Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 36

Ye Buxiu hugged Shui's slender waist, Ye Buxiu's affectionate eyes, and that handsome face that made it hard to breathe. Generally speaking, if a man has a handsome face, then It will only be equipped with two personalities, the first is cold as ice, but dedicated, and the second is eloquent and enthusiastic, but has a heart.

However, Ye Buxiu seems to have gathered all the personalities. He treats outsiders as cold as ice, but treats Shui with enthusiasm. If he is dedicated, he has not seen any contacts between Ye Buxiu and other women so far. Yes, he is enthusiastic. Si Huo often burns the water until there is no residue left, and is always eaten up by Ye Buxiu and then he pretends to be innocent. It feels like he has bullied him.

From the staff's point of view, the handsome young couple in front of them really abused the single dogs of the Civil Affairs Bureau, but at the same time they felt happy for the couple in front of them.

Lin Xichi and Xu Aiqing on the other side were obviously awkward. Xu Aiqing's expression was not very happy. Although the staff tried their best to make her laugh, she looked too fake and her smile was very blunt. The expression that has remained unchanged for thousands of years is that there is no emotion. I don't know if it is because he is thinking about things or for other reasons.

When the water side was tired, Ye Buxiu looked handsome in the photo, but he didn't have any conditions to match Ye Buxiu at all. What's more frightening was that he was ugly and had no breasts. People's hobbies, Shui Fang doesn't feel like a lady from a rich family at all, but like a girl picked up at a roadside stall, poor, white, and annoying.

Fortunately, Ye Buxiu always tolerates her, no matter whether Ye Buxiu really likes her or not, for a man who protects himself everywhere, he is much better than Lin Xichi no matter what, especially when he recognizes Lin Xichi's dirty nature after.

Before leaving, Shui Fang took a deep look at Lin Xichi who was still taking pictures.

I didn't have time to say goodbye before, from the stalemate with Lin Xichi to the marriage robbery, and finally got married in the Aegean Sea, and now, it is only today that I saw Lin Xichi, and now we meet again, looking back, I want to say something about blessing Lin Xi As for Chi, at least he once admitted in front of the TV media to help him pay off his debts. No matter what his starting point is, she must know how to be grateful, but Ye Buxiu didn't dare to say too much when he was beside him, so he could only take a deep look at it. Lin Xichi.

Lin Xichi's eyes swept over the side of the water, and his back immediately froze.

Is there pity for him in her eyes?

What's wrong with him?

The cruelest thing in this world is that you don’t know how to cherish it. What you once thought was worthless is now dazzling, but the difference is that it no longer belongs to you, and you can only endure the person who owns it for the second time. Surprised and delighted at the side, for Lin Xichi, although the water side is not a dazzling treasure, he was once regarded as the apex person, although in the world of the rich, love is not only pure.

The so-called person on top of his heart is not just because he wants to get Shuifang's group, and he wants to have a relationship with Shuifang so urgently, but because he really has an element of love for Shuifang.

Looking at the back of Shui Fang and Ye Buxiu leaving.

Lin Xichi's heart was a little dark, even if he didn't want Shui Fang, Shui Fang could not be with other wild men.

The more you love her, the more you want to destroy her.


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