Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 228

There are a lot of comments below saying that Huo Muchen is ruthless, cruel and selfish...

There are countless insulting words from everyone!

Among them, the comment that was pushed to the top was: "I feel sorry for the woman who married Huo Mochen. Living with this kind of man, life and marriage are unfortunate, and maybe she will be domestically abused!"

"A while ago, he showed affection. His wife must have been forced to wait for the divorce!"

"It's all about showing affection, just wait until the divorce is announced!"

Being calculated, domestic violence man?

Life and marriage are not happy!

The person behind it wants her to divorce Huo Mochen!

Song Ci's lips were trembling with anger, staring at the person who said on the screen that she was waiting for her divorce, the bloodshot eyes almost came out.

"What is Li, we won't get a divorce until they die!" Song Ci flicked the mouse out, his pupils filled with anger, and laughed ironically: "They are deliberately framing you. company!"

"Are you scared?"

Huo Mushen rubbed her head, and told her to sit upright in the soft chair, with her body leaning against the back, so that she could be more comfortable.

"What are you afraid of? They can just say what they want. Anyway, their company is still in our hands, and we are the ones who make the money in the end, so piss them off!" Song Ci let his two little feet curl up in the soft chair, shrinking into a small breast Looking like a cat, she looked at Huo Mochen angrily.

"Well, that's a good idea."

As expected of the person he taught!

"The five companies have no money, how can they still have the capital to buy Toutiao?" Song Ci frowned and spoke suddenly.

Huo Mochen stared at her piercing eyes, raised his hand and touched her little head: "Want to know who's behind it?"

"I think, of course I want to know!" Song Ci got angry, and tapped the keyboard with his little finger, saying, "I'll hack the people behind it!"

"No need." Huo Muchen pinched her little hand and stroked it twice.

Song Ci's hands blushed from being rubbed, and a voice of doubt came from his throat.

Huo Mochen threw another smoking cessation candy from the drawer down his throat, and said in a hoarse voice, "Xiaoci, we'll wait."

They won't be able to see each other until the day they die, when they die with regret!

"Okay." Song Ci smiled, and carefully scanned the content of the project, and suddenly thought of something.

She pondered for two seconds before expressing her thoughts, trying to slow down her voice, and discussing with him: "Will you make grandpa sad when you attacked the Su family and the Huo family yesterday?"

She simply saw the news and almost took away half of the Huo family's projects.

In other words, the foundation of the Huo family was shaken by Huo Muchen by himself.

"No, grandpa is not a person who sticks to the rules. He hopes that someone can break the tradition." Huo Mo's voice was low and hoarse.

He wrapped his long arms around the whole person and hugged him on his lap. Then, with a tall and straight figure, he slumped lazily into the soft chair. With his slender fingers, he pointed to the stock comparison chart on the computer screen, and chuckled: "Are you happy?"

The shares of the Su family have fallen to the bottom, and three of the other five companies surrendered to M&R and declared bankruptcy. M&R bought them all, and the other two still insisted. Not willing to surrender to M&R, but it is only a matter of time before declaring bankruptcy.

Song Ci looked at his handsome face and smiled, very sweetly. He hugged his neck and kissed him on the cheek!

"Happy, of course happy!"

She seemed to be able to think of Su Xuening's crazy and completely distorted face!

Huo Muchen knew what Song Ci was thinking, and the sun fell on her hair: "Good boy, if you want to kill her, I'll arrange it for you."

"No need, I don't want to kill her now!" Song Ci shook his head, the corners of his lips curled up in a sweet arc of "my husband dotes on me, I'm the biggest".

Compared to letting Su Xuening die happily, she prefers to take away what Su Xuening has, what she wants, and what she can't ask for!

For example, Huo Mochen, AK!

"Will these public opinions on the Internet affect the company's shares?" Song Ci asked again.

"No." Huo Mochen gave an affirmative answer.

Song Ci let out a long breath, and finally put his heart back into his stomach.

Within two seconds, she suddenly smiled.

She laughed, and Huo Mochen followed suit, smiling sexy and charmingly: "Just now you were angry that the people behind you used this method to slander my reputation and it would make me unhappy, but you are most angry because someone can't see that we live a good life?"

Song Ci was overwhelmed. He raised his head and smiled at me: "You guessed it again. It seems that my heart was taken away by you long ago. Otherwise, how would you know what I think?"

"Slick tongue." Huo Muchen flexed his fingers and flicked her forehead, and lightly scolded: "Why did Yan Baichuan look for you yesterday?"

Song Ci rubbed his red and swollen forehead, and said impatiently: "Xiaojiu and I went to the company to see Xixi, who knew that last time Gu Qingjia gave Xixi's heart to Yan's family, he came to me for no reason to apologize and then used Xiaojiu to apologize. Nine threatened me!"


Huo Muchen half-closed his eyes, his thick eyebrows were furrowed deeper, staring at Song Ci who was angry and cold.

"The people from the Yan family came later, and they couldn't help but talk about Yan Baichuan and me..." At this point, Song Ci paused, quietly opened his eyes, looked at the man with a stern face, and said in a whisper, "But my husband, I am obliged to scold back!

Who am I? I am Huo Mochen's woman! You don't even know that the old man of the Yan family bullied me! "

"Bullyed you?"

Huo Muchen's eyes caught Song Ci's breath, almost strangling her waist.

Song Ci was so frightened that he lowered his head and covered his face with his hands.

Wife... Cowardly!

Huo Mu Shen frowned, glanced at her, and pressed the corners of his lips tightly.

"You are not allowed to go out today and the day after tomorrow. Just stay with me at home." Huo Mochen suddenly raised his left hand and performed simple operations on the computer. After a while, he saw the shares of the remaining two companies that were holding firm plummet to the bottom!

Song Ci followed suit, and was surprised to find a faintly fluttering trend: "How can this company be picking up? Did you let them go?"

"No, five companies, there will be people sitting behind to reap the benefits." Huo Mu explained in a cold voice, leaning forward slightly against the back of her neck, his hands flying over the keyboard to operate.

Song Ci's fair neck was slightly curved by the man's fluff, and every pore was stretched. She bit her lip with her white teeth, and from the corner of her eye glanced at the man's brows and eyes when he was working seriously.

It is said that men who work hard are the most handsome!

Her husband is very, very handsome!

"Not paying attention?"

Just when she was obsessed, he suddenly teased in a low voice.

Song Ci felt the scorching breath right next to his nose, hummed twice to hide the embarrassment in his eyes, and turned his head to see that the red line that had been rising was completely suppressed again!

"He went down?"

"No hurry, take your time." Huo Mushen stared at the screen with deep black eyes, leaned back lazily in his arms, his brows flickered at Kurosawa, and said coldly: "It's time to prepare something for him." It's a gift."


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