Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 238

Hearing this, Song Ci trembled all over, and his mind went blank for a few seconds.

"No, just return the money to me."

Song Ci's eyes widened. What did she say? She gave someone a gift and asked her to return the money. Isn't that courting death?

Huo Mochen's face darkened for a moment and almost froze: "Want money?"

"Don't... I'll go find my phone." Song Ci fumbled for the phone, opened the scarf, and found that the birthday wishes she had just wished for Mr. Huo's 28th birthday had been sent out regularly, and they were on the top. She felt very happy of.

The man squinted at the content on the phone, and replied quietly under her scarf.

"Thank you, Mrs. Huo, I love you for one more year."

After replying to the message, Huo Muchen threw away the phone, frowned solemnly, and said solemnly: "Mrs. Huo, you just like to play this kind of little trick, and you stay up late because of this?"

The corners of Song Ci's eyes twitched slightly, and he said: "How can this be a trivial matter? In my heart, Mr. Huo's affairs are all major events, and I will do them as my beliefs. I was standing at the window just now not thinking about going there, but just waiting. "

"Waiting for what?"

"Wait for someone."


Huo Muchen's face was solemn, and his voice was cold and sinister.

Song Ci didn't know why Huo Muchen was angry, but he was still taken aback by the sudden cold voice.

The sound lasted no more than a second, and Song Ci's breathing was so frightened that he restrained himself completely.

"Xiao Ci." He suppressed his impatience, cast his cold eyes out of the balcony, clenched his fists, and asked, "Birthdays always fulfill a wish. Be good, and tell me who that person is?"

Song Ci frowned and was a little angry. He stood up quickly and walked to the balcony, pulling open the curtains forcefully.

"what are you doing!"

Huo Mochen's patience was on the verge of breaking point.

He didn't give Song Ci a chance to explain, so he dragged him directly to the study room, where the cold dagger on the heavy wooden table was still on top of it. Huo Muchen stretched out his hand and stuffed it into Song Ci's hand.

Song Ci was so frightened that he lost all blood. Looking at her body covered in cold currents, standing in front of her coldly, he looked like a man who had walked out of purgatory.

"Huo Mochen."

Her eyebrows twitched wildly, and she twisted her wrist vigorously. As he approached, her eyes widened round and round, but she couldn't utter a single word from her throat.

Until she leaned against her ear, grabbed her without explanation and threw her into the black soft chair roughly, trapping her whole body.

Song Ci struggled to raise his eyes to meet his dark and deep black eyes, and tried his best to suppress the panicked panting.

"Xiaoci, if I do anything wrong to you, you can take this knife and stab it into my heart." Huo Mu's eyebrows were dark and evil, and his voice was lazy and low: "But if you do I'm sorry, what should I do?"

"You're young, I'll teach you to love and take care of you, don't step on my heart arbitrarily." Huo Mochen never wanted to do this, but he did it after all.

He said again: "Do you remember the marriage vows?"

Song Ci: "..."

"It's okay, I don't remember, I'll teach you." Huo Muchen said pervertedly, like a parent teaching an ignorant child, "The husband and wife are honest, trustworthy, and loyal! I have only you in the past, present, and future. What about Xiaoci?" ?”

Song Ci kept twisting his wrists, and didn't get angry until he was cornered by the man.

With a hard push, she threw the dagger far away!

"Huo Muchen." Song Ci took a deep breath, looked into the man's pupils with a pale complexion, and said word by word: "It's you! It's always been you!

I don't like being alone in the dark, as long as you accompany me, I can sleep!

As long as you don't accompany me, I will stand on the balcony and wait for you to come back when! "

"Husband." Song Ci's eyes were red.

She panicked that the moment she hit Huo Muchen's heart with a knife just now, all the memories of her previous life swept over her.

At this moment, her eyes became cold and her words became indifferent: "I don't know what you are worried about, but whether I remember what the Huo family did to me or not, the person I love is always you!

Huo Muchen, I will only say once in the end, you are Song Ci's legal husband, you don't need to compare with any man, in my heart no man can compare with you, just like you said to me, who dares to meddle in our relationship Marriage, those who hinder our happiness, especially women, if you say you don't need me to do it, you will solve it yourself!

It's the same for me! "

She said heavily: "Whoever dares to interfere in our marriage, I will definitely send him to hell!"

Huo Mu stared down at Song Ci, his eyes were a little gloomy, and his cold voice was mixed with hoarseness.

"A small speech."

Song Ci's face was pale, and he directly hooked his neck and pulled him face to face: "Shut up, I don't want to hear other men's names from your mouth.

You are the only man I have, the rest is none of my business! "

" dare to tease me?" Huo Muchen pulled her out of the soft chair and rubbed her neck, her broad chest was like a wall emitting high heat, Song Ci's hands were scalded Gotta want to withdraw.

"No, it's Mr. Huo's jealousy that directly overwhelmed me. I can't swim yet." Speaking of it, Song Ci was very embarrassed. She still can't swim, so she must learn someday?

"I teach you."

Huo Mu's heart was indeed appeased by Song Ci.

He never thought of being comforted by Song Ci, Song Ci saw through all the uncertainty in his heart at a glance.

Why is his Xiaoci so cute and sensible?

Whose wife is this?

Huo Mochen's family.

Song Ci was delighted by the man's voice, tilted his head back, and raised his chin to look at him.

Don't want to just raise her chin, his big hand suddenly grabbed her head, and pressed her head back again: "Do you want to know who lives next door?"


Song Ci blinked her eyes and shook her head violently. She, who had a strong desire to survive, said aggrievedly: "I don't want to know, what does it matter to us who is next door?

I just couldn't fall asleep and was waiting for you to come back, but you told me to sleep, so I can only lean on the balcony and wait. "

"Not in the future."

Huo Mu frowned deeply, stared at her deeply, and said in a low voice: "Come find your husband if you can't sleep in the future. My husband will accompany you, huh?"


Song Ci felt that she was being spoiled by her husband more and more hypocritically. Huo Muchen took her out of a large-scale confession scene on her birthday, and even made her face colorful, but fortunately it was pink in the end.

"Yan's family bullied you in the hospital yesterday, huh?"

"I'm being bullied, and that old man Yan beat me up without saying anything. He really thought I was easy to bully!" Song Ci snorted coldly.

"A few hours, I pack up and go back."

After a few hours, he will lose his reputation completely, and he will no longer have to worry about the Huo family.

So what about being selfish and cruel?

So what about being ruthless!

How about being responsible to everyone in this life, it is enough to live up to the small words!


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