Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 32

Of course Yan Duyu knew why Young Master Ye was angry. copy url access

It was a taboo, even Young Master Ye himself didn't know who had hatred against him, so that every time he fell in love with a woman, that woman would mysteriously disappear, and she died in a horrible way. No clues have been found yet, so Ye Buxiu has been in love for so many years, and never indulged his feelings.

The death of the ex-woman cast a huge shadow on his heart. He took care of that woman's mother without hesitation, who was the presumptuous woman who came to the wedding scene yesterday. Ye Buxiu would have thrown her out a long time ago.

Later, a rumor gradually circulated in the wealthy circle that Ye Buxiu could not have contact with women. It was a curse. All the women who dated Ye Buxiu would die tragically. Yan Duyu has been watching Ye Buxiu all these years. Always lonely Even a person like me would feel pitiful, he was handsome and rich, but his back was so lonely.

This is Ye Buxiu's bottom line, and no one can touch it.


When Shuifang opened her eyes, the plane had already landed. She only remembered being woken up in a daze early in the morning, and then got on the plane before seeing who was who, and then slept in a mess on the plane. All blame Ye Shameless, if Ye Shameless turned into a shameless lewd demon that night, she wouldn't have slept for so long, feeling like her waist would be snapped off!

He looked down at the wind and rain on his body, there was still the smell of male perfume on it, elegant and light, like a mature and charming man, there was no doubt that this was Ye Buxiu's windbreaker.

Probably aware of Shuifang's waking up, Ye Buxiu took back his windbreaker and said to her, "There are a lot of people in the Civil Affairs Bureau today, so we have to hurry up."

Shui Fang looked at Ye Buxiu sitting not far from him, staring at him lazily, and thought about it, he wouldn't sit on the plane for hours and stare at her all the time, right? Thinking about it carefully, it shouldn't be possible, Ye Buxiu shouldn't be this kind of crazy...

"Do you know how you sleep? You giggle and drool while you sleep. The dirty stuff all dripped onto my clothes."

He said with a slight smile.



This crazy Ye Buxiu must have been staring at her for hours, otherwise, how could he even remember his sleeping appearance so clearly, simply, it made her feel ashamed, what happened to Ye Buxiu? She was so lingering last night, obviously he was working so hard, she was almost exhausted, but today she still looks radiant, my god, it's going crazy.

She didn't even dare to think about whether she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Why? Ye Buxiu, this inhuman and outrageous man, is so good at bedtime that he explodes. If she hadn't begged for mercy last night, he would have to be a wheelchair today, intoxicating.

"Impossible, I'm definitely not drooling..." Shui Fang wiped the wet saliva around his mouth while talking, and said in denial.

Ye Buxiu smiled gracefully: "Okay, even if you are drooling and ugly when sleeping, at least you are durable, as my wife, you have to be prepared to be loved by my husband all the time. "

The words "love, and durability" are particularly eye-catching in front of Shui Fang, hello! She is not a Japanese actress, so there is no reason to treat her like this!


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