Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 1 Rebirth


Heavy thunder accompanied by blinding lightning loomed over Hwacheng.

In Hua Cheng Prison, boundless darkness was surging towards the woman in the corner.

Song Zhi was dressed in a prison uniform, curled up on the ground, her body not shivering with cold.

She clenched her five fingers into a fist against her waist, a familiar pain swept over her, and her pale face was covered with beads of sweat.

This was the aftereffects that fell after she donated a kidney to that scum Lu Huaike a year ago, but this time it seemed to be more intense than ever.

Perhaps the pain was so frightening that a fellow prisoner told the guards, and the heavy iron door was pushed open.

""Song Zhu, what's wrong with you!""

""It looks like a drug attack, hurry up and send someone away!""

Song Zhi didn't hear what they said, she only felt in a daze that there were two people carrying her to some place, and then woke up with her back pressed against the cold bed board, and her limbs were firmly tied to the bed board.

A blinding light pole hit her pupils, just thought she was dragged to a small dark room detoxification again, but craned her neck to see two unfamiliar men with knives toward her, wooden look inch chapped.

""What do you want!""

""I'm not on drugs, I'm not!""

Her body tried to back away, but she was held down and couldn't move.

""Whether or not, it's not for us to say, anyway, you won't live long if you kill Huo Mu Shen."" A man picked up an inferior scalpel, slashed open her prison uniform, and spat, ""Mrs. Lu said she wants your other kidney, just in time to replace it for young Lu!""

Song Zhi's blood stagnated all over her body, feeling the scalpel right against her stomach, hissing desperately, ""No! Lu Huaike has already cheated me out of a kidney, what more does he want!""


A heavy and hard slap on her face, blood spilled from the corner of her lips, and she inclined her head to gasp weakly.

""In the first place it was you who took the initiative to sign the body donation book, Song Zhi you're already dead, it doesn't count when you say it!"" The man nonchalantly slashed heavily on her waist that was so thin that only her ribs were left, ordering towards the assistant beside him, ""Cover her mouth, don't let her make a sound!""

A strong smell of blood instantly filled the entire small dark room, and scarlet blood snaked down the bedpan ......

Song Zhe's mouth was ruthlessly covered, without anesthesia, clearly felt that knife after knife was digging out her kidney, she was in so much pain that her breath almost suffocated, sweat mixed with tears flowed all over her face, and she closed her eyes in despair.

Suddenly, the sound of neat and well-organized leather shoes sounded outside the door, followed by the man's familiar low voice.

""I'm not dead yet, Song Zhi's offense of intentional killing and murder is not established, I'm coming to take her home now!""

Song Zhi's breath furrows violently, his wide-eyed eyes looking urgently towards the doorway, his mind in a trance.

It was Huo Mu Shen's voice!

He was still alive!

How long had it been since she had heard Huo Mushen's voice, three whole years!

After she was encouraged by Song Yanran to take drugs and assassinate Huo Moushen, only to cause him to become a vegetable and be kicked into prison by the Song family, she had never seen Huo Moushen again.

At this moment, she felt that all the pain in her body was not as bad as the pain of the hidden convulsions of her heart, as if she had been dragged out alive and thrown into a meat grinder.

So painful!

""Huo Shao, Song Zhi committed suicide because she couldn't help herself with drugs.""

""...... Mu Shen, don't feel too bad, I'll be by your side in the future.""

A soft voice rings by his ears, it's Song Yanran's!

Song Ru suddenly unwillingly clenched her teeth and struggled with all her body's strength, she didn't want to die yet, she hadn't seen Huo Mou Shen take her home yet, and she still wanted to say 'I'm sorry' to him in person.

The pain in her bones swept through her body, and Song Zhi realized that she was gradually blurring, but she muttered the name 'Huo Mou Shen' in a gulp!

She hadn't heard Huo Mushan say 'love her'.

She really didn't want to die!

She wanted to go home with Huo Mushan!

Tears of remorse flowed from her eyes ......"


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