Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 31

on the plane*

Looking at Shui Fang’s sleeping soundly, and the attractive strawberries on his collarbone, he knew that he really went too far last night, probably he didn’t even know how many times he was lingering last night, anyway, it was a bit laborious to wake up in the morning , and my little wife was still anxious to fall asleep even after boarding the plane. There was really nothing I could do about her.

"Go and see how crowded the Civil Affairs Bureau is today?"

He took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of the housekeeper at home. According to the habits of this city, there will be many young couples getting married on good days. He doesn't know the people in the Civil Affairs Bureau, so he can't go conveniently and can't get the green light. It's best to get the marriage certificate early, so that this little daughter-in-law can be well locked up.

"There are too many people in the Civil Affairs Bureau today, and they all lined up on the street. Do you want me to say hello and give the green light?"

The butler answered very carefully on the phone. The butler knew that Young Master Ye likes to take things easy and doesn't like to be too troublesome, so he also proposed very carefully, after all, he was afraid that he would accidentally radiate his anger on himself.

Ye Buxiu simply replied: "You don't have to be so nervous, I will make arrangements after returning to China, and tidy up the young lady's room."

Hearing the butler heaved a sigh of relief, Ye Buxiu hung up the phone with a smile on his lips, and then put his windbreaker on Shui Fang, because he might catch a cold while sleeping on the plane.

"Yo, Young Master Ye has really moved his heart this time, to take care of this little lady like this~"

The teasing words suddenly appeared at this tender moment. Ye Buxiu raised his head in astonishment, and saw Yan Duyu standing there with a playful expression on his face. He didn't know when this guy appeared, and asked a little strangely: " Why are you on the plane?"

Yan Duyu smiled: "Last night, I was dating a foreign woman. I told her that I had a private jet, so I brought her up to have fun. Young Master Ye won't be angry because of this, right?"

Ye Buxiu frowned beautifully.

"Is that woman still on the plane?"

"No, she left early in the morning."

"Why, are you planning to go back to China this time? Are you afraid of that Deng Silin who pesters you and insists that you don't marry?"

Yan Duyu shrugged helplessly, and sighed: "There is no way, the old man said, if I don't return to China, my bank card and all kinds of funds will be frozen. It is probably the ghost of Deng Silin. I can clean it up, but I didn’t expect it to be like this, now I think about it and go back to the country and make it clear to that woman, otherwise it’s over.”

Touching the sleeping woman out of the corner of his eyes, Yan Duyu continued to tease: "Compared with me, the matter in front of you is more interesting, Young Master Ye, can you break your curse this time? Are you safe and sound?"

A trace of displeasure flashed across Ye Buxiu's dark brown eyes, and Yan Duyu immediately shut up sensible, and changed the subject: "Today is a good day, I guess there are a lot of people in the Civil Affairs Bureau, right?"

"Well, there are a lot of people in the Civil Affairs Bureau today, but there is no way. After all, marriage is still a very solemn matter. I don't plan to rely on relationships. Du Yu, you should know whether you should say something or not, don't repeat it over and over again. And three offended my bottom line."


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