Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 231

"Yes! Now Huo Mchen started to deal with our two families, probably for your position, this kind of inhumane thing, you still plan to let him be the heir?"

Mr. Yan fanned the flames.

"Mu Chen is my grandson, Yan Ke, you'd better pay attention to what you say!

No matter how inhumane our Huo family is, we still have no chance for outsiders to teach us a lesson! "

Huo Heng was furious.

Mr. Yan hadn't had time to fully enjoy the hatred of the enemy, but he was bullied again. This time, he was so angry that he was irrational!

"Then let your Huo family bully our Yan family! Huo Heng, haven't you seen the news on the Internet, the foundation of your Huo family is almost broken by Huo Mochen, you still have the heart to quarrel with me ?” Mr. Yan was pissed off by Huo Heng.

"I've read it. Do you have any questions?" Huo Heng said calmly.

"Why aren't you angry?" Mr. Yan felt that Huo Heng was just playing tricks on him.

"Why should I be angry? The acquisition is someone else's company. Huo Mochen can become the number one person in Hwaseong in a short period of time. I'm too proud to be proud!" Huo Heng should say.

Huo Heng's reaction was so unexpected that Mr. Yan was taken aback.

He choked on his throat, and said in a deep voice: "Let him cut off the foundation of your Huo family? You are really biased!"

"Is your heart not only on the left side of your chest?" Huo Heng asked back: "And if someone breaks the Huo family's tradition and innovates, what can an old man like me do to stop him!

Yan Ke, you really are not in a hurry, the emperor, but the eunuch! "

Mr. Yan turned pale with anger when he was called a 'eunuch', but he could only change the subject calmly: "You must give our Yan family an account of your grandson!"

"Mu Chen won't attack people easily, unless you provoke him." Huo Heng understood Huo Muchen's character, and also learned from Lian Xi that Huo Xishen plotted Huo Muchen to meet the Su family, and it was a coincidence By coincidence, Song Ci was taken to see by Yan's family. Isn't this a conspiracy?

Huo Muchen can hold back his anger, it is enough to keep the lives of the Su family and Yan Baichuan alive, so what if several projects of the Huo family are cut off, anyway, they are all rich and water, and they are all in the M&R, after all, they are still their own family income!


"What am I talking about?

Your grandson took his granddaughter-in-law to see my grandson, don't think that I know nothing because I retreated behind the scenes!

E star project, you want to join in! Huo Heng warned: "Yan Ke, I advise you to play tricks in business cooperation, I don't care!" But you'd better not touch Mu Chen's wife, my granddaughter-in-law, that's the granddaughter-in-law that Huo Heng believes!

If you dare to move, take care of Mu Shenshen and I will personally die for your Yan family first! "


Mr. Yan has been cursed to death by several members of the Huo family in a row. His cloudy eyes were wide open, and he hung up the phone in a 'slap' of anger.

He turned his head and asked with a livid face, "Bai Chuan, did you take Song Ci away yesterday to see Huo Mochen?"

Yan Baichuan put down his teacup slowly, his clear voice stagnated, and after a few seconds, he said slowly: "Well, yesterday's Su family went to see the Huo family. The fastest way to cooperate with AK.

Grandpa, Xiaoci is the core person in charge of Star E. If such a person comes to us, we will only be better. "

"Is that girl so powerful? But no matter how powerful she is, she's still Huo Muchen's wife!" Old Man Yan stabbed Yan Baichuan in the heart without making a fuss!

I rely on it!

Really Nima hurts my heart!

Yan Baichuan's face turned pale: "Grandpa, we can take our time, there are many chances of centrifugation, Xiaoci will come to us sooner or later."

"How do you want her to come?" Mr. Yan hadn't thought about relying on a little girl, especially when he thought that it was because of Song Ci that Yan Baihe had no heart source, hovering on the edge of danger, and he wanted Song Ci to leave. die!

"Of get her." Yan Baichuan cleared his throat and said with gloomy eyebrows.

He couldn't bear to force Xiao Ci. After all, they had been separated for so long and had experienced too many things, but in the was his.

It was only for a short while before Yan Baichuan withdrew his gloomy voice, raised his head and looked at Mr. Yan with his usual expression: "Grandpa, for now, we can only stabilize the Yan family first, and then slowly cooperate with AK, I have already negotiated. "

"Bai Chuan, you are the one who wins my heart the most." Mr. Yan let out a long breath from his throat.

Even though he knew that Yan Baichuan was not his favorite grandson, but he was his most filial grandson, he was able to accompany him as an old man to go abroad for medical treatment very early on, and give up the power that the Yan family could fight for for so many years.

"Grandpa's absurd praise." Yan Baichuan nodded and replied tepidly.

"All these years, you have been asked to accompany me to go abroad for medical treatment, so you have not experienced much in the Yan family. Although the Yan family company is in the management of Dafang, but what happened to He'er, they have no intention of managing the company for the time being. You can act as an agent first, and you can return it after He'er recovers." Old Man Yan said.


This decision only lasted for five seconds, and the housekeeper hastily handed over the phone.

"Master, it's the company calling!"

Mr. Yan took it, pressed the hands-free button, and an anxious voice came from inside: "Dong Yan, just now M&R transferred the shares of the two companies to us, saying that you authorized it."

"You took it?"

A strong sense of uneasiness tugged at Mr. Yan's nerves, making his old bones tremble.

"We accepted it, but..." The senior members of the Yan family could no longer hide the truth, so they could only tell the whole story of what happened after M&R was given to their company, which directly turned Mr. Yan's face pale with anger.

"How could you take over? You knew that the two families were cornered by Huo Mochen, so you threatened to jump off a building. You can still take over at this time!"

Mr. Yan was so angry that he beat his legs, and was tricked by Huo Mochen again!

He wanted two companies and wanted to reap the benefits. Huo Mochen did give it to him, but he gave him a mess!

"What should we do now?"

"Grandpa, why don't you give him another call."

"Insult yourself?"

Mr. Yan didn't have the face to beg someone, he still begged Huo Muchen.

"Call and ask him to tell his purpose before releasing it." Yan Baichuan said in a deep voice.

"Okay, you go and make a call, I'll record it!"

Mr. Yan ordered.

Yan Baichuan: "..."


At this moment, Huo Mu quietly watched the closing news, with a rebellious arc drawn between his brows, and he slumped lazily in the soft chair, playing with the pen with his left hand.

He looked at Lu Ziyan's newly uploaded news!

"The Yan family secretly united five companies to boycott M&R Huo Mochen in real name, but in fact they operated in secret. In the end, they reaped the benefits and directly forced the two directors to commit suicide by jumping off the building because they couldn't bear the huge compensation!"

Sweeping through each word, the man's brows were relaxed, and the corners of his lips curled into a shallow arc.

thump, thump, thump!

The phone rang again!

And there happened to be a voice coming from the door!


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