Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 35

Lin Xichi didn't have the capital to fight Ye Buxiu.

Not only because Ye Buxiu is rich, but more importantly, the group under Ye Buxiu has a close transaction relationship with the Lin Group. There is an inseparable relationship. If you are right with Ye Buxiu, it is equivalent to being right with your boss and your family. Right now, Lin Xichi's wings are not full and he is not qualified to fly solo, so he just You can choose to be humble and patient.

"Ai Qing is a straightforward person. She never holds back who she likes and hates. Besides, she is only in her twenties, so don't worry about Young Master Ye."

Although Shuifang hates the green tea whore, he doesn't want to do anything wrong. Lin Xichi is a man who combines pride and capital. He has never talked to anyone in a low voice. Because Xu Aiqing talked to Ye Buxiu in a low voice, that means this Xu Aiqing should be very important to him, right?

"Forget it, they are all here to get the marriage certificate, husband, don't be angry."

Hearing Shui Yifang suddenly help Xu Aiqing and Lin Xichi talk, Young Master Ye made a decisive decision: "Since Xu Aiqing is such a big star and still so childish, he should cultivate for a while before appearing on TV, how about it?"

As soon as Young Master Ye said these words, the faces of Xu Aiqing and Lin Xichi immediately became very ugly. Lin Xichi was okay, but his expression was only fleeting. Xu Aiqing stared at Shui Fang and Ye Buxiu like enemies, gnashing his teeth: " Young Master Ye, you have such a big family, and if you fight against me, a little star, isn't it a lack of aristocratic and gentlemanly demeanor?"

Xu Aiqing originally thought that a man like Ye Buxiu must be a gentleman to the extreme. He shouldn't target her for such a big man, or in other words, if he just said something to scare her, he probably wouldn't actually do it, right?


"Although in my capacity, I shouldn't argue with you, it would lose my gentlemanly demeanor, but... I just can't bear the way you bully my wife, I bet you won't get any roles or any scenes within a year shoot."

Just kidding, he has a gentleman's demeanor, so it depends on who he is dealing with. Naturally, he should show a gentleman's demeanor to those he respects, but not to those he hates. Of course, he still has to show his rascal side to his wife. This woman on one side, if she becomes a gentleman, she probably won't even let her go to bed.

Lin Xichi didn't speak, but Xu Aiqing said angrily, "I don't believe it. I can't make movies without you, Ye Buxiu, in this world. I don't believe that there is no second sponsor in this world!"

Lin Xichi secretly held Xu Aiqing's hand tightly.

At this time, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau came up and said to the four people with apologetic expressions: "I'm sorry, because there are too many people, we decided to come in batches, and now the four of you go in to take wedding photos!

Just as Ye Buxiu sent out the news of banning Xu Aiqing, he heard the good news that he could take photos. Speaking of which, he was really looking forward to it. Thinking about being able to take photos with the little lady in his arms, he felt eager to try!

Entering the studio, Ye Buxiu hugged the water affectionately and made various poses. Even the staff on the scene were stung by the shining light of this handsome and unreasonable Ye Buxiu. Xu Aiqing and Lin Xichi are not so sweet anymore, after all Xu Aiqing's acting career has just been cut off by Ye Buxiu...


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