Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 235

The little face collapsed, and the man reprimanded him in a deep voice: "What are you doing there with the pestle, you want me to chase you and feed you with a bowl?"

Song Ci: "..."

Huo Mu stared intently at Song Ci, then patted his thigh: "Sit up."


Song Ci measured the escape route, Huo Yuan was Huo Muchen's world, no, Huacheng was covered by Huo Muchen's hands, she sat on the boss's lap wisely.

Huo Mochen picked up the noodles with his left hand, blew on his thin lips, and handed them to her lips: "Open your mouth."

Hearing this, Song Ci's eyebrows and eyes curled up with a smile, and he opened his mouth obediently, like an obedient baby.

"Huo Mochen, I thought you weren't going to feed me anymore?"

"Aren't you the one who asked me to feed you just now?"

Huo Mochen asked back.

Song Ci smiled again, sweetly and naturally.

She almost forgot that even if Huo Mochen got angry again, he wouldn't ignore her!

Just now, it was probably Tsundere!

Song Ci raised his eyebrows triumphantly, and after feeding half a bowl, she nestled in his arms like a pregnant woman, shaking her head and refusing: "I'm full."

"Are you really full?" Huo Mochen asked again.

Song Ci nodded very firmly, and then was shocked to see the clean freak using the chopsticks she had just picked up the bowl to eat elegantly, and didn't put down the bowl and chopsticks until the soup noodles bottomed out.

Huo Mo looked back deeply: "What are you thinking?"

"You, you... you just... those are the chopsticks I used. You are a clean freak!" Song Ci stuttered.

She is just a little sloppy, and she has been managed by Huo Mochen, a clean freak. She never expected that the boss... the boss was actually taken away!

Huo Mushen wiped his lips gracefully, and said, "I've never been immune to you."

Song Ci was tapped on the tip of his nose, and his face turned red with fear.

"Go upstairs and put on some clothes, and I'll take you for a walk." Huo Muchen flashed a quick smile in his eyes, but said coldly, still looking as if he couldn't pick the flowers of the high mountains.

Song Ci nodded, ran upstairs quickly, changed into the starry sky skirt she bought, and sat in front of the vanity mirror to put on light makeup before going downstairs for half an hour.

From the angle of the second floor, I saw the man sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, and he was talking on the phone while raising his hand.

She slowly walked in front of Huo Muchen, her red lips were slightly raised, like blooming roses.

"Honey, I'm coming down."

Huo Muchen just hung up the phone, raised his eyes slightly, looked at her, and raised his brows: "Just go for a walk after dinner, no makeup is needed."

Song Ci seldom puts on makeup on weekdays, and only light makeup at work, but tonight's makeup is more careful than usual, as if she is preparing for something.

"Huo Yuan is so big, and there are bodyguards all around. They are watching me from the dark. No matter what I say, I am Mrs. Huo. Pay attention to my image."

"When you roll around on the ground, you don't have much image." Huo Mochen said coldly.

Song Ci quietly turned his gaze to Huo Muchen.

Nima, she bears it, she owed him in her previous life!

Huo Muchen would hate her every day, and if he didn't hate her or teach her a lesson, he would feel uncomfortable all over, right?

"Still leaving?"


Song Ci felt as if smoke was coming from his seven orifices, and his pupils poked at Huo Muchen secretly.

All of a sudden, Huo Muchen turned his head, facing Song Ci, who had become smaller in a second and had a fake smile, and said quietly: "You scolded me behind my back just now?"

Song Cila had a small face, didn't say a word, just shook his head, stepped hard to the porch to change his shoes, and followed the man to Huoyuan.

The gentle evening wind blows.

Song Ci's skirt blew up slightly, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.

The man said it was a walk, so he really took her for a walk near Huoyuan. Huoyuan was huge. Halfway through, Song Ci stomped off his high heels, grabbed Huo Muchen, and looked for a topic: "Who called you just now?" ?”

"The Huo family."

"What did the Huo family call you for?"

"Let's go back tomorrow." Huo Mu cast a deep glance at her, looking at her eyes that were brighter than the stars, and a touch of pampering flashed across her eyes.

"Are you going?" Song Ci asked tentatively, feeling a little aggrieved when he heard the voice.

Huo Mochen put his arms around her shoulders, led her along and said, "Do you want me to go back?"

"Of course not!"

Without even a second of hesitation, Song Ci blurted out.

Tomorrow is Huo Muchen's birthday. She doesn't want to be disappointed by the Huo family again on Mr. Huo's birthday!


Huo Mochen's voice at this time did not seem to be pretending to be cold, but was really as cold as ice, cold to the bone.

Song Ci was really unhappy, "I don't care, you won't be able to go tomorrow, you can only stay with me at home! You don't have much time to spend with me, but the Huo family wants to rob me, I won't let you!"

"Aren't you going to work tomorrow?" The man said in a stern voice with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Song Ci's eyes dodged guilt, and he hesitated to hide his surprise: "Then you have to accompany me too! Your time tomorrow is mine, and you said that you will serve me at home on weekends, and your last day of the week They will all come to eat with me, don't break your promise!"

"How do you know that I will have dinner with you every week?" Huo Mochen put his hand on Song Ci's shoulder. Squinting his cruel eyes, he asked.

Song Ci felt that after telling a lie, another pitfall was exposed. She has only been with Huo Mu for a long time now, and she is still newly married. In her previous life, she had eaten every week for several years.

Huo Mochen's eyes were stained dark red, and when he leaned forward, the airflow was instantly frighteningly cold.

It was Huo Muchen's plan to have dinner with Song Ci every week during his years abroad. No matter how busy he was at work, he still had to spare time to accompany his wife so that Xiao Ci would not feel wronged by marrying him.

To prevent... Hongxing from climbing the wall to find him!

Song Ci swallowed his saliva.

"I thought about it, I thought about it... I think my husband is so nice, let alone having dinner with me with a sense of ritual every week." Song Ci twitched his lips in embarrassment: "Don't say one day, I'm in M&R now I can work and eat with my husband every day."

Huo Muchen looked at her flattering smile, raised his brows and eyes lazily, slightly raised Song Ci's chin with a slender finger, so she had to look up at his gloomy and graceful face in the dark night.

"Xiaoci, I always think that you are too young and I can't bear to be too strict with you, but I don't want you to use methods on me." Huo Moshen said: "Understood?"

Song Ci nodded fiercely: "Understood."


Huo Muchen kissed the corner of her lips, and straightened up again: "If you want to know what plans I have in the future, just come and ask, you don't need to investigate me."

Song Ci's heart skipped a beat.

She wailed in her heart: "She really didn't find out through investigation. In her previous life, Huo Muchen had already carved the habit into her bones, which made her unnaturally reveal the traces of being with Huo Muchen for many years.

But this can't be blamed on her, it's all thanks to Huo Mchen, who made him treat her so well! "

So to speak, it's a bit unreasonable.

She changed the subject without any trace: "Look, am I well dressed today?"

"You look good every day."


Nima, the answer is so perfect that there is no trace of rebuttal at all.

Song Ci's eyes flew around, looking at the bright night light in the garden next door, and curiously probed: "The starlight next door is so beautiful!"

She took two steps closer and snorted, "Ciyuan? Does anyone in this family have names similar to mine?"


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