Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 106

A week later, Washington.

The golden sun shines in through the window.

Hua Tianshou sat in the spacious and elegant dining room, having breakfast with Di'e.

Hua Tianshou is an authentic old Kyoto native.

Breakfast is relatively heavy.

Love the big pork buns and haggis soup.

A bowl of hot haggis soup, served with bright red chili oil, sesame paste, minced garlic, and served with a few large pork buns just out of the pan.

It tastes like a fragrance.

Hua Tianshou ate two steamed buns one after another, picked up the third one, and ate it.

While eating, I suddenly felt that today's buns were greasy than usual.

Haggis soup is also the same, the more you drink, the more tired you get.

He complained, "Is today's breakfast bought from the store before? Why is it so greasy?"

"It's that one." Di'e pushed over a cup of red tea, "How many times have I told you that you can't eat too much greasy food when you're old, but you don't listen. Come, drink some flower and fruit tea to relieve the tiredness." Bar."

Hua Tianshou picked up his cup and took a sip.

It's sweet and sour, smells delicious, and it's quite delicious.

He asked curiously, "What kind of tea is this? Why is it so delicious?"

Di'e took a sip from the cup, chuckled, and said, "This is the flower fruit tea imported from Germany. Women love it the most. It's sweet and sour. It not only beautifies the skin, but also relieves gastrointestinal discomfort. I often drink it. Drink. Before Qirou was pregnant with severe morning sickness, I also like to drink this, it can relieve morning sickness."

Hua Tianshou heard the words "relieve morning sickness".

He thought of his lover Su Hua.

Since she was pregnant, she retched at every turn, and had to go to the bathroom to spit a few mouthfuls from time to time.

Drinking some of this sweet and sour fruit tea may relieve the pain.

The old man now regards Su Hua, this little apprentice, as his own granddaughter.

I think about her when I have good things.

After dinner.

Before leaving, Hua Tianshou took away the whole box of flower and fruit tea that Di'e put on the dining table.

Come to the store.

Wait for Su Hua to arrive.

Hua Tianshou handed her the box of tea, "This is a flower tea imported from Germany. It's sweet and sour. It's delicious. You little girls will definitely like it."

Su Wei naturally accepted Master's kindness.

Thank you sweetly.

She went upstairs with flower fruit tea and came to her workshop.

In the past few days, I have been learning to engrave seals with my master.

She took out the carbon steel knife and cinnabar stone used for engraving seals, and began to engrave.

Halfway through the engraving, I felt a little uncomfortable in my stomach.

It was cloudy, as if something was rushing upwards.

Since I was pregnant, there will be a few moments every day, bursts.

I went to the bathroom to vomit a few times, but didn't spit it out.

When she came out, she picked up the glass to pour a glass of water.

I caught a glimpse of the flower and fruit tea given by Master.

Master's good intentions cannot be let down.

Su Hua opened the outer package, and there were twenty small bags of flower and fruit tea inside.

Pack in a translucent plastic bag, sealed.

Scented tea is chopped, red and purple.

Through the translucent plastic bag, you can vaguely see dried red petals and dried strawberries.

She picked up a small packet and looked at the ingredient list specifically, which consisted of blueberries, roselle, strawberries, and black currants.

There is no taboo for pregnant women.

There is a matching wooden spoon and yellow rock sugar inside.

According to the instructions, Su Wei took two spoonfuls of flower fruit tea with a wooden spoon, added yellow rock sugar, and brewed it with boiling hot water.

As soon as the hot water is flushed, the aroma is overflowing.

Both fruity and floral.

It smells very good.

When the temperature of the hot water dropped, Su Hua took a sip.

Sweet and sour, really delicious.

After drinking it, the feeling of chaos in the stomach was relieved a lot.

She curled her lips into a smile.

I didn't expect the master to be quite old and careful.

She drank the glass.

I went to the bathroom and came back to continue engraving.

By the afternoon, she had had four drinks in total.

Back home at night.

while sleeping.

Su Hua felt her stomach slump and felt a little uncomfortable.

Since I was pregnant, my stomach often felt swollen. I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that everything was normal and it was a normal reaction during pregnancy.

She didn't take it seriously.

He fell asleep next to Gu Beixian.

Sleep until the middle of the night.

She woke up in pain.

My stomach was cold, swollen, and slumped down badly.

A burst of cramping came from the abdomen, as if someone was rubbing the tendons in the stomach with both hands, and the pain became more and more painful.

Even my waist and back were hurt.

Enduring the pain, she got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

As soon as the pajama pants were taken off, there were dark red blood stains inside, which were stretched like winding hair.

She was so frightened that her scalp went numb, and her face turned pale in an instant.

This is a sign of miscarriage!

Pulling up her pants in a hurry, Su Hua pushed open the bathroom door and ran out.

Three steps and two steps, ran to the bed.

She shook Gu Beixian's arm, "Blood! I'm bleeding!"

Her voice was trembling.

The fear of the unknown is infinitely magnified and magnified in the mind.

She is afraid of losing.

She was afraid that the child in her belly would leave her like brother A Yao, grandpa, and grandma.

She was terrified!


When she was ten years old, Brother A Yao died, leaving a scar the size of a bowl in her young heart.

Up to now, she is still immersed in that shadow, unable to extricate herself.

Often have nightmares.

I will never forget it in my life.

The death of grandpa and grandma made the scar that didn't grow bigger and bigger.

Once again, she didn't know if she could bear it.

Su Hua tightly grasped Gu Beixian's arm and shook it vigorously, "Wake up, wake up!"

Nails dug into his flesh through the clothes.

Gu Beixian suddenly opened his eyes, rolled over and sat up, grabbing her arm, "What did you say? Say it again!"

His handsome face was surprisingly gloomy.

The hand holding Su Hua's arm was very hard.

Su Hua's lips trembled, her face was pale, "I'm bleeding! This is a sign of miscarriage! Take me to the hospital!"

Gu Beixian's heart sank suddenly, and he could clearly feel his internal organs convulsing.

The muscles on his face were throbbing with pain.

Some kind of suppressed emotion is about to come out.

He lifted the quilt, jumped out of the bed, bent down to pick up Su Wei and left.

No slippers.

Wearing pajamas, he came to the first floor.

He stepped into his shoes with bare feet, grabbed the car keys with one free hand, opened the door, and strode out.

Along the way, he hugged her tightly.

He kept saying to her: "Hold on, let's go to the hospital, just go to the hospital. Su Wei, you must hold on, the child will be fine, it will be fine."

I don't know if it's to comfort her.

Still comfort myself.

He actually valued the child more than she did.

This is the only pivot that keeps her around.

He was afraid that this link would be broken.

would lose her.

Su Hua was so hurt that she couldn't speak, she just grabbed his clothes tightly.

The wind whistled in my ears.

He runs too fast.

No matter how thin she was, she still weighed eighty or ninety catties, but he held her, strode like flying, and ran so fast. New Pen Fun Pavilion

It is faster than ordinary people.

Come to the underground parking lot.

He opened the car door, put her in, and pulled the safety belt to fasten her.

Hastily shut the door.

He went around to the cab and started the car.

Drive the car out of the underground parking lot.

Drive to the hospital.

Along the way, he drove the car like lightning.

Su Wei squeezed her sweat secretly, and kept saying to him: "Drive slowly, drive slowly, safety is the most important thing."

But how could Gu Beixian listen to it?

He raced against time, just wanting to send Su Hua to the hospital quickly.

All he knew was that he couldn't live without this child.

Can't live without Su Hua.

Fortunately, it was late at night and there were very few vehicles on the road.

It took 40 minutes by car and arrived in 20 minutes.

After pulling the car to the side of the road, he opened the door, picked up Su Hua, and ran towards the emergency building.

Came to the gynecological emergency department.

"Doctor! Doctor!" He hugged Su Wei and shouted at the doctor.

Changed from his usual demeanor and calmness.

He panicked.

Panic like never before.

Doctors and nurses rushed over quickly.

Su Hua was put on the operating trolley and pushed into the operating room.

She was lying on the white sheets, her little face was so pale that there was no blood, and the bean-sized cold sweat kept breaking out.

The long hair on the forehead was soaked with cold sweat, hanging down in strands.

Like a withered crane struggling in the wind and snow.

Very thin.

Seeing her weak and haggard appearance, Gu Beixian's heart ached beyond words.

The operating door is closed from the inside.

His Su Hua was gone.

Gu Beixian's anxious eyes suddenly turned cold.

He picked up his phone, found Hua Tianshou's number, and dialed it.


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