Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 37

Back in the car, Shui Fang pulled the corner of Ye Buxiu's clothes, and said in a clear voice, "You don't really want to block Xu Aiqing, do you? Xu Aiqing is an artist trained by Lin Xichi Company, if you block Xu Aiqing, will Lin Xichi Company be implicated?"

Ye Buxiu turned his head, looked at Shui Fang deeply, and said suddenly: "Why, are you worried about your ex-boyfriend?"

What the hell ex-boyfriend, how could I be worried about Lin Xichi's cheap~, I just have some doubts. Although Xu Aiqing robbed her man, he still helped her in some ways. If it wasn't for Xu Aiqing's appearance, I still want to marry Lin Xichi, thinking about my life after marriage, it is simply a purgatory on earth.

The water side shook his head.

"In this matter, I have already decided that Xu Aiqing will definitely be blocked by me. In the next ten years, she will not have any sponsors for filming, and it is impossible for anyone to invite her to film."

In fact, Ye Buxiu was not a vicious person at first, I don't know why, just now when she asked him if he would implicate Lin Xichi's company, she felt a sense of suffocation and discomfort. No matter whether she cares or not, he will attack. Anyone who bullies her, no matter who it is, will pay a heavy price!

Shui Fang knew that he could not make Ye Buxiu change his attention no matter what, so he simply let him go. He was just a blood-sucking insect attached to Ye Buxiu, and he was satisfied enough to be able to suck blood. He wanted so much do what.

Ye Buxiu didn't say much along the way, probably because he was really angry. Shui Fang never liked to coax people, and he didn't know how to coax others, so he let him go. When he returned to the mansion, Shui Fang was caught by the housekeeper After being brought into the newly furnished room, Ye Buxiu finally pursed his thin lips: "Do you like it?"


I like your sister!

What the hell is this!

The room can be regarded as amazing. In the huge room, at first glance, there is a white transparent glass floor-to-ceiling window. Outside the window is the blue sea and the horizon can be vaguely seen, but why is the room full of him? Retouched photos, help, even the bedside is her photo——

The corner of Shui Fang's mouth twitched and asked the housekeeper, "Are you sure this is not your Young Master Ye's room, but mine?"

The butler smiled: "These are all done according to Young Master Ye's orders, so this is your room."

Shui Fang turned back angrily to find Ye Buxiu's theory, but Ye Buxiu was nowhere to be found...

The housekeeper pointed to Ye Buxiu's study room, Shui Fang let out a cold snort and went straight into the study room!

Kicking the door of the study, seeing Ye Buxiu who was calmly drinking tea, Shui Fang hurried up to grab the teacup, and said viciously: "What do you mean by plastering your photos all over my room! "

Ye Buxiu glanced sideways at the water side, and said in a calm voice, "If there is no photo of my husband and me in my wife's room, is that still your husband?"

What logic, but this is too much. My room is full of Ye Buxiu. I already think Ye Buxiu is a demon. If I wake up every morning and see Ye Buxiu’s photo, wouldn’t I be scared every day? Crazy.

"Do you know why I arranged a separate room for you after getting married?"

"have no idea--"

"That's because your physical fitness is too poor, so I slept all day for one night. I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to bear it, so I arranged a separate room for you, so that I don't have to torment you."


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