Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 230

If Song Ci heard what was in Yan Baichuan's heart, he would definitely slap him, nestled in Huo Mu's arms, and sarcastically said, "Accept it, why don't you accept it! Anyone who doesn't want it is a fool!"

Yan Baichuan thought naturally, but Mr. Yan happened to form a strong impact with him.

He was almost pissed off by Huo Mochen's methods, "Huo Mochen, what exactly do you want to do?"

"I don't want to do anything, I have nothing to do, buy a few companies for my wife to play with."


Just playing around can drive people to bankruptcy!

Mr. Huo, the taste is unique!

"What good does it do you? The Yan family and the Huo family are still cooperating. You want to be a sinner of the Huo family. Aren't you afraid that your position as the top decision-maker will be taken away?" Mr. Yan reluctantly held back Angry in the chest, pressing down on the vagina.

"Threat me?" Huo Mu squinted his long and narrow eyes, watching M&R sitting in front of the computer screen sitting at the top of the list of companies with the most commercial potential in Hwaseong, and its shares directly surpassed the Huo family's number one ranking, the corners of his lips curled up.

Mr. Yan watched Yan's shares plummeting on the computer. It was the difference from M&R heaven and hell!

He couldn't help but sneer, and in a negotiating tone: "Now your reputation has fallen to the bottom, if you continue to operate like this, the Huo family will not let you go, and the Yan family and the Huo family also have projects to cooperate with.

You are more than enough to deal with five small families, but if the Huo family and the Yan family deal with you at the same time, do you know if you can bear it? "

"Then what do you want to do?" Huo Mo's playful voice seemed to be teasing them.

Listening to the teasing sound on the speakerphone, Yan Baichuan knew that no matter what the Yan family said, Huo Mochen would do it for his own benefit, and he would not let it go.

With his gentle face, he stared at Yan's stock market trend chart coolly, his body leaned back casually, and his innate elegance was naturally revealed from drinking tea.

Trading two companies for Huo Muchen's reputation made Song Ci terrified of him to the point of disappointment, it was worth it!

Besides, the secret attention to M&R's attack was done by the Yan family. What does it have to do with him?

Mr. Yan cleared his throat, and said: "E-star project, let the Yan family take a stake, and I will help you to rectify your name on the Internet. And the two families who were about to jump off the building just now also give to the Yan family, and I will help you deal with all the reputation question."


"Are you agreeing or not?"

Mr. Yan doesn't have much confidence in his heart. Huo Muchen is an unfathomable junior. He is like a cheetah lurking in the dark night to prey. He will show his fangs and bite your neck hard anytime, anywhere, leaving you with no chance to resist.

He was half threatening, half retreating: "Homchen, this is your only chance.

If you don't agree, you are blatantly standing against the Huo family, and you may be expelled from the Huo family. You don't want to work so hard to be kicked out by the Huo family! "

In the eyes of Mr. Yan, the reason why Huo Muchen founded M&R alone was to cooperate with Huo Xi in the future. After Huo Heng's death, it would be more logical to suppress Erfang to get the position of the highest decision-maker.

M&R is just a stepping stone for Homeochen to gain supreme power!

Huo Mu smiled deeply, sarcastic and arrogant: "I'll wait."

"Waiting for what?"

Mr. Yan didn't understand, so he tightened his voice and asked.

"I'm looking forward to the day when I attend your funeral!" Huo Mu said coldly, and when Mr. Yan didn't mention it, he continued: "Also... I'm kindly reminding you, don't dare to treat me Wife, I'll let you see what it's like to send black-haired people in vain?"

"Huo Mochen, you bastard!"

Mr. Yan suddenly became furious, and immediately thought of two grandsons in his mind, one was robbed of his heart, and was hanged with nutrient solution and ventilator in the ICU every day, and the other was Yan Baichuan, who was beaten to death last night and was sent back at his last breath !

Song Ci!

These two words suddenly popped into his mind. Huo Mochen took action against the Yan family because of what happened in the hospital yesterday. Otherwise, according to Huo Mochen's ability, wouldn't it be possible to find out that it was the Yan family who boycotted the five companies?

Huo Mochen's 'hand' can't be stretched so long, so all of this is Huo Mochen's action for Song Ci's dead girl, why?

To please the Song family and get shares in Tangcheng, or to get the Tang family?

Mr. Yan has never seen the Song family give the Huo family a dowry, but if such a big family of the Huo family can tolerate a woman like Song Ci who is not up to the table to marry the Huo family, it can only show that the Song family's dowry is so rich that it can shake people's hearts. The position of the highest decision maker!

He also only heard that the dowry is said to be shares of the Tang family and Tang City!

The air was silent for a few seconds.

A low-pitched breath came from the phone, neither cold nor cold.

"Mr. Yan, be careful next time you go out. After all, I'm such a jerk, I don't know how to respect the old and love the young."

"Huo Muchen! Song Ci is really asshole as you!"

As soon as Mr. Yan heard Huo Muchen's words, he couldn't help but think of Song Ci, and the anger in his eyes wanted to vent to Song Ci!

Huo Mu sighed softly, and sneered: "Since you know that we have no reputation when we come here, then don't mess with us...Since the Yan family likes those two companies, let them be my funeral present!"


"...Beep beep!"

Before he could vent his anger, Mr. Yan was hung up on the phone. He was so angry that he swung his cane and smashed the coffee table in front of him!

In an instant, the porcelain pot collapsed along with the coffee table and shattered together on the smooth jade-like marble floor.

The hot tea in the porcelain pot was sprinkled on Yan Baichuan's white wrist in an instant, and his pale skin was immediately scalded with redness and swelling.

Yan Baichuan frowned barely visible, looked up at the angry old man Yan, and asked, "Grandpa, what did Huo Muchen say?"

"What else can I say! I don't agree with our entry into the E-star project, but just put the two companies..." Mr. Yan did not admit that his face was down, and he was cold and sarcastic, and he held his breath: "Huo Muchen is doing this for himself. Digging the grave, sooner or later the Huo family will play with us to death!"

Hearing this, Yan Baichuan raised his hand to sip the last tea in the teacup into his mouth, and then said lightly: "Grandpa, why don't you call the Huo family now, after all, our two families are now in a cooperative relationship, and if there is a problem with the Huo family, we have to remind you The Huo family has already planned it."

"Yes, if the Huo family should hurry up to replace the candidate for the successor of the Huo family, it would be best for the Huo family to personally deal with Huo Muchen, that would be the best!"

Mr. Yan agreed with Yan Baichuan's words very much, and directly dialed Mr. Huo's mobile phone.

When he received the call, Mr. Huo was downstairs basking in the sun, drinking tea, and rocking the rocking chair.

He answered the phone call from Yan's family impatiently, and asked, "What's the matter!"

"Huo Heng, what do you Huo family mean? Huo Muchen gave me the urn without any explanation today, and even beat my grandson, and now he is attacking our two families. This is the good grandson you raised!" Yan The old man finished speaking in one breath.

Huo Heng raised his eyebrows: "My grandson gave you the urn?"


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