Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 240

"Xiao Ci, come here."

Hearing the voice in front, Song Ci quickly put down the phone, and ran to Huo Muchen's side: "Husband!"

"I'll teach you the last step."

Huo Muchen supported Song Ci to take the last step, and then a bowl of steaming longevity noodles was brought out. Song Ci was so beautiful that he almost went to heaven.

"Why are you so happy?"

"I'm helping you restore your reputation as a doting wife. As for the rest, in this circle, the strong are always king!" Song Ci pinched his earlobe from being scalded by the bowl, looked up at Huo Muchen with a smile, Said: "The Yan family started to fight back against us, they bribed the navy to blame us for their jumping!

Husband, in fact, the Yan family has been planning to threaten us from the very beginning, this time the real-name boycott was also done by the Yan family, but you have every chance to fight back, but you didn't fight back~"

"Well, so?"

Huo Muchen's face didn't seem to have any disturbance because Song Ci had figured everything out, and he was still ruthlessly calm.

Until Song Ci spoke again: "Huo Mochen, you did it on purpose. You contributed to the flames and even promoted the news yourself. You really... don't want fame, so what do you want?"

There are tens of thousands of ways to break away from the Huo family. Huo Muchen's method of "hurting one thousand enemies and eight hundred self-harms" made it difficult for Song Ci to understand!


The man suddenly lowered his head, his black eyes were blazed with forbearance, and he faced Song Ci at close range.

Song Ci's questioning flames and a little bit of anger were all shattered, his neck receded, and his heart jumped up without warning.

That pair of eyes, right?

She suspected that what she saw were the eyes of a pair of wild wolves walking alone in the endless wasteland.

It is full of plundering and encroaching sword lights.

"Xiao Ci, you are young and don't understand." Huo Muchen didn't tell her the plan, but just stared at her calmly, his deep and hoarse voice drifted into Song Ci's ears like a This kind of temptation and bewitchment: "Whoever I let hurt me won't let anyone hurt you, huh?"

Song Ci's eyes were uncontrollably aroused, his earlobes were kissed by him, and his accusing voice was soft and sweet: "You are my husband, who would dare to hurt you!

I don't allow it, just don't! "

She turned around and hugged Huo Muchen, kissing his cold lips.

Huo Mu lowered his throat, half-closed his cold eyes, and a touch of depression flashed across his heart.

Without the slightest hesitation, the man immediately turned back and kissed her burningly. After a while, he let go of her lips, and gently stroked her red and swollen lips with his fingertips: "Okay, no, no one can hurt me."

Huo Muchen looked deeply at her who was breathing calmly, and her thin lips lowered another inch while speaking.

"Satisfied, baby?"

He no longer kissed her, but Song Ci had the feeling that his lips had brushed past hers.

That breath made every inch of her pores open, and the soft feeling rushed straight to the apex of her heart like an electric current.

Song Ci slapped his moist long eyelashes, bit his lower lip with his white teeth: "Huo Mochen..."

She raised her head and boldly bit his Adam's apple. The tiny tips of her teeth rubbed against his neck. It didn't hurt, but the low-bending and pressed back trembled.

"Mrs. Huo, is your waist okay?"


Song Ci's eyelashes trembled violently, expressing that he couldn't bear it again.

Huo Mochen seemed to see through her attempts to appease her unsuccessfully and to shrink back. He kissed her softly from the corners of her lips, to the bridge of her nose, to her trembling eyelashes, and finally lifted her up and threw her onto her lap. .

Until the passionate interaction of thunder and fire was broken by the sound of the doorbell.

Song Ci lay on his chest, lowered his head, raised his wrist, and looked at the time.

A kiss lasted for more than half an hour.

Song Ci raised his eyelids, then turned his head to look at the uneaten longevity noodles on the dining table, and asked, "There is someone knocking at the door."

"Huo Yuan has never been disturbed by anyone." Huo Mochen put her down, walked towards the door with his slender legs, and when he opened the door, he saw a box of things on the ground.

Song Ci followed behind him and saw the box on the ground. He was about to open it, but the man directly grabbed his wrist.

"Don't move around."

When Huo Muchen saw this, the crease between his brows deepened, and he pursed his thin lips. He didn't move to open the box, but clapped his hands, and a black-clothed bodyguard jumped out from the darkness.

"Mr. Huo."

"The box, who sent it?"

the man asked.

"It came by courier. We didn't think too much about it."

"If this is something dangerous, can you be responsible!" Huo Muchen narrowed his eyes and asked coldly.

"I asked you to come to protect my wife's safety!"

The bodyguard's back trembled in fright, and he immediately lowered his head: "Mr. Huo, we will deal with it immediately, and this kind of thing will never happen again!"

"Hehe, next time?" Huo Mochen let out a sneer from his throat. The laughter was piercing. He didn't intend to let the bodyguard go. Instead, he took a step forward, forcing the bodyguard to bow his head immediately.

Song Ci didn't want Huo Muchen to be ruined by someone with a heart on his birthday, so he couldn't help grabbing his wrist with both hands: "Honey, I'm afraid~ You come back and hug me."

Huo Muchen looked back at Song Ci, slightly startled.

Song Ci's hoarse and delicate voice poked at his full of anger in an instant, and his voice couldn't help being soft: "Be good, go in and wait for me."

Song Ci had a bitter face, and didn't move, but hugged his strong waist: "No, I'll stay here with you.

You said that today's time belongs to me. Mr. Huo won't break his promise. "

Huo Muchen frowned and looked at Song Ci. After a while, his heart was so soft that he reached out to touch her head, then held her hand, and said to the bodyguard: "Open the box."

The bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief, and was extremely grateful to his wife in his heart.

If Song Ci hadn't spoken out in time, he would definitely be deposed by Mr.

The bodyguard didn't dare to delay, and quickly opened the box in a polite manner. Inside lay a set of white delicate wedding dress and a letter box.

Song Ci frowned suspiciously, and when he opened it, he saw that it was the wedding letter of Huo Muchen and Su Xuening, and there were countless photos of Su Xuening and Huo Muchen superimposed on it. !

She just comforted Huo Mochen not to be angry, but in the blink of an eye, it was her turn to be angry!

Huo Muchen was even angrier than her, with a stern look on his face, "Go and find out who sent the courier!"

Song Ci's face was flushed with anger. She pinched her palm and tried to tell herself to be calm, but she was completely uncontrollable with jealousy and jealousy!

"Xiao Ci, do you believe me?"

he asks.

Song Ci looked at him, showing an aggrieved expression: "Believe me."

"Trust me, don't look at it, I have a dagger in my drawer upstairs, if I betray..."

"No, I believe you won't!" Song Ci interrupted him coldly.

The people behind it deliberately made it difficult for them.

Since that's the case, don't let everyone have a hard time!

You let me go to hell, I will definitely drag you into hell!


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