Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 229

Huo Muchen picked up the phone, dialed Chu Huaibei's number, and ordered: "Huaibei, prepare an urn and send it to Yan's family. I will give it to Yan's family when they return to Huacheng."


When Chu Huaibei heard the news about Huo Muchen, he did not hesitate to do things.

Song Ci looked at Huo Mu's cold and ascetic face with anger, reached out and hugged his waist tightly, rubbed against him, and said sullenly, "Hubby, I haven't been bullied, and I let him suffer."

"You are the one I taught. No one is qualified to teach you a lesson except me, hehe..." Huo Muchen obviously did not want to let the Yan family go.

He looked at Song Ci's uncontrollable smile, raised his hand and patted her on the head, and said, "Go downstairs to find the housekeeper and have breakfast."

"Isn't the housekeeper not at home on weekends?" Song Ci asked, raising his hand to wipe the dark blue under the man's eyes, with a bit of distress in his eyes.

In her previous life, she had never seen Huo Muchen who had a day off, except for going to work...

Even on weekends, Huo Muchen seldom rested, but he was able to find time every week to grab her for dinner.

Song Ci remembered that every day when Huo Muchen came back, he was full of travel and dust, pressing her down and holding her in the middle of the night, until she cried until she had no strength, then he hugged her.

In the beginning, she was angry and fussy, until later she was afraid, but Song Ci also found that Huo Muchen just hugged her until she fell asleep and then left the master bedroom.

But in this life, Song Ci found that Huo Muchen would still work overtime after she fell asleep, which made Song Ci feel frustrated for no reason!

"My hand is injured, so it's inconvenient to cook for you." Huo Mochen rubbed her fair and ruddy earlobe, felt her trembling in his arms, and curled his lips in satisfaction: "Go to eat, and let them take a break."

"how about you?"

"Stay at home and take care of the little one."

Song Ci was in a better mood when he heard that, obediently climbed down from his arms, and heard him say again: "Don't move your arms, I don't want any accidents, go down."

"What happened?"

Why does this taste wrong?

Huo Muchen saw that her eyes widened ignorantly, and her right eyebrow raised: "You have no strength."

Just a few words, the man said again: "Be good, don't mess with me, I'm hurt, I can't stand your anger, huh?"

Hearing this, Song Ci saw that the man's brows were tinged with negligence, so he didn't dare to worry Huo Muchen anymore, so he obediently went downstairs to eat.

Huo Muchen is indeed too tired recently, being plotted by Huo Xishen to deal with the Su family, on the other hand he has to tolerate her 'unreasonable jealousy'.

Song Ci pinched his palms secretly, and said firmly in his heart: "We must do a good job in the E-star project, so that when we return to Huo's house next weekend, they will be slapped in the face severely, so as to give my husband face!"


Huo Muchen watched Song Ci's figure disappear at the door, and then tapped the final confirmation button with his slender fingers.

In an instant, the remaining two companies directly declared bankruptcy, and the five companies changed ownership at the same time, changing their names and surnames to become a branch of M&R. After the acquisition, I was so angry that I vomited blood!

It's just that before Mr. Yan got angry, he heard the knock on the door again!

The butler walked in and handed the gift box in front of Mr. Yan: "Master, someone delivered a gift at the door just now, saying it was a welcome gift from M&R."

Because Mr. Yan was visiting a doctor abroad, Yan Baichuan accompanied Mr. Yan, and he had just returned to China.

Mr. Yan was so angry at Huo Muchen's operation just now, and now he received his gift again, and shouted angrily: "Open it, I want to see what gift a heartless bastard can give me!"

The butler nodded respectfully, and stretched out his hand to open the gift.

The gift box was printed with the four characters of "Longevity without Borders", with delicate and simple patterns outlined on the edges. The moment the ribbon was untied, a boxy box caught Mr. Yan's eyes!

An urn!

Mr. Yan was so angry that his eyes were scarlet, and he fell back tensely, cursing in his mouth: "Huo Muchen, how dare you give me an urn! Now! Go to Huo's house now, I want to see Huo's house for me What kind of statement!"

"Grandpa, what happened?"

A light voice came from the second floor.

Following him, a slender figure came down slowly from the corner of the second floor.

Yan Baichuan's face was pale, and his gentle face was covered with scars, but it did not destroy his gentle and jade-like temperament.

Seeing him come down, the butler briefly explained what happened just now.

"..." Yan Baichuan fell silent after listening, but there was nothing unusual on his face, not even a trace of expression was revealed.

Old Man Yan was different. He was so angry that he was about to ascend to the sky. He swung his cane and knocked the 'gift' to the ground!

"Huo Muchen, that bastard, and Song Ci, dare to humiliate our Yan family like this!" Mr. Yan was so angry that he directly pulled out the phone and dialed directly to Huo Muchen's mobile phone.

The phone only rang twice before it got through.

"Are you calling?"

With a firm voice, the man said mockingly.

"Huo Muchen, what kind of identity do you dare to touch our Yan family and give me... the urn?" Mr. Yan gritted his teeth tightly, and his cloudy eyes were filled with anger.

Huo Mushen sat in front of the computer and watched Lu Ziyan close the market bit by bit, and sneered: "Gift, do you still like it?"

As soon as Mr. Yan saw the words 'Longevity without Borders', his heart had a heart attack!

"You want to fight against the Yan family?"

He bit his words and threatened.

Huo Mochen sneered: "Against you? Are you worthy?"

It was so natural for the arrogant words to roll out of the man's mouth.

"Huo Muchen, don't be too crazy! Do you think you humiliated the Yan family arbitrarily?" Mr. Yan raised his arrogance and said angrily, "You did it to Bai Chuan last night? Huo Muchen, you still dare to threaten me?"

Huo Mushen smiled instead of anger: "Then how about taking a look at Yan's shares?"

"What do you mean?"

Mr. Yan turned his head to look at the shares of the Yan family, and Yan Baichuan also scanned them to find that the shares of the Yan family plummeted by more than ten percent after failing to acquire five companies after making efforts, that is, more than one billion yuan evaporated within a few minutes.

Yan Baichuan's handsome face twitched.

He lowered his head and rubbed the wrist that was taken off by Huo Mochen, and slandered in his heart: "He thought that Huo Mochen would choose to let go of five companies in order to preserve his reputation. After all, those five families are very important to Huo Mochen. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

But Huo Mochen didn't let it go, and even forced the directors of two of his favorite companies to jump off the building! Not only that, but he really did as he wished, he took action against the Su family and the Huo family, which is completely ruining his reputation! "

Huo Mochen has already blocked all escape routes for him and Xiaoci!

He briefly scanned the comments above, and the word 'divorce' pleased his eyes.

Yan Baichuan secretly said in his heart: "Xiao Ci, can you still accept a man with such a reputation?"


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