slapped off was instantly reduced by Song Ci's word "marriage".

"Mrs. Huo, fortunately you chose the correct answer just now."

Jiang Jingxing squeezed out two embarrassing smiles from between his teeth, and teased that he was the Leng Yanwang just now, but now he is a man who spoils his wife and is crazy: "Okay, third child! Your little wife has a strong desire to survive, it seems that your wife has cultivated The project is very successful, one day I will teach Lu Ziyan, so I won’t have to hook up with women every day in 1986!”

"He's getting engaged." Huo Mu's deep voice fell into Jiang Jingxing's ear.

Jiang Jingxing's face was calm, and he didn't have any special thoughts: "Who!"

"Su Family." When Huo Muchen mentioned the word "Su Family", he couldn't help being filled with fear.

"Su Xuening from the Su family? So you shouldn't be the one to get married? They changed their target." Jiang Jingxing stepped on the brakes, waited for the traffic light, and then talked about family affairs: "Can the sixth child agree?

If he really married Su Xuening, that would be really interesting! "

How disgusting it is for a woman who covets her to be placed next to her brother, and she has to look up and down to see me every day!

As soon as Song Ci heard the word 'Su Xuening', he suddenly raised his head, looked at Jiang Jingxing fiercely, and pursed his mouth in extreme dissatisfaction: "No marriage!

Our family is not allowed to marry Su Xuening!

Lu Ziyan doesn't like Su Xuening! "

Hearing Song Ci's 'clear' and 'ambiguous' words, Jiang Jingxing asked suspiciously: "Is your wife drunk or not? I think this is similar to your drunk state?

You couldn't have taught this girl how to drink, right? "


Huo Mu vetoed with a cold face.

He comforted the woman who was restless in his arms and lowered his head and frantically rubbed his wrists. He twitched his forehead, rolled his throat twice, and hugged her tightly before turning his head back to Jiang Jingxing.

"Well, I abolished the foundation of the Su family and the Huo family!"

"Damn! Are you waiting for the whole business circle to diss you tomorrow?" Jiang Jingxing frowned, as if he didn't quite understand the reason, so he asked in a deep voice, "It's related to Song Ci."

"It doesn't matter."

"I can't believe the expression on your face! The case of the Lu family has surfaced a little bit. Last time, according to your wife's clues, that person is indeed related to the Lu family, but we still have to wait for a while to close the net. "Jiang Jingxing sneered, and brought good news to Huo Muchen: "An Lina is pregnant."

"I know."

Huo Mo said solemnly.

After waiting for 60 seconds, Jiang Jingxing restarted the car: "That's what you did. Lu Huai can't get pregnant, but An Lina is pregnant. What do you want to do?"

"Wait a few months, don't worry... Are those people dead?"

"No, I wanted to ask your wife to draw a portrait today, because I found out that they are indeed doing underground business, and these are illegal acts. You know, what do I do!

After this case is over, your wife will be the hero. "


Huo Muchen didn't appreciate it at all, he just held Song Ci's other arm to stop her from rubbing, and looked at the red marks on his fair skin with distress.

He put her finger to his lips and kissed her, then gently coaxed: "It's okay, it's very clean, I don't despise you anymore."

Huo Muchen's voice fell into Song Ci's ear, and Song Ci raised his head fiercely again, looking at Huo Muchen, seemingly familiar yet unfamiliar, he just looked up at Huo Muchen and said: "Huh! I'm super fierce !"

"Don't touch me, I can't kill you, my husband can kill you!"

"Yan Baichuan, let me tell you, you thought you succeeded in plotting me, but in fact you failed. I can trust my husband. My husband has already said that the little three and the four don't have to do anything. He will help me fight everything!"

Song Ci's words were full of pride, which made Huo Muchen and Jiang Jingxing want to laugh.

Jiang Jingxing had just one thought in his mind: "Damn, hurry up and have a daughter!"

Huo Muchen weighed Song Ci with his long arm, put him on his lap, and the corners of his lips curled up with affection: "Well, my little Ci is super fierce."

"Xiao Ci was called by you, let me go!" Song Ci raised his fist and hit Huo Muchen on the chest. After only two hits, Huo Muchen grabbed his palm.

He said, "Don't make trouble."

"Yan Baichuan, let me go! If you don't let go, I'll bite you to death!" Song Ci stared at him fiercely, as if facing a heinous villain.

Well done, I'm still drunk!

Huo Mochen didn't like this kind of punishment very much, and reprimanded him with a cold face: "Outsiders don't need to do it themselves!"

Song Ci said fiercely, "Hmph!"


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