Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 38

Shui Fang really didn't expect Ye Buxiu to be so shameless.

In fact, for a person like Ye Buxiu, the more you care about him, the more you get angry, so let it be, even if her room is full of photos of Ye Buxiu, it doesn't matter, Ye Buxiu is not ugly, The reason why she was a little speechless was because of Ye Buxiu's overbearing, yes, there was never a man who could put his photos and various photo albums in his room, and Ye Buxiu was the first one.

Arguing with him was fruitless, and I was too lazy to continue the argument. I wanted to say something more, but the butler just happened to knock on the door, and then came in and said, "Master, dinner is ready."

Seeing Shui Fang standing there, Ye Buxiu obviously, she is still very unfamiliar with his house, which is not surprising, he has lived in this house for more than ten years, and he is still a little confused about the direction. Ye Buxiu stood up calmly, took Shui Fang's hand, and said to the housekeeper, "You go down first, I'll be right back."

Shui Fang pursed his lips: "Do you know what is the scariest thing about rich people?"

Ye Buxiu looked at her strangely.

"The house is as big as a maze, and the inside is very fancy. Ye Buxiu, a rich man who is crazy, is the best of them."

It was obvious that the water side was mocking him.

However, Ye Buxiu was not interested in arguing with a little girl. He took her hand and came to the restaurant. The annual auction of famous paintings worth hundreds of thousands also ignores that this restaurant is extremely luxurious, even the chopsticks are made of silver, and the pots and spoons are all made of platinum. It really opened up the appetite of the water side.

I really wanted to go up to eat, but due to etiquette, I still stood where I was.

"Go and eat if you want to eat, what are you doing standing here?"

Ye Buxiu looked at Shui's eyes with green light, and he was still standing there motionless, a little puzzled.

"But my uncle hasn't come to eat yet, how can I be the first to serve as a junior?"

Shui Fang admits that although she looks average, she is a woman from a wealthy family after all, and some etiquette still needs to be done properly, and she can't lose face just because she likes it.

Ye Buxiu held back his smile and looked at Shui Fang: "Actually, this restaurant is my private restaurant, because what the old man likes to eat is very different from what I like, so the two of us basically don't eat together. "

Shui Fang asked strangely: "What about Auntie, by the way, why haven't I seen Auntie since I've been here for so long?"

Ye Buxiu's complexion suddenly changed. Shui Fang knew that he had said something wrong. After all, it is better not to ask random questions about some personal matters, but she had already asked, so she should just shut up and obediently go to eat. She took a sneak peek. Ye Buxiu didn't respond, so he had to move slowly to the dining table, and when he was about to eat, Ye Buxiu said: "I have never met my mother, I don't know which of my father's lovers gave birth to me."

Sure enough, she shouldn't touch the privacy of a wealthy family. In order to cover up the embarrassment, Shui Fang deliberately drank a bowl of delicious-looking drinks on the table...

But the taste was weird, she still tried to hold it back: "Drink well, what is this?"

Ye Buxiu: "This is organic plant essence..."


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