Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 95

Company gossip spreads really fast.

Lu Chengjun just praised her in the meeting room, but he was immediately said to have taken a fancy to her.

Su Qing subconsciously glanced at Lu Rongyuan's face, but he was wearing a mask, so he couldn't see at all.

The voice from outside came again.

"It's not impossible. Su Qing is the goddaughter of Li Kuihua and President Li. With her status and background, plus she's pretty, there's no guarantee that Vice President Lu will really like her."

"She is really lucky. Some time ago, there was a man who sent flowers to the company every day, and now he hooked up with Vice President Lu, tsk tsk."

"He's so clever, can the man who sent the flowers compare with our Vice President Lu?"

"What is a man who delivers flowers? You don't know that Su Qing had a boyfriend before. After she came to our headquarters, she kicked him out."

"No, it's true or false."

"I have a friend in the subsidiary company. She told me that Su Qing is innocent on the surface, but behind her back, she is actually a Neptune."

Someone asked: "What is Neptune?"

"You don't even know this, it's just fake innocence, with countless spare tires."

Several people laughed: "It's no wonder that the tactics are so powerful that even Vice President Lu can hook up. If he really hooks up with Vice President Lu, then the spare tire will definitely not be taken."

"Who makes people look beautiful, and men are a lowly species. Several men in our department like her."

The more these people talked, the more miserable they became. Su Qing always thought that she was popular in the company, but only now did she realize that beauty is the original sin.

The sound outside stopped and the footsteps gradually faded away, only then did Su Qing realize that she was still in Lu Rongyuan's arms.

"Lu Rong..."

Su Qing raised her eyes, met Lu Rongyuan's deep eyes, and swallowed back the words that followed.

"Aren't I more attractive than Lu Chengjun?" Lu Rongyuan hummed, raised his hand to touch Su Qing's waistline: "Qingqing, I want to hide you."

Su Qing's waist was itchy, and she couldn't help moaning: "Don't make trouble."

Is Lu Rongyuan angry that he didn't become the leading actor in the scandal?

Also, as smart as Lu Rongyuan, how can he not see through Lu Chengjun's tricks.

In the narrow cubicle, Su Qing felt a little stuffy and her cheeks were hot. She didn't know if it was shyness or fever.

Su Qing went from cold to hot, but her body was burning hot. Lu Rongyuan didn't bother her anymore, and took the elevator directly to the underground parking lot with her in her arms, and brought her back to Nanshan Villa.

Su Qing took the antipyretics given by Che Chengjun, but she was still crying and shivering in bed.

Lu Rongyuan took off his clothes, lifted the quilt and went in, and hugged Su Qing into his arms: "Sleep well and you'll be fine."

Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan's strong and generous chest, blinked and asked, "Are you sure you want me to sleep well?"

There is not a trace of fat on Lu Rongyuan's body, every muscle is just right, full of strength, Su Qing is a normal woman, if she has no evil intentions, she will be sorry for Lu Rongyuan's muscles.

Lu Rongyuan smiled dotingly, kissed her forehead, and said in a hoarse voice, "Hey, I'll eat it for you when the fever subsides."

Su Qing: "..."

Perhaps it was because of illness, Su Qing's psychological defenses also relaxed, and she became a little more feminine. She put her hand on Lu Rongyuan's chest, stroking it intentionally or unintentionally, and closed her eyes: "It feels so good."

Su Qing's hands were a little restless, obviously her body was limp and weak due to fever, and her head was also dizzy after taking the medicine, but she just wanted to tease Lu Rongyuan.

The restless hand was suddenly grabbed by Lu Rongyuan, and he put it in the palm of his hand and kissed it, with a bewitching voice: "Since you can't sleep, let's do some exercise together."

Lu Rongyuan has already restrained himself very much, this little goblin is restless and should be punished.

Su Qing opened her eyelids, her lips were already kissed, lingering...

It is said that wine strengthens courage, and so does fever.

Su Qing, who is usually cold and cold, is charming and charming at this moment, with a little shyness of a little daughter.

Which man can stand it?

I don't know how long it has passed, Su Qing was really tired this time and fell into a deep sleep, Lu Rongyuan kissed Su Qing's cheek "satisfied", and then went to fetch water to scrub Su Qing's body.

If you sweat after exercising, you must wash it off in time, otherwise the cold will be aggravated.

After changing Su Qing into dry clothes, Lu Rongyuan made a phone call: "I changed all the people in the secretary department."

After giving the order, Lu Rongyuan lay back on the bed and rested with his arms around Su Qing.

Chen Xiufen thought she hadn't seen her son for a while, so she came.

The Nanshan Villa was quiet, Che Chengjun was tending the medicinal materials in the yard, and Xia Qiu was doing chores.

Chen Xiufen asked: "Xia Qiu, where is my son?"

"Boss is sleeping." Xia Qiu just wanted to add that she was sleeping in the room with Su Qing, and Chen Xiufen had already rushed in.

"It's broad daylight, why sleep?"

"Ma'am, boss..." Xia Qiu wanted to chase after him to remind him.

"Take this medicinal material to dry." Che Chengjun directly threw a pack of medicinal material to Xia Qiu.

"Mr. Che, what about the boss?"

"If you go over now, you will become cannon fodder." Che Chengjun looked serious, he seemed to be thinking of Xia Qiu, but in fact he wanted to watch Lu Rongyuan's good show and have some fun, otherwise, this Nanshan villa would be too deserted.

Hearing this, Xia Qiu did not dare to go, and said gratefully: "Thank you, Mr. Che, for reminding me." Please download the novel app Love Reading App to read the latest content

Che Chengjun asked: "Does the person you are looking for have any clues?"

"It's a little bit, Xia Tian went out from the Angel Baby Welfare Institute, and his younger brother must be in that orphanage, but the orphanage is now demolished, and Xia Tian's younger brother also ran out, so it's hard to find."

Xia Qiu was very hard-pressed, and asked him to find someone, but he didn't have a name or a photo. Isn't this the same as walking with a blind man?



Chen Xiufen unscrewed the door of the room hastily: "Son, you sleep in broad daylight..."

Before she finished speaking, Chen Xiufen saw that there was another person on the bed.

Chen Xiufen was stunned. There was a woman on her son's bed.

Su Qing's back was facing Chen Xiufen's side, and Chen Xiufen couldn't tell that it was Su Qing.

Lu Rongyuan glanced over, and Chen Xiufen said: "Son, continue to sleep." Then she closed the door swiftly.

Chen Xiufen stood at the door and recovered, then smiled.

It seems that she is not far from holding a grandson.

Chen Xiufen was so happy that she immediately made a phone call, but she couldn't suppress the joy in her voice: "Brother, my son is promising, and I will be able to hug my grandson soon."

Chen Xiufen didn't stay to disturb her, she came and left in a hurry.

When leaving, he told Xia Qiu: "Take care of my son and make him some stew to nourish his body."

"Yes, ma'am."


Su Qing slept until dark, maybe it was the effect of the medicine, she felt much better, her body didn't feel hot anymore, and she didn't feel so uncomfortable.

Su Qing opened her eyes, Lu Rongyuan's face was close at hand, she froze for a moment, and then the memories of a few hours ago flooded into her mind.

"Oh my god, what have I done?" Su Qing got under the quilt in shame.

Above Lu Rongyuan's triumphant low laugh: "This time you took the initiative, you have to be responsible."

Of course Su Qing knew that she had initiated it.

It's all because of beauty.

Su Qing poked her head out and stared at Lu Rongyuan: "It doesn't count, you are taking advantage of others."

Lu Rongyuan casually played with Su Qing's hair: "Qingqing means, do you want to do it again? Huh?"

With that said, someone is preparing a beast...


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