Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 239

Huo Muchen was rebellious in his bones, and he was restrained by the Huo family's family affection for a long time. The Huo family used secret means against him in the past few years, and finally wanted to get a piece of the pie. How could Huo Muchen agree!

If you didn't play them to death, you already showed mercy!

He transferred all M&R to Song Ci, even if anything happens in the future...their elder brothers will protect her.

Suppressing the thoughts in his heart, Huo Muchen looked at Song Ci with clear eyes, weighed him up twice, and then said in a hoarse voice: "Stay here with me, or go back to sleep."

"You guard the stock market, I'll just guard you."

Song Ci said sweetly.


It was rare for Huo Muchen to let Song Ci... bring a stool over by himself in the extremely cleanliness room, and still use the sterilized stool to sit next to him.

Song Ci was not idle, but silently painted the portraits of the two men in his memory, while Huo Muchen stared at the stock market, watching the Yan family fuel the flames little by little, and all his cruel and merciless past. Turned out, almost overnight, the three words 'Huo Muchen' became synonymous with cruelty.

Song Ci has never been a person who cares about fame. After finishing all the work, she directly took pictures of her diamond ring and her wedding photo with Huo Muchen on the scarf.

The wedding photos of her and Huo Muchen are different from ordinary people!

Others have white wedding dresses and black suits.

Hers, black wedding dress, black suit, and apart from the love in Huo Muchen's eyes, Song Ci really thought that this wedding photo of the two of them was taken in hell.

It wasn't until six o'clock that Huo Mochen's straight back moved slightly. Seeing that her black and straight hair blocked half of her side face, she could faintly see her eyes smiling.

He got up, walked to her side, bent down, and pressed against her ear: "Mrs. Huo, why are you so happy?"

"I'm reading your news. Mr. Huo's reputation is comparable to mine this time!" Song Ci looked up at Huo Muchen, suppressed his smile, and frowned even more pretentiously.

"Mrs. Huo not only dared to lie to me recently, but also dared to tease and tease my husband. It's just a verbal education, which is too cheap for you!" Huo Mu's deep and deep eyes glided past her light smile, and his voice became hoarse.

Not enough warnings, repeated admonitions, Song Ci discovered that Huo Muchen had recently started threatening!

Song Ci was reluctant in her heart, but facing Huo Muchen's gloomy face, she dared not give in. After all, Huo Muchen always 'does what he says' and really 'beat' her!

Song Ci showed a professional "Song Ci" smirk, hugged Huo Mu's strong waist, and said with a smile: "Husband, you have worked all night and haven't eaten until now. I'll make you breakfast!"

"You can do it?"

Huo Muchen didn't get angry, but just asked back, his tone full of disbelief.

"I can't do it, but I can learn it. Isn't it you?" Song Ci stood up, looked at him and said with a smile, "Look, no one is more suitable for Huo Mochen's wife than me."

"Heh." He smiled, pinched her chin, and stared at her from the bottom of his eyes: "With me here, who would dare to take away your Mrs. Huo!"

Song Ci also smiled, not afraid of the chill on his face at all.

After a while, Huo Muchen led her downstairs: "Go downstairs, I'll teach you how to cook."

"I want to learn how to make longevity noodles."

She hopes that Huo Muchen in this life will live a long and healthy life, and never again because... No, no, no, she won't stab him again. What happened last night and in the previous life will never happen again!

Song Ci inhaled, followed Huo Muchen to the kitchen.

Huo Mochen was at the side as a guide. After Song Ci made the noodles several times, and then let the salt and sugar be put in without distinction, when the boiling water almost scalded the back of his hands, Huo Mochen finally couldn't stand it anymore.

He directly hugged her to one side and stared at her fiercely: "Song Ci, watch from the side!"

"But I want to make longevity noodles for you myself." Song Ci was dissatisfied.

"You don't have talent." Huo Mo stared at her coldly, and cooked by himself.

"Then I'm talented in what to do!" Song Ci looked forward to the man cooking in an orderly manner, a little aggrieved.

"Mrs. Huo, you are the most talented at doing this!" Huo Mu said coldly.

Song Ci: "..."

Nima, you're so angry.

Mr. Huo couldn't find any reason to refute her. Anyway, he celebrates his birthday, he is a boss, and he is right in everything he says.

Song Ci leaned against the refrigerator door, and saw the man wearing simple and casual home clothes, exuding an innate languid nobility, cooking with his back to her.

She randomly took out her mobile phone to take a few photos, and flipped through the news by the way.

Sure enough, as everyone expected, Huo Muchen's reputation fell to the lowest point, and with the help of Huo Muchen himself, Huo Muchen officially became independent from the Huo family. Those who can take action against the Huo family's foundation, can have What humanity!

Song Ci simply scanned the comments.

"Huo Muchen founded M&R back then with the help of the Huo family. Now that it is established alone, it is simply inhumane to attack the Huo family!"

"If you cooperate with such a company, you should always be on guard against being annexed!"

"Yesterday, the Yan family inexplicably took over two companies, and as a result, there was an incident of jumping off the building. It's not obvious that the Yan family was framed, and the Yan family and the Huo family are still cooperating. Huo Muchen is simply too arrogant!"

"Isn't the Song family a typical case? A while ago, M&R took action against Tang Cheng. Isn't that Mrs. Huo's natal family?"

"Just wait for the divorce!"

Song Ci: "..."!

What the hell!

The Yan family wanted to help Su Xuening get a divorce, so did they use this despicable method?

Huo Muchen doesn't want fame, it's their own business to leave the Huo family directly, it's none of Yan's business!

Song Ci opened the scarf and edited the picture of Huo Muchen cooking, and directly edited: "I'm disappointing everyone, my husband is cooking for me."

As soon as the scarf was released, it caused many little girls to comment wildly below!

"Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo is so loving."

"That's right, I want one too! Those who call for a divorce, just wait until you get slapped in the face!"

"Although Mr. Huo is ruthless in the mall, haven't you seen his iron-blooded tenderness? He only dotes on his wife. You can have this kind of unique pampering. At first glance, it is a black fan posted by a marketing account, specializing in black fans. People's."

Seeing this tide-like reaction, Song Ci pursed his lips in satisfaction.

What she wants is this effect. The more the people behind want them to have a bad time, the more she will piss them off!

Huo Mochen taught her that public opinion is only a guide. Even if they have no reputation, they are strong. As long as they have enough channel resources and projects, all companies can only submit to them, and outsiders can only see the surface.

What's more, can a reputation be eaten?

Can a reputation be spent as money?

Song Ci suddenly understood that Huo Muchen still wanted her desperately after she was swindled by Song Yanran and Lu Huaike so badly, it was because Huo Muchen wanted her, and it was always only Song Ci!

However, Song Ci was still planning to gain a reputation in his heart. Who made her too weak to keep being slapped in the face by others?


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