Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 110

Su Hua was in a deep sleep, so of course she couldn't hear it.

Gu Beixian got up, strode out with a pair of long legs.

Close the door.

He told the two bodyguards at the door: "Keep an eye on Su Wei, if she loses a hair, I'll take you as a questioner."

Since the Longyao Village incident.

The bodyguards no longer dared to be negligent, and quickly said in unison: "Please rest assured, Mr. Gu."

Gu Beixian left the hospital.

Take the assistant to Washington.

On the way to Washington, he discussed the countermeasures with Ke Bei.

When passing the Chu Group.

He called Chu Suosuo.

Chu Suosuo knew that the situation was not good, but he was afraid of Gu Beixian and dared not cooperate.

A group of people drove to Washington in a mighty way.

Once inside the gate.

He saw Di'e kneeling on the ground, holding Hua Tianshou's leg and crying loudly.

She cried and shouted: "Old man, I have been with you for more than forty years, and I have given birth to children for you. There is no credit but hard work. You kicked me out just because of such a small thing? You are too It's fickle."

Hua Tianshou raised his head high, not looking at her.

Ke Bei has already called and told him the results of the test, including the confession of Baojie.

Things turned out as he expected.

He was immediately disappointed in Di'e.

The woman who has been with her for more than forty years still has such a face.

Angry and disappointed, he said nothing.

With him like this, Di'e thought there was room for relaxation, so she cried even louder.

She comes from singing background.

Born with a good voice.

Although he is getting older now, his voice is not much different from when he was young.

It's such a sad and bitter cry.

Looking at her crying, she seems to be more wronged than Dou E.

Di'e cried sadly and said: "Old man, don't drive me away, okay? I can't bear to part with you, we have such a deep relationship."

Hua Tianshou lost patience.

He glared at her angrily, "That little girl, Su Hua, paid a sky-high tuition fee, and learned crafts from me. Others only learned a little in three years, and she graduated in three months. She is now in the store, giving her money for free. I help, but I don’t take a cent of my salary. You are so lucky, you actually gave someone saffron and wanted to abort her child! This little girl has been married to Gu Beixian for more than three years, and she finally got pregnant, and it was her first child. If this child It's aborted, and it's hard to say if you want to conceive again in the future. You are also a grandmother, why are you so cruel?"

Di'e complained: "You took the flower and fruit tea yourself, no wonder I."

As soon as this was mentioned, Hua Tianshou became angry.

Almost suffocated.

He is astute. ŴŴŴ.

I didn't expect that I was in my eighties, but I was tricked by the person next to my pillow.

The flower and fruit tea was handed over to Su Hua by himself.

How should he face her in the future?

Thinking of it, he almost killed her child with his own hands.

He was too guilty to lift his head.

Ashamed as hell.

He had never done such a dirty thing in his life.

The more Hua Tianshou thought about it, the angrier he became, he raised his foot suddenly and kicked Di'e to the ground.

"Old man, you hit me? You hit me?" Di'e couldn't believe it.

She lay on the ground clutching her chest, tears welling in her eye sockets, the eye sockets were red, and even the tip of her nose was red.

I grew up in a troupe from an early age.

She is good at crying scenes and so on.

Crying so miserable and pitiful.

Seeing the servants next to him, their hearts softened.

It's a pity that Hua Tianshou was so angry that no matter how much she cried, she wouldn't buy it.

"I have never hit a woman in my life, but you are so hateful!" Hua Tianshou dropped these words.

He flicked his sleeves and walked away angrily.

"Old man, wait for me, wait for me!" Di'e struggled to get up from the ground, and was about to chase.


Gu Beixian, who had been indifferent all this time, turned his head to look at Chu Suosuo beside him, "On the way here, I told you how to do it, remember it?"

Chu Suosuo was very embarrassed, "But she is my own grandmother, so I can't do anything."

"The police have made a thorough investigation, the physical evidence has been found, your grandfather has also confessed to the police, and the cleaning of Tianshou Pavilion has also been recruited. There are all witnesses and physical evidence. Your grandmother designed to plant saffron on Su Hua, which is murder. Arrested in prison, At least three years in prison."

Chu Suosuo choked up, "I don't want grandma to go to jail. Brother Beixian, please, don't sue her, okay?"

Gu Beixian pursed his lips, "Then you do what I just said, otherwise, your grandma will have to go to jail. You can either suffer some physical injuries or go to jail, you choose one."

Chu Suosuo was fighting hard in his heart.

I don't want to choose either.

After all, grandma wanted to vent her anger.

She was about to get tangled up.

However, she has no right not to choose.

for a long time.

Chu Suosuo took a deep breath, and reluctantly said, "Okay then."

Gu Beixian's brows and eyes were indifferent, "Then do as we agreed in advance."

"Okay, Brother Beixian."

Chu Suosuo walked a few steps quickly, caught up with Di'e, suddenly raised his hand, and slapped her across the face.

Di'e was stunned by this slap.

Covering her hot face, she asked incredulously, "Suosuo, why did you hit me?"

With tears in his eyes, Chu Suo said, "Grandma, I'm sorry. Brother Beixian said, if I do this, they won't sue you. If they don't sue you, you won't have to go to jail. Grandma, I'm doing it for your own good too." .”

Di'e was about to speak.

Chu Suosuo slapped him again.

On the way here, Gu Beixian told her to hit her hard, otherwise she wouldn't count.

He was standing by the side, she didn't dare to lie.

One side of Di'e was swollen from the beating, and her teeth were sore from the pain.

She ran away.

Several bodyguards that Gu Beixian brought with him strode forward, blocking her way.

Di'e shouted to the servants at home: "Come here, come and help me!"

But the servants at home saw her being beaten by Hua Tianshou.

No one dared to offend Hua Tianshou.

No one came forward to help.

"Grandma, just cooperate with me." Chu Suosuo stepped forward and slapped him again.

The bodyguard stepped forward, left and right, and helped Di'e stand up.

It is convenient for Chu Suosuo to beat her.

While smacking her face, Chu Suosuo kept crying and said, "I'm sorry, grandma, I'm sorry. You listen to me, and now you suffer a little bit of flesh and blood, so you don't have to go to jail."

She shot left and right, making Di'e's face look like a spinning top, turning back and forth non-stop.

Just like that, Gu Beixian was still not satisfied.

He stood not far away, watched with cold eyes, and reminded indifferently: "Miss Chu, you hit too lightly, are you tickling your grandma? This is not allowed, we must do what we said in advance, It counts."

Chu Suosuo gritted his teeth, bent his fingers, and scratched hard at Di'e's left face.

She had manicure on her nails, and her fingertips were extremely sharp.

This catch.

Di'e's face was covered with blood immediately.

Five bright red finger prints, bloody.

Di'e was in so much pain that she couldn't take it easy for a long time.

She grabbed Chu Suosuo's hand and said sharply, "Are you crazy? Why are you scratching my face?"

"Grandma, forgive me. I also want to protect you. I really do it for your own good. You have to understand me." As he spoke, Chu Suosuo grabbed his other hand.

Even more ruthless than before.

It hurts Di'e to death.

She has loved beauty since she was a child.

Since marrying Hua Tianshou, she usually does nothing.

Soaking in the beauty parlor all day, maintaining a white skin so that its charm still exists.

A man in his sixties who looks a decade younger than his actual age.

The face is white and tender, and there are not many wrinkles.

But today, this expensive face was ruined by Chu Suosuo.

The cheeks on the left and right were hot. She raised her hand to touch it, and there was blood on her hand.

She was so angry that she couldn't take it anymore, she broke free from the restraints of the bodyguards, and pushed Chu Suosuo away.

thump, thump, step back.

Chu Suosuo was wearing stilettos and was pushed like this by her.

Plop fell to the ground.

His body fell backwards.

What a coincidence.

There is a huge pot of prickly pear in the back.


A scream broke through the sky!

Chu Suosuo almost fainted from the pain!

Xia Tian wore thin clothes, and her entire back was pierced by the sharp thorns.

The thorn was too sharp and too hard, as if piercing her body, her soul.

The severe pain like a thousand arrows piercing the heart!


At this time, a sharp police car sounded outside the door.

A sound like a sound.

Just a few minutes.

The police car suddenly stopped at the gate of Washington.

Ke Bei was dressed in a police uniform and rushed in with a group of heavily armed policemen.

Seeing them, Di'e panicked!

Changing his usual composure, he sprang up like a headless fly.

Chu Suosuo panicked too!

Enduring the severe pain, she got up, ran to Gu Beixian, and grabbed his arm, "Brother Beixian, you promised me. You promised me that you wouldn't arrest my grandma, how could you keep your word? "

Gu Beixian shook her hand away in disgust.

Dust off the dust that wasn't there.

He said casually: "Credit is for people, are you?"

He said contemptuously, "You are not."

After saying this, he turned around and left.

Chu Suosuo was stunned.

After a while.

She screamed shrillly from behind, "Brother Beixian, you're playing tricks on me!"

Gu Beixian hooked his lips.

That smile is beautiful, but extremely cold.

Like snow on the top of a mountain, and like extremely cold ice.

When passing by Ke Bei, Gu Beixian said lightly: "Catch people, Team Ke."


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