Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 232

The moment the phone was connected, Song Ci just called out, "Husband!"

Yan Baichuan was deeply shocked when he heard it!

If Song Ci called him that, he would like it for a while!

But unfortunately, it's called Huo Muchen!

Huo Mu's dark and soft long eyelashes trembled slightly, his eyes moved away from the phone, and fell on Song Ci: "Come here, come to me."

Song Ci turned her eyes, walked obediently to his side, her waist was embraced by his powerful long arms, and her body fell on him. She couldn't help but exclaimed: "Husband~"

The voice was low and soft.

"Are you full?"

"I'm full, I asked the butler to go back first, and the food is left downstairs, enough for us to eat on Saturday and Sunday." Song Ci said shallowly, his words were full of his wife's concern for her husband, and Yan Baichuan Yuhuo Faintly clustered.

"Just eat enough." Huo Muchen looked at her in a daze, and pressed his thin lips against hers and asked softly, "Do you love me?"

Song Ci: "..."

Nima, there is another death problem!

Song Ci opened his eyes wide, the temperature on his cheeks rose little by little, he wrapped his arms around his neck, and said with a smile: "Of course I love him, no matter what my husband is, I love him!"


Huo Mushen rubbed her cheeks, and didn't let Yan Baichuan listen to any more words, but directly turned on the speakerphone.

When Yan Baichuan heard Huo Muchen's black-bellied words, his elegant face was chapped and torn apart inch by inch.

"Mr. Huo, is he showing off to me, or... is he showing his affection on purpose?"

Song Ci's nerves twitched, he frowned, glared at Huo Muchen angrily, and mouthed to him, "Why are there outsiders listening to us?"

Huo Mchen didn't answer what she said, but directly hugged her a little closer, lowered his voice and said in a voice that only two people could hear: "I gave them two companies, and they are thanking us."

"Give it to them?" Song Ci tilted his head in confusion: "Didn't you buy those five companies? What did you do for the Yan family?"

"Hey, look at the computer screen."

Huo Mo said solemnly.

Hearing this, Song Ci turned around to watch the news on the computer, his eyes widened in shock.

She never thought that business wars would drive people crazy, but the five companies who chose to cooperate with the Yan family were destined to become victims of the Yan family and the Huo family, but the Yan family was able to drive people to jump off a building!

"Mr. Huo, you forced the directors of the two companies to commit suicide by jumping off the building, and then dumped the mess on the Yan family. Now you are still cheating on Xiaoci!

Huo Muchen, you are good at plotting! "

Song Ci was unhappy when he heard this. Whatever is wrong belongs to her family, and what is right belongs to others!

She directly replied: "Yan Baichuan, your Yan family united with five companies to plot against us, and played them around, forcing them to commit suicide by jumping off a building. Now you want to hold the dirty water on top of us because you think my husband and I usually Doing so much good!

Last time you and Su Xuening plotted against me and my husband, I haven't settled this account with you properly, what kind of face is it that made you call again and say we are wrong! "

Song Ci took a deep breath, and said impatiently: "The Yan family is really good at playing tricks!"

Listening to Song Ci's indifferent and unfamiliar tone, Yan Baichuan frowned.

"Five companies jointly boycotted us, and we won't sit still. Naturally, we will fight back! Your goal has also been achieved. We have already given you both companies. What else do you want from us!"

That voice, especially wronged!

It's just that if that's the case, there's no way to let it out!

Even if it is released, Yan Baichuan will not allow Song Ci to be pushed into the center of media public opinion!

Yan Baichuan cleared his throat, and asked softly, "Why didn't Xiaoci ask the two directors to commit suicide by jumping off the building, whether it was because of the Yan family or because Huo Mochen was aggressive?"

Song Ci hugged her husband's neck tightly, and said coldly: "No matter what, your Yan family made the first move, and your Yan family's fault is all yours!"

The old man Yan who was recording opposite was so angry that he stopped recording. Huo Mushen couldn't get on with it, and what Song Ci said was all nonsense!

"Song Ci, shut up!"

"Hehe, are you still alive?"

Song Ci really didn't save face at all, especially after knowing that Huo Muchen's reputation was made by the Yan family, he became even more angry!

Also, the media asked them to divorce, it must have been done by the Yan family!

Yan Baichuan deliberately helped Su Xuening rob her husband. Song Ci didn't have the slightest liking for this kind of person!

The sunlight outside the window fell on her fair cheeks, Song Ci narrowed her eyes, leaned against Huo Muchen's chest, and his fingers held her shoulders, making her sit more stably.

Hearing such words, Mr. Yan's face was full of anger, and his heart ached.

Yan Baichuan put the phone away in a comforting manner, and put it to his ear: "Xiaoci, hurting me makes you happy?"

Listen, Song Ci seems to have become a sinner through the ages!

Even if it wasn't her fault, the crime should be pinned on her head!

Did she deserve to be bullied after being reborn?


Song Ci's eyes widened, a sense of pain and hatred instantly tugged at her nerves, torturing every inch of her spinal cord, she blinked her eyes, thinking: "She doesn't know Yan Baichuan, but Yan Baichuan knows everything about her. Helping Su Xuening rob her husband once, in the previous life...Su Xuening attacked her...Did Yan Baichuan also contribute some 'strength'! "

A sense of grievance flooded into his heart, Song Ci subconsciously threw away the phone, turned his head and buried it in Huo Muchen's chest, his body trembled uncontrollably, without raising his head, he said in a muffled voice, "Yan Baichuan, why is the ghost still lingering?

Can't he let me go? "

"What do you remember?" Huo Muchen narrowed his eyes dangerously, and the fire in his heart made him warm and burn at the same time, making him scratch his heart and lungs in pain, but he was reluctant to vent it.

It's just that Song Ci's words can easily move his heart and put him into a cold and treacherous place.

This kind of contradictory mentality has been tormenting him all the time. He rubbed Song Ci into his bone marrow hard, but he didn't want to deal with Song Ci who might know everything?

He knew that it was because he was too ineffective!

Song Ci was still nestled in his arms, he didn't see the heavy face, but he felt the chill on his neck, and said again: "What do I remember?

Husband, you help me make the decision, and we haven't sorry Yan Baichuan, why does he keep grabbing me!

It's all your fault, it's definitely all your fault! "

"Xiao Ci..."

"It must be because the Yan family wants to take away your profit resources, so they shot me. Otherwise, I don't know which biscuit family Yan Baichuan is. You have to help me vent my anger!"


Huo Mu rubbed her cheeks with his rough palms, his fingers trembling slightly uncontrollably.

It was only at this moment that he felt a tightly hanging heart fall back into his left chest. His small words were just his small words, and even if he thought about it, he was still his wife after all.

In this life, in the next life, in the next life... I can only be with him forever!


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