Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 5 Its all fault

"Song Zhi didn't understand what Huo Mou Shen meant and thought he was threatening her not to play tricks to get a divorce.

Looking at him striding his long legs, she can't help but mutter in her heart, he really still doesn't believe in her words, hey, forget it, after all, she used to treat him badly and did a lot of things to discredit him and hurt him, it's true that it's a bit hard to mend the rift between the two of them, but there's no rush, they have a lifetime.

The housekeeper suddenly held the phone out to her, ""Ma'am, there's a call for you.""

""Thank you butler.""

Song Ru politely thanked her, making the housekeeper flattered.

After all, Song Zhi was known for her petulant and capricious behavior in Huacheng City, and before the young master married her, the butler was a hundred times less than happy in his heart.

However, just now, he had thrown his face away, giving Mr. back his face, so it was a relief!

Song Zhi took the phone, before he could speak, he heard Song's father on the other side scolding him, ""Rebellious daughter! What kind of foolishness did you do yesterday, and how dare you regret your marriage? Go to the Huo family to make amends!""

Hearing the voice on the phone, Song Zhi froze, sure enough Song Yanran had already flirted in front of Song Yuancheng.

""Dad, Huo Mushan and I are fine now, we've already gotten a license.""

The voice from the opposite side fell silent, then said angrily, ""Are you deliberately lying, you think I'll believe you if you say that, you hurry up and get back!""

The lesson of the wolf is really not shallow!

""Dad, if I really eloped with Lu Huaike, according to Huo Mou Shen's temper, do you think he'll just let it go? Then since the Huo family isn't even moving, you shouldn't toss it ......""

Song Yuancheng listened to Song Ru's words, and thinking about it, it was indeed the case, so he hung up the phone, but he felt that something was not right, and pondered for a long time before he figured it out.

Song Zhi had just dared to speak to him in that tone! Song Zhi was lying in her room in an unattractive mood.

She and Huo Mou Shen are already married, why do they still have to sleep in separate rooms, how can they cultivate couple's feelings by sleeping in separate rooms!

She has to take the initiative, but she can't give others another chance to see the light!

Song Zhi tossed and turned in bed thinking for a long time, unconsciously fell asleep, until the top of her head was suddenly shrouded in shadow, she abruptly opened her eyes, and saw is Huo Mou Shen's handsome face, only then suddenly relieved.

In her previous life, she had often been dragged out for a beating in the middle of the night when she was passed out, so her sleep had been restless.

""Disappointed to see it's me?""

Huo Mou Shen changed into simple loungewear and sat on the side of her bed, his cold and solitary aura wrapping around Song Zhi, making it impossible to ignore.

Song Zhi looked at the sadness that flashed across his face, her breath held for a moment, her mouth opened, but she couldn't send out half a word.

She wanted to say that she didn't mean it!

It was just a reflex!

Huo Mushen coldly glanced at her, not ignoring the caution in her eyes, leaned over and clasped her chin, forcing her to only raise her head to look at her, and mockingly spoke, ""Mrs. Huo, not going down to eat for half a day, is it because you want to use a hunger strike to force me to get a divorce?""

Song Zhi recalls that in her last life, she also went on a hunger strike for the sake of divorce, encouraged by Song Yanran to drink until her stomach hemorrhaged, and in the end, it was also Huo Mushan who dragged her out of a nightclub and carried her to the hospital in the middle of the night, and she saw with her own eyes the drop of tear that flowed from the corners of his scarlet canthus that night.

This man, when she was hurt, cried for her.

And where was Lu Huaike at that time, I'm afraid he was prostrate on Song Yanran's body!

To what extent was she blind to give up her husband to another woman!

Many thoughts drifted through the middle of Song Ru's mind all at once, but only a few seconds passed.

When Huo Mou Shen saw her wandering off, his eyes erupted with ten thousand cold auras, and the hand that cupped her chin pressed hard: ""I'll give you three minutes to clean up and go downstairs to eat!""

The sharp pain coming from her chin made Song Zhi jerk back to her senses.

She looked up and saw the man's lonely back, and without thinking, she lifted the covers and ran towards him, hugging his waist from behind and not letting him go.

The soft body pressed against Huo Mu Shen's back, his body rolled through an electric current, and he didn't expect her to hug herself, and it was only after a long time that he came back to his senses, reaching out to break the wrist at his waist, only to find that it was buckled even tighter.

""Loosen up!"" Huo Mu Shen said impatiently.

""I'm not!""

Huo Moushen's face is grim, feeling her face rubbing against his back like a pathetic kitten that wants to be abandoned, he clasps her waist and brings her to his chest, his voice unusually dull, ""What's the commotion? Still want to play any tricks?""

Song Zhi is said to be aggrieved, her black and white eyes innocently looking towards Huo Mou Shen who is on the verge of violent anger and stoicism to the extreme.

""Huo Moushen.""

The man's deep eyes lock onto her, ""Eh?""

Song Zhi slightly tilts her neck, but her one meter six height is still too far against her one meter nine height, and she jumps down hard, like a rabbit, and 'barks' kisses his chin before darting down the stairs.

Huo Mou Shen was stunned for a moment, his heart missed a beat, his never expressionless face rippled with confusion, and unfamiliar currents of electricity ran through his mind.

He touched the cheek that was kissed, and when he saw the figure that fled downstairs, the corners of his lips lifted up in a smile-like arc.

Downstairs has long been prepared a table of hot and hot meals, Song Zhi joyfully went downstairs to help Lin Ma pick up the hot soup, before she put it down, was a claw viciously grabbed the wrist, she quickly put down the hot soup, but the back of her white hand is still spilled soup scalded a red.

Song Zhi followed the claw upwards to see Song Yanran's face.

In favor of her, she deliberately said with anxious concern, ""Xiao Ru, hurry up, Dad knows about your secret with Lu Huaike, I didn't stop him!""

Song Ru was gouged by her nails to the back of her hand, raised his arm to throw Song Yanran away, seeing Song Yanran fall to the ground.

Song Yanran flooded with tears, biting her lip, her voice was aggrieved, ""Xiao Ru, what's wrong with you? I know you're afraid that dad will know about your elopement and blame me for not hiding it, but I really tried my best.""


Still pretending!

It had to be said that Song Yanran was really a good actress!

This soft as water, hyun sobbing look is afraid that any man will be moved when he sees it!

Song Zhi has already felt the burning gaze from somewhere on the second floor, and naturally knows that Song Yanran's words just now were intentionally said to Huo Muxian, wanting to separate their feelings for each other, her eyes fell on Song Yanran's face with coldness, and she hurriedly helped the person to get up: ""Sister, Lu Huaike, that scum, and I will have any secrets! Lu Huike is nothing, still want me to elope with him, sister are you blind to bring him to me!""

Song Yanyan was infuriated, clearly her eyes were itching to tear her apart, but she could only stoically suppress it, straining to watch Song Yuancheng rush over to help her up.

""Yanyan, are you alright. ""Song Yuancheng looked at the red and swollen face of Song Zhi and glared at her sternly, ""Look at this face of yours, disgraceful! I should have known that I shouldn't have let you marry, I should have let Yanyan ......""

""Let my sister marry into the Huo family instead of me?"" Song Zhi interrupted him in a stern voice.

How could she not see what Song Yuancheng, her 'good father', had in mind for her in her previous life.

When she was set up to stab Huo Muchen, the first news she heard was that Song Ru had disassociated herself from the Song family!

She was like a lost dog that had been kicked into jail.

""Dad, do you think the Huo family is stupid? This marriage was settled between my mother and the Huo family back then, and now I'm the Huo family's explicitly married Mrs. Huo, this kind of words of letting my sister marry my husband instead of me, if it were to be spread to the Huo family, it might cause the Huo family to misunderstand that the Song family's ill intentions wanted to use my stepmother's daughter instead of the main family's daughter to marry into the rich and powerful family after my mother's death!""

This was true, otherwise where did her face of allergic rashes come from, wasn't it thanks to Song Yanran and her stepmother He Meiping!

Who didn't know that Song Zhi's mother was the lady who came in from the Song family, but Song Yanran was two years older than Song Zhi, which was clearly playing the extramarital affair!

When Song Yanran heard that she was an illegitimate daughter being brought up by Song Zhi, one of her nails that had just been done was directly broken.

Song Yuancheng was also infuriated by Song Ru's words and his face turned green and white for a while, gritting his teeth and squeezing out a sentence from his throat, ""Rebellious daughter, who gave you the guts to speak to me with such an attitude?""

Song Zhe sneered, and was about to retort when the man's cold and piercing voice suddenly sounded behind him.

""I gave it to you, any comments?""

When she heard Huo Mou Shen's words, Song Zhi saw Song Yuancheng instantly being crushed into a quail-like appearance, and her heart was both painful and refreshing!

She couldn't help but turn her head and see the man wearing home clothes, just like that casually and lazily walking down, a hand and a throw reveal elegance, smiling even more brightly and cleanly, his eyes are following the bright up.

Husband for her out of anger, so handsome have wood!

Song Zhi happy to forget the hand pain, jogging jumped into the arms of the man, eyes soared out two tears, half pale face buried into his arms.

It is not just acting, who will not, huh!

You have Song Yuancheng protection, I have husband protection!

Huo Mou Shen did not hesitate to steadily catch the woman, low and slow against her earlobe, said the voice but let Song Zhi inexplicably peace of mind.

""Aggrieved? Hubby help you out.""

Song Zhi: ""......""

She didn't speak, just trembled her shoulders.

Clearly crying.

Song Yuancheng saw Huo Mushen patting and caressing the woman, his anger was instantly extinguished, and in a fatherly tone, he explained, ""Xiao Ru has been willful and spoiled since she was a child, and this time, she is too unintelligent for me to be a father ......""

""Father-in-law, Song Ru is now Mrs. Huo, how much capriciousness she has, it's also me who is used to it, who dares to say a 'no' word!""

Speaking the last word, a pair of sharp eyes like a wasteland beast revealing its fangs swept in, carrying a bloodthirsty hostility.

Song Yuancheng even if there is gas in his heart again had to be suppressed, kindly reached out his hand want to shoot the shoulders of the song rhetoric but was stopped by the man's eyes raw: ""Mu Shen, small rhetoric is now also a family member of the Huo, that before the bride price should also be fulfilled, the cooperation between our two families is also better to carry out the intimacy.""

When Song Zhi heard this, her body stiffened, and then she felt the man holding her up and hugging her tighter.

""Brother-in-law, I've heard that the cooperation project is rather complicated, and I happen to know how to do it, so why don't I come and be your secretary."" Song Yanran suddenly volunteered, hearing Song Zhi's face darken like a pot.

A biological father using her as a springboard, and a white lotus sister still trying to steal her position!

She hadn't forgotten that the project had problems later on, and the Song family treated her as a bottomless pit, letting her beg Huo Muk Shen and losing her popularity in the Huo family, and in the end, the benefits all landed on Song Yanyan's head, and she just became a big contributor.

Song rhetoric squeeze his hand into his palm want him to refuse, but was Huo Muk Shen back hand hold, she was anxious to want to open the mouth to remind, but was Huo Muk Shen index finger against the lips, and then the large villa living room fell into a wave of silence in the middle of the deep eyes, his deep eyes straight into the bottom of her eyes, fingertips rubbing her soft lips, she was nervous and clenched the hem of the skirt, is he does not believe in her?"


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