Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 236

Huo Mushen followed her gaze and looked at the next door which had been vacant all along, but at some point it lit up, and saw the word "Ciyuan" in Dou Da's words again, and a pair of eyes shot out ten thousand sword lights in secret thought.

The next second... He took Song Ci's hand and walked back towards Huo Yuan quickly.

Song Ci didn't respond at all, and staggered.

"Huo Mochen, walk slowly, I'm wearing high heels."

Huo Mochen pursed his lips into a straight line, turned around and put his arms through her armpits and knees, and quickly carried the beaten princess back to Huoyuan.

In the hall, it was pitch black.

Song Ci looked at Huo Muchen in confusion: "Aren't you just taking a walk? Why did you come back all of a sudden?"

"It's getting late, you should go to rest, I'll take you upstairs to sleep."

Song Ci doesn't want to rest yet, but she wants to wait until one second past twelve to wish her husband his first birthday!

So, facing Huo Muchen's death gaze, she timidly asked: "I've slept enough today, can I not sleep?"

"If you don't sleep now, I'll make you sleep!" Huo Muchen grabbed her wrist, his eyes narrowed deeply, with a strong threat.

Song Ci's eyes froze. Although he didn't say anything, there was resentment in his eyes. He could only stretch out his hands to Huo Muchen: "My husband, give me a hug."

Huo Muchen was defeated by her. He carried him to the master bedroom with no expression on his face, changed into his pajamas for him, and then accompanied Song Ci to take off his make-up and wash up. Then he covered Song Ci with a quilt with a cold face.

"Sleep obediently, I will deal with things first, and I will accompany you at home in the morning tomorrow, huh?"

He bent down, pressed his cold lips against her forehead, kissed her lightly, and reached out to turn off the wall lamp.

"Xiaoci, you are mine."

"Well, I'm yours."

Song Ci replied to appease his uneasiness.

She was the only one left in the room. She raised her head and opened her eyes dumbly, looking at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep for a long time.

Song Ci was used to sleeping in Huo Muchen's arms, and suddenly he was alone in the empty room, not feeling sleepy at all, only feeling the cold coming from all directions.

She lifted the quilt and quickly opened the curtains.

Looking towards the opposite side through the large glass window, from her current angle, she can just see the scenery in Ciyuan, the starry night scene layer after layer, which is breathtakingly beautiful and refreshing.

Song Ci couldn't help opening the glass window, stepped onto the balcony, and looked at the starry sky dream scene from a distance.

In the prison, her back hurt so much that she couldn't sleep in the middle of the night, so she always sat against the corner, looked at the stars and moon in the night sky through a small iron window on the stone wall, and often wondered if Huo Mushen was awake?

Or, can she persevere until the day she lives to see Huo Mochen?

Every time he thinks of the scene of his death, Song Ci's body is full of overwhelming anger!


Not far away, an exceptionally elegant man in a white shirt looked at Song Ci through the binoculars, wearing thin pajamas, standing on the balcony, looking towards Ci Garden, with a faint smile on his lips: "Xiao Ci, you will soon You will remember and come back to me."

"Mr. Bai, someone is secretly investigating you."

The butler walked up to the man and said respectfully.

"I know who it is." The man's brows were pale, and he didn't care. Only one person could feel threatened immediately after seeing the name, and quickly took the person back to prevent him from seeing: "Huo Mochen, are you Are you scared?"

And Huo Mochen in the study was full of frost, looking sullenly at the house buyer in front of the computer screen.

He squinted his eyes coldly, and directly dialed Jiang Jingxing's phone number.

Just a few seconds after the phone rang over there, there was a manic and quiet voice, almost roaring out the aura that the entire roof was about to be lifted.

"What are you doing!"


Hearing the man's deep and hoarse voice, Jiang Jingxing's depression subsided a little bit, but his voice was still impatient and gloomy: "Third brother, what's the matter? Now the police station is about to be broken up by the family members. Did you do it?"

"What does it have to do with me if I take a wrong stand and be treated as an outcast?" Huo Muchen sneered.

"Then you fucking let your own reputation be trampled on the ground by those bastards of the Yan family at will? I thought you would suppress the news this morning, but I didn't expect you to add fuel to the flames. You insisted on letting yourself Be the number one suspect?

Just wait for the family members to come to your door to make trouble! "

"I don't need fame." Huo Mu's eyes were red as if they weren't what humans should have, and he stared at the computer screen with an unusually cold voice: "I want all of Yan Baichuan's underground partnerships."

"What do you want Yan Baichuan to do? The news I got about this matter is that Yan's family wanted to make meritorious service, so he proposed this idea to the head of Yan's family, but I didn't expect you to cut off all of them directly regardless of your reputation." The way out!" Jiang Jingxing took out a cigarette from his pants pocket, clicked it, and twirled the lighter in his palm, and the flame of the cigarette was quickly ignited.

He put it to his lips, took a deep breath, and exhaled smoke rings. The blue smoke surrounded his sharp facial features, making him more serious and majestic.

Huo Mochen sarcastically overflowed from his throat: "Brother, you made a mistake."

"what do you mean?"

Jiang Jingxing sensed that something was wrong, and could make the third child spare no effort to retaliate wildly. If he was direct and rude, there could only be one reason, that is, he bullied his little wife.

"Yan Baichuan will be the next top decision-maker of the Yan family, and this is just the first trick he has played with." Huo Mushen said calmly: "His ultimate goal is... Song Ci."

"Song Ci? That kid has just returned to China, so why is he related to Song Ci?" As the head of the Jiang Group, Jiang Jingxing is keenly aware of every dangerous person who enters his sphere of influence, including Yan Baichuan, But he really never thought that Yan Baichuan would be so... powerful by the third child.

"Brother, you underestimate the enemy. I want all his information including cooperation." Huo Mochen looked down at his watch and said coldly, "Besides, Xiao Ci has nothing to do with him."

Jiang Jingxing: "..."

He almost forgot what his wife said.

"Okay, but I'm investigating the case behind the assassination recently, so I asked your wife to quickly draw two portraits for me, and these two directors committed suicide by jumping off the building. You should deal with it quickly. I'm not responsible for your mess."


"By the way, it's your birthday tomorrow, let's bring your wife, do you want us to have a gathering?"

"No, I promise Xiao Ci that I will only be with her tomorrow."

Huo Muchen smiled softly.

"She knows your birthday? The last time I was in front of the media, don't think I didn't see it. I probably know nothing about you except your gender and name." Jiang Jingxing sneered.

"Don't blame her, blame me." Huo Muchen's tense face trembled slightly, his murderous eyes burst out with a strong self-blame, looking at the wedding ring on his left hand that Song Ci put on himself, he seldom made a sound Explanation: "You know, I must marry her."


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