Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 34

Xu Aiqing took Lin Xichi's hand, and the two walked slowly into the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Lin Xichi deserves to be regarded as a rich man. Once he entered the Civil Affairs Bureau, his aura became different. He was still wearing a black suit, with melodious broken hair, and his eyes swept across so many married people in the Civil Affairs Bureau. Xu Aiqing next to him was dressed Obviously also very eye-catching, with a matching dress and outstanding appearance, he is undoubtedly the best among so many people who have obtained certificates in the Civil Affairs Bureau this time, and almost won the focus of the audience.

Although Shui tried his best to dodge, but seeing Lin Xichi slowly approaching his side from the crowd with Xu Aiqing, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

It's not because I'm afraid of Lin Xichi, it's just that the former lovers are standing in front of my eyes, and they are still here in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and each of them brings their own significant other. No matter what, they feel very awkward, and avoid it if they can.

Shui Fang is also average-looking, hiding in the crowd should not be the kind that can be spotted at a glance, and Lin Xichi's eyes only seem to be Xu Aiqing, he didn't notice the surroundings at all, just as Shui Fang breathed a sigh of relief, but Just as Lin Xichi was walking past——

"Honey, I'm back!"

Ye Buxiu's voice came faintly from the front, everyone looked at the high-profile Ye Buxiu, Lin Xichi glanced at Ye Buxiu from the corner of his eyes, and then followed Ye Buxiu's gaze to Shui Fang.

If you guessed right, Ye Buxiu and Shui Fang had only one purpose in the Civil Affairs Bureau at the same time, and that was to get a marriage certificate. Although until now I still refuse to believe that Ye Buxiu would like Shui Fang, after all, Ye Buxiu's identity, What woman has not seen? But no matter what the result was, there was deep displeasure in Lin Xichi's eyes, but it was well hidden.

No matter who Shui Fang marries, he is very concerned about it. After all, she used to be his woman. Whether she is good or bad, ugly or beautiful, his own woman wants to marry another man now. stuffy.

Probably because she felt the hesitation of the man beside her, Xu Aiqing also saw Shuifang and Ye Buxiu, she walked through Shuifang coldly, her shoulder collided with Shuifang on purpose, at the moment of handover, Xu Aiqing said lightly: "Congratulations You married the richest man in the world, and from now on you will be the love rival in the hearts of the girls in this city."

Of course, Shui Fang could hear that Xu Aiqing's tone was humiliating her, but she was not an easy-going lamp, so she sneered back and said, "Compared to Lin Xichi, who has a problem with his style, you have countless green hats, right? "

In this life, the most regrettable thing is to say the right thing at the right time, and to fight back when it is time to fight back. Pretending to be a white lotus is not her style.

Xu Aiqing didn't get any benefits, and returned to Lin Xichi's side with a cold snort.

"Honey, isn't this your good friend Lin Xichi? It's just a coincidence today."

What Ye Buxiu said sounded like a joke, but it was actually a warning to Xu Aiqing, a woman with no power and power who dares to bully her is really boring!

Lin Xichi walked up to Shui Yifang and Ye Buxiu, and smiled apologetically, "I wish you two a happy wedding, and let the past matter pass. If there is anything wrong with Mr. Lin, I hope Young Master Ye will be considerate."

However, our Young Master Ye Buxiu didn't give Lin Xichi any face at all, he gracefully hugged Shui Fang into his arms, raised his eyebrows and said: "Your celebrity wife seems to have a big prejudice against my wife."


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