Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 94

I just had a clue, and it was broken again.

Su Qing sat back in the car in a daze, and An Ruo didn't know how to comfort her.

"Su Qing, maybe this is God's will. Don't be discouraged. As long as people are still alive, they will always be found."

Su Qing let out a long breath of foul air, feeling an indescribable sense of loss and relaxation in her heart.

Perhaps, this is really God's will.

Su Qing's cell phone rang at this moment, and it was Liu Jie who called: "Su Qing, why haven't you come to work yet? The meeting is half an hour away, and I'm waiting for the information in your hand."

Only then did Su Qing remember, and apologized, "Manager Liu, I'm coming right away, I'm really sorry."

After hanging up the phone, Su Qing didn't care about finding the child anymore, and said to An Ruo, "Ruo Ruo, take me to the headquarters of the Lu Group."

How could she forget such an important thing.

"Okay." An Ruo also heard the phone call and said, "It will take half an hour at most to get to the company here, so I won't be late."

There is no doubt about An Ruo's driving skills.

When Su Qing returned to work, her whole person became different.

When she arrived at the company, Su Qing hurriedly went to take the elevator, just in time to meet Wan Yang who came out of the president's special elevator.

"Miss Su, what are you doing in such a hurry?" Wan Yang was curious.

"There are still three minutes to go to the meeting, and the materials are still in my computer." Su Qing ran over as soon as she got out of the car, panting.

Wan Yang said with a smile: "The meeting has been postponed for twenty minutes. You don't have to be in such a hurry. By the way, take this elevator. It's direct, and you don't need to stop halfway."

Su Qing also took the president's special elevator once, and she doesn't mind taking it a second time.

"Thank you, Mr. Wan."

Even if the meeting was postponed for twenty minutes, Su Qing was still in a hurry, and she had to do some preparations.

Su Qing took the elevator up, and Wan Yang dialed Lu Rongyuan's phone number: "I just met Ms. Su, she came to the company in a hurry to rush for a meeting, and I told her that the meeting was delayed for 20 minutes..."

CEO's office.

After Lu Rongyuan hung up the phone, he said to the secretary beside him, "Emily, the meeting is delayed by 20 minutes."

"Yes." Emily immediately went to inform.


Su Qing hurried to her seat, took a sip of water, turned on the computer, and quickly sorted out the information.

Liu Jie came over: "Su Qing, don't worry too much. The meeting has been postponed for 20 minutes and starts at 10:30."

"Okay, I see." Su Qing smiled apologetically: "Manager Liu, I'm sorry to cause you trouble."

"What's the matter, next time you have something to do, please tell me in advance, or send me the information in advance."


After Su Qing sorted out the materials, she followed Liu Jie into the conference room, and the company's senior management also came in one after another.

The father and son Lu Chengjun and Lu Zhanyuan also came, followed by Lu Xingnan.

It seems that today is really not an ordinary meeting.

Su Qing sat in the last row, she was relatively small and transparent, but she could still feel that there were eyes on her, which made people very uncomfortable.

It was Lu Chengjun's gaze.

Su Qing directly met Lu Chengjun's gaze, frank and open, neither humble nor overbearing.

Lu Chengjun smiled at Su Qing and nodded, as if the two had a good relationship.

Su Qing withdrew her gaze, her expression indifferent.

Sitting on the left side, Lu Xingnan looked at Su Qing, then at Lu Chengjun, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

People are basically here, only the first place is empty.

Lu Rongyuan hasn't come yet.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open again.

Emily pushed Lu Rongyuan in and walked in, and the atmosphere in the entire conference room became very heavy instantly.

Invisibly, people can't breathe.

Lu Rongyuan glanced coldly at everyone present, and said in a cold voice, "Let's get started."

Following Lu Rongyuan's order, the director of the sales department immediately stepped onto the stage and began to report on the Jinshuiwan project.

"The first round of the Jinshuiwan project has ended, and the second round will start..."

Su Qing was a little distracted as she listened. Although the temperature of the air conditioner in the office was not low, she felt very cold, and her hands and feet were a little weak.

Su Qing clenched her fists tightly, trying to resist the discomfort in her body.

"Su Qing, let you report to our group."

"Okay." Su Qing settled down and walked onto the stage.

Standing under the projector, Su Qing glanced at Lu Rongyuan across the conference table.

Due to the lighting, she couldn't see whether the eyes under his mask were also looking at her.

Su Qing took a deep breath, quickly entered the state, and began to report.

Su Qing on the stage showed confidence and calmness in her gestures, as well as a charm that made people unable to take their eyes off.

Lu Rongyuan crossed his hands, rubbing his thumbs lightly back and forth, his eyes fell on Su Qing, and he never moved away.

Under the mask, the thin lips curved slightly.

Su Qing can switch between several languages freely, and her clear and beautiful voice is very comfortable to listen to.

Lu Xingnan looked at Su Qing on the stage, his eyes darkened. She was the brightest star in the sky, but he was not her starry sky.

Lu Chengjun and Lu Zhanyuan and his son secretly exchanged glances. When Su Qing finished reporting, Lu Chengjun applauded and cheered: "Miss Su is really good."

Then, after looking at each other, the others applauded, nodded with a smile, and praised, "It's really good."

Lu Chengjun deliberately praised Su Qing, making others think that Su Qing belonged to him.

Su Qing glanced at Lu Chengjun, then smiled politely at everyone, bowed to the audience and walked down.

Lu Rongyuan's long and narrow eyes narrowed deeply, and Lu Chengjun spoke again: "Brother, there is no problem with the Jinshuiwan project. With the leadership of Big Brother, everyone can rest assured."

Lu Rongyuan twitched the corner of his mouth, with a bit of coolness: "How is the project in the western suburbs in the hands of Vice President Lu?"

Lu Chengjun: "The construction team is dismantling it. Once the orphanage is demolished, construction can start immediately."

Su Qing's heart tightened. Is the Angel Baby Welfare Institute a project in Lu Chengjun's hands?

Lu Xingnan opened his mouth under Lu Rongyuan's signal: "Second brother is really resolute. I heard that there are many seriously ill children in the orphanage. I wonder how second brother arranges it?"

"Third brother, don't worry about this. Every child has been properly arranged, and all sick children have been sent to the hospital for treatment." Lu Chengjun smiled and looked at Lu Rongyuan: "Brother, I think we should pay for the treatment expenses of these children." Out of..."

This is using the company's money to do good deeds for Lu Chengjun alone. The company paid for it, but Lu Chengjun got the reputation.

What a calculation.

Lu Rongyuan said calmly: "Vice President Lu is willing to use money to help those children, it's really touching."

Lu Xingnan echoed with a smile: "I heard that my second brother has done a lot of good deeds over the years. I have given some money to help the children. My second brother is willing to do so. I will thank the second brother on behalf of the children in the orphanage."

Lu Chengjun couldn't get off the stage after being sung by the two of them.

Su Qing felt that her body was hot and cold, and she was very uncomfortable. She greeted Liu Jie in a low voice, and went out through the back door first.

Su Qing went directly to the bathroom, and felt pain as soon as her hands touched the water.

Head hurts too.


Suddenly a mellow voice came from behind.

Su Qing saw clearly that it was Lu Rongyuan, and was very surprised: "Aren't you in a meeting? This is the women's restroom."

"I stopped the meeting." Lu Rongyuan touched Su Qing's forehead, and his expression became serious: "I have a fever."

Lu Rongyuan noticed Su Qing's departure just now, and immediately stopped the meeting.

"Maybe it was rained last night." Su Qing's head was indeed dizzy.

Every time she has a fever, her whole body hurts.

"I'll take you to rest."

Lu Rongyuan picked him up and was about to go out when suddenly there were footsteps coming this way.

Su Qing panicked, she was not afraid that others would catch her in the bathroom with Lu Rongyuan, but she was worried that Lu Rongyuan's fake leg would be exposed.

Su Qing pointed to the cubicle and lowered her voice: "Go inside and hide first."

Su Qing's original intention was to let Lu Rongyuan hide for a while, but unexpectedly, Lu Rongyuan hid in with her in his arms, and was still sitting on the toilet.

Lu Rongyuan sat on the toilet with her in his arms?

Su Qing never dared to imagine this scene before.

The two squeezed in together, and suddenly, Su Qing felt that the cubicle was so small that there was no place for her to stand when she wanted to get down.

Su Qing shivered from the cold, Lu Rongyuan's arms were so warm that she sank for a moment.

At this moment, the voice of a colleague came from outside the cubicle.

"You said Deputy Lu has always taken a fancy to Su Qing?"


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