Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 234

Under the confrontation of several eyes, Song Ci gritted his teeth, closed his eyes tightly, and pulled hard.


In a whirlwind, Song Ci felt the scorching heat rushing towards her like an overwhelming sea. With just one breath, Huo Muchen captured her body and mind.

I don't know how long it took, but one second before Song Ci was still proud of appeasing Huo Muchen, the next second he was tormented by Huo Muchen so much that he wanted to slap himself twice!

Song Ci, are you talking too much?

Song Ci was crying and moaning again, coquettishly like a kitten, changed into a slightly conservative pajamas, and the man also changed into gray home clothes, and lay next to Song Ci, with long arms A roll pulled the person into his arms.

Perhaps Song Ci was tossed too hard and moved by Huo Muchen. She acted like a baby impatiently, humming in a low voice, but she was also so obedient that she found a comfortable and warm embrace in the man's arms, sniffing the unique scent of a man. With a breath of heavy wood, he fell asleep.

Huo Mu narrowed his eyes, and gently coaxed her with one hand around her shoulder.

"Be careful, sleep well."

The Yan family, he will clean up...


This time, Song Ci fell asleep until his bones were limp, and he still didn't want to wake up.

If it wasn't for the tension in her mind, she wanted to hug Huo Muchen and sleep all the time.

She lifted her heavy eyelids in confusion, revealing a gap, her nose tightened, and she rubbed against Huo Muchen's arms, her voice hoarse: "Honey, what time did I sleep until?"

"It's dark."

Huo Mo's long and slender fingers rubbed her slender waist with neither light nor heavy strength, just right.

Song Ci narrowed his eyes comfortably, and leaned his body closer: "I'm asleep..."

She reluctantly turned her head and opened her eyes suddenly: "I've been sleeping for so long, Huo Muchen, you..."

"You seduced me."

Song Ci: "..."

Damn, I'm speechless!

Obviously he was the one who tricked her first. Fortunately, she ate a meal first, otherwise she would have no strength at all!

Huo Muchen lifted her slender waist again, his voice was full of satiety after eating and drinking, revealing a sexy and charming: "Xiaoci, what are you going to do tomorrow?"

Song Ci buried his face in the pillow, and said out of breath: "Just stay at home, or you can go to the company to work overtime. I still have no drawings for the two portraits that I owe to my elder brother. If you have nothing to do, you can work overtime. Next week, I will give my grandpa Go back and celebrate your birthday."

Huo Mu lowered his eyes and half-closed his sinister arc: "You only have these plans for tomorrow?"

"There are only these plans, what else would you do?" Song Ci opened a slit in his eyes and hummed coldly.

"Your plan is really...extremely fulfilling." Huo Mochen gritted his teeth and said seriously.

"Of course it's fulfilling. AK's request for me is next week. If I don't make it, what will I do if I embarrass you?" Song Ci smiled, bit his lower lip, and gritted his teeth back.

"Who dares!"

Huo Muchen looked at Song Ci's smiling face, feeling extremely unworthy of a beating. He squinted his eyes, threw off the quilt abruptly, and got out of bed.

Seeing his figure disappearing at the door, Song Ci sat up straight from the quilt, then opened the bedside table and found the gift he bought last week, with an uncontrollable smile on his lips, and finally stuffed the gift back secretly.

Huo Mochen is too able to see through his mind, and let him see through his own mind every time, without any surprises!

After twelve o'clock, her Mr. Huo will be twenty-eight years old.


There was a slight sound of opening the door, and Song Ci conditionally turned over and fell on the mattress, his moist eyes were full of charm.

"You still don't want to get up for dinner, and you want me to bring it to you?" Huo Mu stared intently at Song Ci. He was a patriarch who had all the right to speak, said what he said, and was not angry!

It's okay for Song Ci not to kiss, hug and hold high, but he was slapped, and his face immediately collapsed: "Hey me, just feed me!"

"you sure?"

His voice was full of threats and dark desires, and he looked at her with a half smile but not a smile: "If your waist can bear it, I don't mind feeding me first, and then feeding you."

"Ten hours are not enough for you..."

"Not enough!" Huo Mu's eyebrows trembled slightly, and the corners of his thin lips were tense: "Whatever you want, it's not enough!"

Immediately, Song Ci blushed completely, and secretly ground his teeth: "My legs can't move anymore, you carry me down!"

"Don't hug me, go eat by yourself." Huo Muchen looked at Song Ci's angry red face, frowned, turned around and left gracefully and calmly.

"If you don't hug me, don't hug me, I'll go by myself!"

Song Ci kicked off the quilt, and stomped on the ground with his slender legs covered in hickey marks...


Song Ci rolled the quilt and fell heavily on the ground!


The man who walked a few steps heard the sound in the bedroom, and slammed the door open, his eyes locked on the picture of her lying on the ground wrapped in a quilt, struggling to get out.

"Have you made enough trouble?"

Huo Muchen resisted the urge to pinch Song Ci's neck with both hands, and was forced to lose his temper. His patience ran out, and he held back his anger and hugged him even with the quilt.

Song Ci was taken aback, looking at the gloomy face of the man who turned back and forth.

"I didn't make trouble..."

"If you make a mistake, you still have to find an excuse!"

Huo Mochen's eyes locked on her face, and he criticized majesticly.

Song Cibai's blushing little face twitched, and when he met the man's dangerous expression, he became as obedient as a milk cat in an instant, and silently let the man put her by the bed.

Her face was slightly hot and flushed with embarrassment.

She and Huo Mushen being together often made Song Ci feel that she was just an underage child, and it would continue until her son was born.

Huo Mu touched her face, then touched her hands and waist, lowered her head and lifted off her nightgown, her cold eyes filled with a trace of forbearance of worry.

"Huo Mochen, what are you doing?"

Seeing him lift more and more, Song Ci slapped his rough palm away.

"Not long ago, you..."

"Song Ci, I said not to hurt you, where did you put me!" Huo Mochen showed a surly look, his lips were stretched straight.

Song Ci stared at him, especially like a child who had been wronged and dared not vent. His cheeks were bulging, and he had to say coaxing words to men: "Of course you put it on my heart."


Huo Muchen really wanted to raise his hand and beat him up. If his eyes could hit someone, he would probably have beaten him hundreds of times!

"Go downstairs to eat."

He took her hand with his thick and tough palm, and condescended to bring the slippers to her. Song Ci was a little flattered, stepped in carefully, and tried to take two steps.

Seeing that the person was fine, Huo Muchen restrained his eyes and led him down to the first floor step by step.

A bowl of hot noodles was placed at the corner of the dining table, a pair of chopsticks was placed next to it, and clean paper towels were laid out. It was exactly the same, showing how perfect the cook is.

Song Ci inhaled, looking at the noodle soup made by the clean freak, his slumped face gradually couldn't be tensed, and the corners of his lips couldn't stop rising: "You went downstairs to cook just now."

"Well, go for a walk after dinner." Huo Mochen pulled out the chair, sat down, picked up the chopsticks, and made an elegant gesture of eating.

Song Ci was startled, Huo Muchen sat down, what about her?

She was tired all day and didn't have anything to eat?


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