Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 3: Get closer to your wife or fold your legs!

"Song Yanyan was stared at to the point of numbness, but with a turn of her eyes, she intentionally worriedly said, ""Xiao Ru, Huo Mou Shen has a heavy heart, he definitely won't let you go, hurry up and run while he's not back yet, I've already called Lu Huai Ke, he'll be coming to pick you up in no time!""

Song Zhi listened to her tone of concern, in her heart, she laughed even more coldly, in her last life, she was deceived by Song Yanran's such a sincere and sincere performance, and she didn't think at all about how irrational those words she spoke were.

Song Ru feigned ignorance, ""Sister, I'm already Mrs. Huo now, if I elope with Lu Huaike again, isn't it setting the Song family up for injustice and slapping the Song family's face?""

""I'll help you stop on mom and dad's side, I've planned it all out for you, just go with me!"" Song Yanran's eyes erupted with fire as she heard her say 'Mrs. Huo', squeezing out her teeth as she spoke, not even paying attention to the fact that Song Zhi would even consider the Song family's reputation anymore.

Song Zhi looked at her jealousy with no place to vent it, and the way she was holding back her anger was inexplicably ridiculous.

Song Zhi put on his clothes and walked behind Song Yanran, arriving at the backyard of the villa.

The originally closed gate of the villa revealed a gap.

There stood a familiar person, Lu Huaike!

Song Ru's face was ice cold and chilly, the same scene as in her previous life that made her get into the car and nearly get into a car accident and die on the road!

At that time, Huo Mou Shen used his own car to crash into them, only barely getting the brakes to stop and saving her life!

She thought that Huo Muchen wanted her life, but now that she looks back, her husband is really handsome, isn't he?

Song Yanran pushed against Song Zhi's spine, ""Xiao Zhi, I know you like Lu Huaike, I purposely looked for him to take you away!""

Song Zhu raised his eyebrows and looked back at Song Yan, ""Sister, I'd better not go, Huo Mou Shen coming back to see me not there will definitely drag the Song family down, you'd better take advantage of him not coming back to take the car and go!""

Song Yanran froze, how could she not leave with her carefully designed plan?

Lu Huaike saw the look that Song Yanran passed over, and fiercely grabbed Song Zhi's wrist, not caring whether Song Zhi was willing to go or not, dragging her outside.

At this moment, the door appeared a tall and cold figure, a pair of hawk-like sharp eyes are staring at the two tightly held wrist, the pupil color under the eyes gradually deepened, about to set off a layer of storm.

Song Zhi saw the man's thin lips pursed into a straight line, knowing that the man is going to lose his temper!

Originally she was afraid of his anger, but now inexplicably happy!

Because she knew that the man's heart was in her heart, her heart followed the random beating, and she couldn't help but see the corners of her lips lifting up, revealing a bright smile.

She forcefully shook off Lu Huaike's wrist and fiercely zipped into the man's embrace, her cheeks flushed.

The familiar scent made her incomparably at ease, with a sense of belonging.

""Hubby, you're finally back, save me!""

""This Lu surname is shameless, he had to force me to elope with him!""

""I've said I don't like him anymore, and he still has the nerve to drag me away!""

Lu Huaike and Song Yanran were dumbfounded on the spot!

Lu Huaike's eyes flashed a fierce venom, this bitch, lying fart!

Song Yanran's beautiful eyes stared straight at the back of her head that was buried in Huo Mushan's arms, itching to shoot out a few holes!

Huo Mushen quietly stares at her, half believing and half skeptical under his eyes.

But his arms are still dragging her waist tightly.

Her waist is soft and slender, causing Huo Moushen to recall last night's ecstasy, and a hot stream runs through his lower abdomen, his throat rolling involuntarily.

Song Ru sighed helplessly, also knowing that she had a lot of dark information and lies from before, it was normal to be disbelieved by him.

""Song Zhi, don't spit blood! It was your own eyes that begged me to come and take you away! Huo Shao, don't be fooled by her!""

Once Song Zhe heard Lu Huike's tone, he was so angry that he twisted his head and glared at Lu Huike with contempt.

""Are you as handsome as my husband!""

""Are you as rich as my husband!""

""You're not as good as my husband in any way, I'm not blind, how could I look at you!""

Song Zhi turned back and buried herself in Huo Mou Shen's embrace again, wailing and crying, ""Hubby, look at him, not only is he a deadbeat, he's also slandering me! I'm Mrs. Huo, if he slanders me, he's slandering you, so you have to do something for me!""

Lu Huaike was so damaged by Song Zhi's eloquence that he held a taste of blood in his throat, but because Huo Mushan was here, he didn't dare to get angry at all, and could only stare at Song Zhi dead in the face.

Huo Mushan looks down at her.

He knew she wasn't crying and was lying.

Just watching her pamper herself, he can't help but cross a wisp of favor in the bottom of his eyes.

""Throw the person out, come any closer to madam and directly break their legs!""

""Huai'an inform the Lu family that if they can't discipline their own son, the Huo family doesn't mind doing it for them!""

Lu Huaike was scared and covered in cold sweat, before he could finish explaining his words, he was even thrown out of the villa.

Song Yanran was covered in cold, always feeling that something was wrong!"


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