Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 93

Su Qing left Su's house, braving the heavy rain, she called An Ruo.

When An Ruo came by car, she saw Su Qing sitting on the side of the road, not taking shelter from the rain.

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An Ruo ran over with an umbrella, and the water splashed high.

Su Qing raised her head and smiled at An Ruo. Many years later, An Ruo still complained about her, not to mention how embarrassed she looked at that time.

The washing of the rain made Su Qing sober up a lot.

After getting in the car, An Ruo hurriedly found another dry towel for her: "Dry your hair first, and be careful not to catch a cold."

An Ruo seems to be in a hurry, but she is actually very careful.

"My Ruoruo is too caring." Su Qing smiled, stretched out her hand to hook An Ruo's chin, and said teasingly, "Let me sleep at your place tonight."

"That must be." An Ruo didn't ask Su Qing what happened.

An Ruo owns a house outside, and occasionally goes to live there.

Su Qing took a hot bath to dispel the cold, and felt much better. After coming out of the bathroom, An Ruo cooked ginger soup.

"Drink a bowl of this." An Ruo sat down and said, "Su Qing, you just sat there in the rain, so scary."

Su Qing smiled at An Ruo: "Sorry, I made you worry."

Taking a long breath, Su Qing looked at the heavy rain outside the window: "Roruo, just now, I have figured out a lot of things. Being a good person will be bullied by others."

An Ruo hurriedly asked: "Is there something wrong with Su Xue and Qin Suqin's mother and daughter?"

Su Qing shook her head, pondered for a moment and said, "My child is still alive. Just now, my dad finally admitted it, and it's still two fraternal twin sons."

"What?" An Ruo was shocked: "Su Qing, where is that child?"

"Baby Angel Welfare Institute." Su Qing resisted the mood of wanting to see the children immediately, and said, "I will go find them when the rain stops."

One night also made her mentally prepared.

"Su Qing, you mean to bring the child back?" An Ruo hesitated to speak: "How will you explain to Lu Rongyuan then? My girlfriend suddenly has two children, so it will be more difficult for you to get back together Is it? The disparity is too great, I worry..."

"Ruo Ruo, even without these two children, there is a huge difference between me and Lu Rongyuan. He is not an online car-hailing driver at all, but the head of the Lu family, Lu Rongyuan."

Su Qing did not tell An Ruo about this before.

An Ruo was stunned again.

Two bombs were dropped in a row in one night, and An Ruo was confused by the bombs.

"Lu Rongyuan is Lu, young master Lu?" An Ruo stammered a little: "Su Qing, you actually fell in love with young master Lu, isn't that right, isn't he crippled? Is his face disfigured? Oh, I get it, he's just pretending Yes, but why is he pretending, is it to test you?"

With An Ruo's head, how could he expect such conspiracies and schemes of family infighting.

Su Qing held ginger soup and sat cross-legged on the sofa: "Ruoruo, this is a secret, you keep it a secret for me for now, Lu Rongyuan has his own plan."

"Don't worry, I have a very tight mouth." An Ruo knows what to say and what not to say: "But Su Qing, if you want to get the child back, can Young Master Lu agree? He didn't even want his life before To save you, I must be sincere to you."

Su Qing was silent, that's why she didn't agree with Lu Rongyuan to get back together.

"Su Qing, what's on your mind? Do you love Lu Rongyuan?" An Ruo looked curious.

Su Qing poked An Ruo's forehead with her hand, raised her lips and smiled: "Why are you talking for him today? Did he do you good?"

"Lu Rongyuan, that's a diamond-level man. It's okay to live with a limp before, but now that he is a handsome and outstanding man, he must hold on to him. You are stupid." An Ruo gave Su Qing a white look: "Hold Lu Rongyuan's thigh, then you're still walking sideways in the imperial capital."

Su Qing couldn't laugh or cry: "The one walking sideways is a crab."

"I'm telling you seriously, no hippie smiles are allowed." Little Princess An Ruo was angry.

Su Qing laughed and said, "You really look like Xiaobao when you are angry."

An Ruo retorted: "My face is not as fleshy as Xiao Bao's."

Su Qing stood up, holding the cup and walked to the window, looking at the rain outside the window and herself reflected in the mirror.

An Ruo quietly turned on the recording function of the phone and hid behind her back.

"I can't deny that I like Lu Rongyuan. Every time he appears, I feel like spring has come suddenly, very warm." Su Qing recalled Lu Rongyuan, the corners of her mouth rose slightly unconsciously: "My past can't be changed, If he is really willing to accept my past, then I will gamble once, without fear of winning or losing."

"This is the Su Qing I know." An Ruo took the phone and approached a little closer: "Then what will you do to believe that he is really willing?"

Su Qing shook her head: "I really don't know, just let nature take its course."

The word "willing" has never been spoken.

Su Qing is now in the stage of low self-esteem and sensitivity, even if Lu Rongyuan said she was willing, she would still hesitate.

"It's late, Su Qing, you should go to rest first." An Ruo said with a smile: "Tomorrow I will accompany you to the orphanage."

"Okay." Su Qing was really tired.

Seeing Su Qing go to the room to rest, An Ruo took out her mobile phone and saved the recording just now.

Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan had a good relationship, she would never let them break up.

She must find a way to bring the two together again.

the next day.

At dawn, Su Qing woke up.

She can't wait to go to the orphanage to meet her children.

On the way there, An Ruo yawned and asked, "Su Qing, those two children are over four years old, and they definitely don't know you when they see you. Are you mentally prepared?"

"a little nervous."

But it couldn't stop her from wanting to find her child.

But when she arrived at the orphanage, Su Qing was a little dumbfounded.

The Angel Baby Welfare Home is being demolished.

Su Qing was in a hurry. She got out of the car and rushed in, grabbed a big brother who was under construction and asked, "Where are the children here? Why do you want to demolish the orphanage?"

"A shopping mall will be built here in the future. As for those children, I don't know."

Su Qing found the former dean of the orphanage, only to find out that the orphanage had transferred all the children to other orphanages three months ago.

This piece of land was taken by the developer to build a shopping mall, and it just so happened that this was a project under the Lu Group.

Su Qing asked urgently: "Dean, I want to ask, did your orphanage adopt a pair of fraternal twin boys four years ago? Where are the children now?"

Dean Li is a middle-aged man. When he heard that he was looking for the pair of children, a guilty conscience flickered in his eyes under the lens.

"What twin boys, no, miss, are you mistaken?"

Those boys were thrown at the entrance of the orphanage back then. After all these years, no one came to look for them. Why did they suddenly come today?

"Why not? If you think about it carefully, there must have been four years ago." Su Qing lost control of her emotions. Could it be that Su De'an lied to her?

Dean Li pretended to think for a while, and slapped his forehead: "I remembered, there was a couple, but they were adopted away a few days after arriving at the orphanage. It took a long time, and there are too many children coming and going in the orphanage." Yes, I almost forgot about it for a while.”

Su Qing was overjoyed: "Is there any contact information for the adopter?"

"It's gone. The records of those children four years ago were all burned by a fire."

This is true, and the culprit who caused the fire was the pair of fraternal twin brothers.


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