Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 226

When Jiang Jingxing drove the car to Huoyuan, he couldn't help laughing, and sent him in: "I really admire your little wife, I haven't seen other people drinking like crazy, but like yours, so... Cute, cough cough cough!"

Don't get me wrong, he really couldn't find a second word to describe it.

On weekdays, Jiang Jingxing had little contact with women. The total number of times he met more than ten times was only Song Ci and Jiang Jiu, and because he was in Huacheng, he had more contact with Song Ci.

"I'm really rare."

"Well, my wife is quite obedient, and when she wakes up, she always acts like a baby and begs for a hug." Huo Mu lowered his eyebrows gently, and when the housekeeper entered the door, he hugged Song Ci directly and went out. He turned around and said to Jiang Jingxing, "If you really like it, brother Hurry up and find one, after all, you're thirty."

"Cough cough cough! Don't urge the marriage, you should think about how to deal with your reputation tomorrow." Jiang Jingxing locked the car door tightly, glanced at him and drove away.

Huo Muchen just took a glance and jumped around, restless Song Ci walked back to the villa.

The housekeeper was a little frightened when he saw that both of them were covered with blood, and hurriedly welcomed them in.

"Sir, madam, I'll call the family doctor." The butler's voice choked.

Huo Muchen reached out to grab Song Ci, and nodded politely to the housekeeper: "Please, I will prepare hangover soup and bath water."


The butler was quick to do it first.

Song Ci was very disobedient in his arms, full of anger, so angry that Huo Mochen directly pushed her onto the sofa, pinched her chin with his jaws, and blocked her lips domineeringly with his head down.

Huo Mochen didn't let her go until Song Ci was weak and lay softly in his arms.

He gently rubbed her soft and shiny lips with his fingertips, and said slowly: "I am your husband, Huo Mochen."

Song Ci widened his black and white eyes, narrowed them again, leaned over, and rubbed his handsome facial features with two small white hands, until they twisted and his facial features were squeezed together, Song Ci suddenly realized, and quickly let go of it like hot hands With his own fingers, he wanted to climb off Huo Mochen's body.

"Honey, when did you come?"


Back to the original point.

Huo Mu narrowed his gloomy and cold eyes, and the corners of his lips twitched: "You dare to go with someone you don't know?"

"I always say that I'm super fierce, and no matter where I am, my husband will come to save me." It's like every time she was injured in the past, Huo Mochen would appear by her side anytime and anywhere.

Although Song Ci could barely recognize who the person in front of him was, but he was not too drunk, he threw himself into his arms, rubbed against him, and raised his head: "Husband, Yan Baichuan bullied me, you have to help me make the decision!"

"How did he bully you? Why are you with him?" Huo Mchen was eager to know the answer.

But Song Ci was full of drunkenness, and when he said it, he couldn't match his words: "Why did you go to see Su Xuening? Su Xuening even touched you, just here..."

She pointed to Huo Mochen's wrist: "I saw him touch you with my own eyes!

Don't touch me, I hate being dirty! "

Huo Muchen frowned, his eyes were deep like the sea, and he kissed her soft hair directly: "Don't move around, you still have wounds on your body, I'll take a shower later, I guarantee that it doesn't smell like other women."

Song Ci lowered his eyes and nodded obediently.

The family doctor rushed over under the threat of the housekeeper. The housekeeper was waiting at the door and quickly dragged him in: "My husband and wife are both injured, come here quickly."


The family doctor didn't even catch his breath. He dragged him directly in front of Huo Muchen and Song Ci, and watched the two embrace each other. One had a wound on his arm and the other had a wound on his palm, and he was helplessly treating the wound.

He took the healer's scolding: "Why is my wife still drunk after being injured? This will make the wound worse! Next time, I can't do such stupid... things that are not good for my health!"

Huo Muchen also felt that it was very reasonable. Instead of showing anger, he nodded along: "Xiaoci, don't be stupid next time!"

"Who is stupid?"

Song Ci raised his head in confusion, and asked stupidly, making people even have no reason to be angry, the wife is too...cute.

The family doctor suppressed his smile and prescribed sober medicine for Song Ci, and told him some precautions.

"It's troublesome."

It's rare for Huo Mochen to say thank you for the last time today.

The family doctor was flattered, and with trembling legs, he managed to stay next to the master bedroom again, waiting for orders anytime and anywhere.

The housekeeper brought warm water, and Huo Muchen fed it with one hand. Fortunately, Song Ci was obedient at this time, and Huo Muchen said one is one.

"Sir, the bath water has been put away." The butler came down and said.

"En." Huo Mushen nodded and went upstairs with Song Ci in his arms, and walked into the bathroom.

She smelled of alcohol, her arm was injured, and she couldn't even stand upright, she couldn't stand upright at all.

Huo Muchen couldn't get wet with one hand, taking a bath was simply difficult for the two of them.

Song Ci took off by himself and stood in the bathtub, biting his lip, blinking his moist eyes, watching Huo Mo Shen's Adam's apple rolling, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, his Adam's apple was rolling, and his chest was ablaze Suppressing his anger: "Sit in obediently, and I'll wash it for you."

"how about you?"

"After you wash, I'll wash again."

Huo Muchen clenched his teeth, seeing her squatting down obediently, stretching out her hands to him, his heart softened, he stretched out his shoulders to let her half embrace him in his arms, and wiped her body with a wet towel with one hand until the She was so comfortable that she fell asleep lying on his shoulders, and then she took a bath towel and wrapped her delicate body under the quilt.

He lowered his head and kissed her red and swollen forehead, bloodthirsty and cruelty floated in his eyes.

"In this life, I will never betray you!"

Huo Mo said solemnly.

After finishing speaking, he turned around and went directly to the bathroom, took a simple cold shower, changed into black silk pajamas, and then turned up the temperature in the bedroom. He felt that even if Song Ci kicked the quilt, he would not catch a cold, so he left the bedroom and went to the study.


Huo Mu sat in front of the computer in the study room. Even if his hand was injured, it didn't affect him to deal with company affairs quickly and funny.

He watched the M&R stock market continue to rise, and a faint smile appeared on his lips.

thump, thump, thump!

Huo Muchen connected, and after hearing Lu Ziyan's "I rely on me" from the phone, he finally got to the point: "Third brother, did you cheat me a little bit this time! Although I usually owe a little , I'm a bit cheap, my methods are a bit dirty, and I'm a bit handsome, but you can't make my marriage too unfortunate.

Just now Huo Dong called to inform me that he was going to marry Su Xuening. I would probably starve to death for the rest of my life. "


"Looking at Su Xuening's face every day, I will throw up, third brother, do I really want to marry Su Xuening?"

Su Xuening is obviously a first-hand product!

"You said that there are so many people in the Huo family, she doesn't pick anyone, but she picks on me? Is it because no one else thinks of her!" Lu Ziyan began to cry in a down-to-earth mode, putting away his ruffian voice, with a strong voice mourning.


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