Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 108

"Okay, I promise you." Gu Beixian's dark and deep eyes fixed on Su Wei quietly.

He said firmly and gently, "You must be strong and work hard to hold on."

Just a few words, hidden below are thousands of words and extremely distressed.

Su Hua grabbed the operating table with her fingers, bit her lip, and nodded to him.

She was obviously thin and fragile, but she pretended to be strong, which made Gu Beixian feel even more distressed.

He gave her a fixed look.

It is a deep look.

That glance seemed to put all hope on her.

After a glance, he resolutely opened the door and walked out.

I'm afraid that if I stay any longer, I won't want to leave.

after coming out.

Take off the gown.

Gu Beixian called his assistant and asked, "When will the results of the police investigation come out?"

The assistant raised his wrist and looked at the watch, then looked at the busy policemen in the room, and said, "We need to wait for the shop assistants to come over and check the footprints and fingerprints one by one. The cup used by the young lady must be taken back for testing. Probably tomorrow morning at the earliest."

"Give your phone to Captain Ke."

"Okay, Mr. Gu."

"Captain Ke." The assistant called out to Ke Bei, and handed him the phone, "We, Mr. Gu, are looking for you and have something to tell you."

Ke Bei took the phone and greeted politely: "Mr. Gu, hello."

Gu Beixian cut to the chase and said, "My wife told me just now that she drank the problematic flower and fruit tea. You can start the investigation from the tea. The suspects are Chu Suosuo, Hua Qirou, and Gu Aoting. Please send someone overnight , find these people and ask them to cooperate with the investigation.”

The assistant stood nearby and heard it.

Couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat.

This is righteous killing relatives.

Even his own father pushed it out.

Ke Bei also thought he heard it wrong, so he repeated, "The suspects are Chu Suosuo, Hua Qirou, and Gu Aoting, right?"

Gu Beixian replied: "Yes."

Ke Bei had some scruples, "But the relationship between Gu Aoting and Mr. Gu is unusual."

Gu Beixian said coldly, "The law is fair and just. If he didn't do anything, you would naturally clear him up, wouldn't you?"

Ke Bei was speechless.

After a few seconds, he replied: "That's right."

After hanging up the phone.

Ke Bei pointed to the box of flower and fruit tea on the table, and told his assistant: "Pack up this box of tea, and send someone back to the bureau for testing immediately, and get the result as soon as possible."

"Okay, Team Ke." The assistant packed the unpacked flower and fruit tea in a sealed bag.

Someone was sent to send it back to the bureau overnight.

Hua Tianshou stood not far away.

I heard Ke Bei say "Flower Fruit Tea".

Trembling in his heart, he hurried over and asked, "Comrade police officer, did you just hear about flower and fruit tea?"

Ke Bei nodded slightly, "Mr. Gu just called and said that Su Wei suspects that there is something wrong with the fruit tea."

Upon hearing this.

Hua Tianshou's face suddenly wrinkled like a bitter gourd, "I gave her the fruit tea, if you want to know anything, just ask me."

Ke Bei made a pause gesture, "Wait a minute, I have more important things to deal with urgently."

He went to the trash can to find the leftover residue of flower fruit tea.

It was found that the garbage bag was newly replaced.

I went to the pantry again, and the garbage there was also dumped.

Ke Bei came out in a hurry and asked Hua Tianshou: "Who is responsible for taking out the garbage in your shop? What time do you take it out?"

Hua Tianshou said truthfully: "The cleaning is responsible, there are two of them. They usually fall at six or seven o'clock."

Ke Bei looked at his watch again, "Where is the garbage dumped? Take me to find it."

Hua Tianshou didn't dare to neglect, "Okay, I'll take you there now."

Leave two teammates watching the scene.

Ke Bei led the other teammates, led by Hua Tianshou, to the public garbage pool outside the shopping mall.

It's three or four o'clock in the morning.

The garbage truck will come to collect garbage at six or seven in the morning.

They had to hurry up and find the flower fruit tea residue that Su Hua had thrown away.

Surveillance is destroyed.

Garbage is thrown out.

Then, the residue of the flower fruit tea is the most important clue to solve the case.

Ke Bei put on a mask and gloves and rummaged through the trash can.

Several people endured the stench of garbage and raced against time to find it.

Finally, before the garbage truck drove over, I found the garbage bag containing the residue of flower fruit tea.

Fortunately, there are not many things inside.

In addition to waste paper, there is a pile of red and purple tea dregs.

Ke Bei picked out the waste paper and handed the tea dregs to his assistant, "Take it for testing immediately, and get the results as soon as possible before noon."

"Okay, Team Ke."

On the way back to the store.

Hua Tianshou explained all the ins and outs of the flower and fruit tea to Ke Bei.

Ke Bei wrote down one by one.

Go back and wait for the test results to come out before arranging the next step of the investigation.

Because of this kind of incident, Tianshou Pavilion will be sealed up for a few days.

Normal business can only be resumed after the case comes to light.

After the police inspected the scene, they left.

Hua Tianshou got into the car and went home.

After tossing and not sleeping for most of the night, his face was very ugly.

As soon as you enter the door.

Di'e came up to meet him, bent down to change the slippers for him, and said, "Old man, you are back."

A pair of eyes, but observed his face without any trace.

Without saying a word, Hua Tianshou held onto the shoe cabinet and changed into slippers.

Di'e pretended to be calm and asked: "Old man, what are you busy with? You have been busy for a long time before you come back. I told you a long time ago, just let the guy go, but you will not listen. You are so old , What are you doing with them? If I get tired, I will feel bad."

Hua Tianshou remained silent and walked straight towards the water dispenser.

The more he is like this.

Di'e felt more guilty.

She followed up, helped him pick up the cup, and asked, "Old man, do you want some water?"

Hua Tianshou responded.

Di'e turned on the switch of the water dispenser, "The water is cold, it will boil for a while."

Hua Tianshou said sullenly, "Just drink it cold."

"Okay." Di'e bent down to take a glass of cold purified water and handed it to Hua Tianshou.

Hua Tianshou reached out to take it, and suddenly raised his hand.

Splashed water on Di'e's face.

Di'e was taken aback, raised her hand to wipe the water off her face, and said angrily and aggrieved: "Old man, why did you pour water on me?"

Hua Tianshou grabbed her by the collar and pushed her back hard.

Unprepared, Di'e bumped her back against the wine cabinet.

She grinned in pain.

She was even more aggrieved, "Killing is nothing more than nodding, for no reason, why are you pushing me?"

Hua Tianshou frowned and looked at her, "You ruined the surveillance in the store, right?"

Di'e was taken aback.

Soon, she burst out laughing.

Leaning back lazily on the wine cabinet.

Playing casually with a strand of hair that hangs down.

She said lazily, "Old man, what are you talking nonsense with me? I don't know what surveillance."

Hua Tianshou sneered, "Yesterday morning, the steamed stuffed bun and haggis soup I ate, you made it greasy on purpose, right?"

Di'e quibbled: "I don't have it, I'm free."

Hua Tianshou ignored her, and continued: "You deliberately mentioned that Qirou was pregnant, drinking flower and fruit tea can stop morning sickness, and you deliberately put that box of tea in a conspicuous place on the dining table. Just to use my hand to get rid of Su Wei The child in your belly, right? Di'e, your trick of borrowing a knife to kill people is really calculating! I really misjudged you before!"

Di'e's well-maintained face changed slightly.


She quickly returned to normal, and said with a smile: "Old man, you need evidence for everything. Without evidence, you can't slander me with red lips and white teeth."

Hua Tianshou said word by word: "Don't worry, the police have already intervened in the investigation, and the evidence will come out soon."

Di'e's eyelids drooped and she remained silent for a long time.

But the nails made deep marks on the flesh of the palm.


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