Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 101

next day.

Early in the morning, Su Hua went to the shopping mall to prepare some small clothes for the child.

Being a first-time mother can be a little exciting.

Before the baby was born, I wanted to prepare everything.

It's just that Su Wei's enthusiasm was slow, and only after a day did she start to get excited, which was not as exaggerated as Gu Beixian's.

In the past, when Su Wei went out, Ah Zhong was by her side.

Now that she is pregnant, Gu Beixian has added a Cheng to her.

Ah Cheng, like Ah Zhong, is a professionally trained bodyguard.

Mrs. Liu also accompanied her personally.

She carried a thermos with her, and all kinds of sweet and sour snacks for Su Hua to eat when she felt nauseous.

Walking around the street, there are three people following behind.

Su Hua was somewhat uncomfortable.

But Gu Beixian, who was just a father, couldn't hold back.

Now he wished he could even walk and hug her.

I'm afraid that if she walks unluckily, she will accidentally fall down, and then fall down on his precious child.

Su Wei didn't expect that a big man would like children so much.

I like her even more than this woman.

A group of people took the elevator to the eighth floor where children's clothes were sold.

Su Wei walked to a brand counter.

The salesperson came over and asked enthusiastically, "Miss, how old are you going to buy clothes for?"

Su Wei touched her belly and said, "Buy it for newborn babies."

The salesperson took her to the newborn baby area and asked her to choose.

This is Su Hua's first visit to the baby zone.

Really cute baby clothes.

The top, trousers, hat and socks are just a little bit big, and the color of macaron is delicate and cute.

Because she didn't know whether she was pregnant with a boy or a girl, Su Hua bought white and yellow.

In this way, no matter whether you have a boy or a girl, you can wear it.

She has lived with her grandfather since she was a child, and is used to frugality.

Don't like waste.

After picking out two sets, the salesperson told her: "Babies grow fast, so I suggest you buy more sets."

At the suggestion of the salesperson, Su Hua bought all the clothes for the child under one year old.

Pay by card.

Su Wei and a group of people went to the women's clothing department on the third floor.

I picked two loose, comfortable and nice clothes.

You can wear it when your belly gets bigger.

After shopping, Su Hua went to the bathroom.

The bodyguards couldn't enter the women's toilet, so they helped carry the clothes outside.

Su Hua asked them to find a chair to sit and rest for a while.

When going to the toilet.

Su Hua caught a glimpse of a man in a suit, tie and sunglasses standing outside the door, carrying a dozen large bags in his hand.

Stick there like a Christmas tree.

The logos on the paper bags are all expensive luxury brands.

The man stood as straight as a telephone pole.

Judging by his demeanor and temperament, he should be the bodyguard of a daughter or a rich wife.

Su Hua and Aunt Liu walked into the toilet together.

Early in the morning, there were not many customers in the mall, and the toilet was deserted.

Aunt Liu entered the partition on the side.

Su Hua casually opened another partition door.

There is a person squatting inside.

Su Wei hurriedly apologized: "I'm sorry, you didn't lock the door, I thought no one was there."

Just about to exit.

The woman looks up.

The four eyes are facing each other.

Su Hua secretly said "unlucky".

The world is so small, and I met Chu Suosuo again.

Murphy's law is very accurate, the more you don't want to meet someone, the more you will meet him.

Su Hua turned around and left.

He deliberately walked away from her.

Open the partition door and go in.

She was about to close the door when suddenly there was a hand on the door.

That hand, with thin skin and tender flesh, with delicate nails attached to it, and a diamond inlaid on it.

It was Chu Suosuo's hand.

She squeezed in.

Su Wei thought this person was ridiculous, like a follower.

Being so close, the smell of perfume on her body was so greasy that it made people feel sick.

A cloud of turbid air surged up in her stomach, Su Hua hurriedly covered her mouth, and retched a bit.

Chu Suosuo's complexion changed, and he glanced at her lower abdomen, "Listen to my dad, are you pregnant?"

Su Wei didn't say "yes" or "no", she just said calmly: "I see that you are a little physically uncomfortable."

Chu Suosuo snorted coldly, "Each, each other."

Su Hua's tone was cold, "Then you go out."

Chu Suosuo refused to leave.

She folded her arms around her chest and kept staring at Su Hua's stomach, wishing she could kick her up.

Originally, it was difficult for her and Gu Beixian to get back together.

Now Su Hua is pregnant again.

This child's life, the marriage of the two is even more indestructible.

Chu Suosuo was jealous in his heart.

Obviously Gu Beixian was her childhood sweetheart.

Gu Aoting also promised her that he would match her and Gu Beixian.

But seeing that hope is getting more and more slim, more and more hopeless.

Now, she doesn't have much hope for Gu Beixian, she just wants to break up the two of them.

She's not feeling well, and they can't even think about being comfortable!

Su Wei saw Chu Suosuolai standing there motionless, staring at her lower abdomen, her eyes were straight, with malicious intentions.

My heart is even more disturbed.

She said coldly: "I'll say it again, don't you understand people's language when you go out?"

But Chu Suosuo was unwilling to leave like this.

It was not easy to meet, the toilet was not monitored, and the bodyguards couldn't get in.

Such a good opportunity, if you don't do something, you will be sorry for the right time and place.

Chu Suosuo taunted and said: "You women from small households are so scheming. First, your grandmother, in order to prevent you from divorcing Beixian, was stuck to death. Now you are pregnant again, and you are tied up with your big belly. Brother Beixian. Tsk tsk, from old to young, your family has used all kinds of methods, it's really disgusting..."

The words are not finished yet.

Hearing a thud, Su Hua greeted him with a fist.

Chu Suosuo's head slammed into the wooden board of the toilet partition.

The pain made her eyes stare.

Half of my head is numb.

She was so angry that she raised her hand and drew it towards Su Hua's face.

Su Wei had expected it a long time ago, she tilted her head and avoided it easily.

She grabbed Chu Suosuo's collar and pushed her out of the partition.

A few days ago in Washington, she hasn't reported her revenge for pushing her into the water.

She came to ask for a beating by herself.

If you don't teach her a lesson, you will be sorry for such a good opportunity.

Mrs. Liu was squatting in the pit not far away, taking a tuba.

Hearing the movement, she wiped her butt in a hurry, ran out with her pants up, and asked, "Young Madam, do you want to help?"

Su Huaqing said coldly: "No, you go and lock the toilet door behind you, so that no one can come in. It's enough for me to clean her up by myself, lest she say that we bully the few with more."

Aunt Liu was puzzled, "But you're pregnant."

Su Wei pressed Chu Suosuo, who was twisting wildly, and said, "I'm pregnant, and I can beat her, don't worry."

"Then, that's fine."

Aunt Liu hesitated and walked to the door of the toilet, and locked the door behind her.

Su Wei pulled Chu Suosuo's hair and pushed her into the mop pool.

Chu Suosuo was so painful that he grabbed her wrist and kicked her, trying to make her let go.

But she is delicate and airy like a rich lady.

He opens his mouth when he eats food, and stretches out his hands when he wears clothes. He is not as tall as Su Hua, and he has never done physical work.

Where is Su Hua's opponent?

That day at the lotus pond in Washington, because Su Hua was a landlubber, she took advantage of it.

Come to the mop pool.

Su Hua took off Chu Suosuo's belt with one hand, and quickly tied her hands behind her waist, pinning them behind her waist.

Press her head directly and push her into the mop pool.

Chu Suosuo struggled desperately, "Let go of me! Let go of me quickly! You bitch!"

Su Wei didn't say a word, but pursed her lips tightly.

If she could use her hands, she would never be too lazy to move her mouth.

With a pop, Su Hua pressed Chu Suosuo's face onto the mop.

The mop is made of cotton, made of long strips, and it gets dirty no matter how you wash it.

Specially designed to mop the floor of the toilet.

A smell of fishy smell.

Chu Suosuo was about to faint.

Stomach turned upside down, and I wanted to vomit.

She has lived such a big life, has always been pampered, held in the palm of her family, and has never even touched a mop hair.

Where have you ever been insulted like this?

her delicate face.

The skin she maintained with expensive cosmetics.

Her exquisite facial features.

She is proud of her beauty.

Now clings tightly to this filthy mop.

The mop has been stained with the footprints of countless people, and even feces and urine!

She hates it!

I hate it so much that my blood flows backwards!

Everyone is going to explode!

She was furious, lowered her head, gritted her teeth and said ruthlessly: "Su Wei, if you don't let me go, I will kill you! I will personally send you to see your dead grandmother! Aren't you going to have a baby? Go to hell Lisheng! You pheasants born in slums are only worthy of living in hell!"

It turned out that Su Hua had vented her anger.

Already planning to let her go.

heard the words.

Su Wei's eyes suddenly turned cold, she grabbed Chu Suosuo's hair and pulled her up.

She raised her foot and kicked open the partition door of the toilet, and pushed Chu Suosuo's head into the pit.

Chu Suosuo's nose and face immediately touched the white porcelain surface of the crouching pit.

In that squatting pit, someone just urinated and didn't flush.

That urine got on Chu Suosuo's nose!

The strong urine smell and nausea made her vomit!

Spit up mountains and seas!



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