Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 96

Su Qing was quite frightened.

Lu Rongyuan's fighting power, once again, her small body can't stand it.

Su Qing glared at Lu Rongyuan: "Be careful that the iron rod is ground into a needle."

Obviously a leg injury has not healed, a cold, but still so restless.

What a crime.

Su Qing touched Lu Rongyuan's chest: "As long as you lose two muscles and a little more fat, I won't be able to control it."

"Oh? So, Qingqing was tempted by my beauty?" Lu Rongyuan's eyes deepened into a smile, and he made up his mind to show off his figure in front of Su Qing more often in the future.

Su Qing didn't argue, because the facts proved that she refused with her mouth, but her body was very honest, and she couldn't say what she meant.

However, when Su Qing thought about those two children, she felt a little more melancholy.

"Lu Rongyuan, it's not like you haven't seen a woman before, and you haven't thought about changing to another woman?"

Su Qing really thought about it this way, if Lu Rongyuan had other women, then she would have an excuse to really break up.

However, Lu Rongyuan has his eyes on her.

Lu Rongyuan paused his hands, lowered his eyes, and saw Su Qing's thoughts through his sharp eyes: "Don't ask this kind of question again in the future. If the answer changes, I will tell you in advance."

The implication is that he will only choose Su Qing now.

As for others, he hadn't thought about it.

Su Qing: "..."

"I want to squint a little longer."

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan tucked in the quilt for Su Qing and went out.

This tone seems to be very disappointed.

Su Qing heard the sound of leaving footsteps, and her heart also jumped suddenly, one step, two steps...

"Lu Rongyuan." Su Qing sat up, called to stop Lu Rongyuan who came to the door, then quickly got out of bed and ran over, grabbed Lu Rongyuan's neck and jumped up.

Lu Rongyuan hugged Su Qing's leg, staring at Su Qing with deep eyes, not knowing her intention.

"Lu Rongyuan." Su Qing plucked up her courage and hung on Lu Rongyuan like a koala: "I have news about those two children back then, even though they were not the ones I wanted to have, but they were brought to me by me." From this world, I am obliged to find them and take care of them, can you accept such a me with two children?"

Su Qing didn't want to be so awkward with Lu Rongyuan anymore, she wanted to be more straightforward.

Lu Rongyuan was silent, didn't speak, just stared at Su Qing.

Su Qing was even more flustered: "I know, how could a big family like the Lu family accept a woman with two children, Lu Rongyuan, I'm not sure if we will have any results, if you still like me now, then I will accompany you until you don't like it anymore, I will not have any extravagant demands on you, nor will I ask for any status..."

"Su Qing, be my Mrs. Lu."

Lu Rongyuan interrupted her.

Su Qing felt like she was hallucinating, and asked uncertainly, "What did you say?"

"Be my Mrs. Lu." Lu Rongyuan raised her thin lips and looked at Su Qing's eyes with tenderness and doting: "Before you opened your mouth, I already knew about your looking for those two children. You women are hypocritical."

"You know?" Su Qing was startled, and quickly realized: "It's Ruo Ruo?"

Lu Rongyuan's nose was pressed against Su Qing's, and his voice was deep: "I am your spring."

Su Qing smiled, touched.

Sure enough, it was An Ruo.

"Lu Rongyuan, do you really not mind those two children?"

Lu Rongyuan chuckled: "Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?"


"Do you mind." Lu Rongyuan said sincerely: "But any mind can't match the heart that wants to be with you, Su Qing, life is only a hundred years, I have already lived one-third, and the remaining two-thirds of the time, I I hope you accompany me through the journey."

In a hundred years of life, how many people can't find that person with whom they can spend the rest of their lives together.

Su Qing smiled, and lightly pecked Lu Rongyuan's lips: "Mr. Lu, please give me your advice for the rest of my life."

After the knot was untied, Su Qing felt a lot more at ease, and she had the feeling of returning to the time when she was in love with Lu Rongyuan.

When two people are together, what fits is not the family background, but the three views and the soul.

After dinner, Su Qing left Nanshan Villa and returned to Li's house.

Liu Xueqin was writing the list of invitations in the lobby, and Xia Bao was also helping.

"Godmother, what is this for?"

"Xiaoqing is back, and I want to hold a charity dinner to raise donations for the children in the mountains." Liu Xueqin said: "I feel uncomfortable seeing the children in the mountains suffering so much."

Xia Bao also said: "Sister, those children are really pitiful. Some children, like Xiao Bao, have no parents."

Su Qing touched Xia Bao's head and said, "I will help you find them."

Then he asked Liu Xueqin: "Godmother, when is the charity dinner scheduled?"

"Just this weekend." Liu Xueqin said, "Xiaoqing, you will come then."


Su Qing saw the name of the Chu family in the invitation list: "Godmother, did you invite the Chu family?"

"I used to invite you to charity dinners every year, Xiaoqing, do you have any ideas?"

"No, just asking."

Su Qing just thought of Su Xue, not to mention, after this lesson, Su Xue didn't make trouble anymore.

After taking the medicine, Su Qing was still a little tired, so she went to rest after playing with Xia Bao for a while.

When she went to the company the next day, she realized that all the staff in the secretarial department had been replaced by men, and she had been promoted to be Mr. Lu's assistant.

Su Qing couldn't laugh or cry, Lu Rongyuan was really jealous.

Originally, the company was still speculating that Su Qing and Lu Chengjun were close, but Lu Rongyuan transferred him directly to his side, and now the company became more lively.

Could this be two brothers competing for a daughter?

Lu Zhanyuan found Lu Chengjun: "Xiaojun, what are the rumors circulating in the company? Are you really interested in that woman?"

Lu Chengjun smiled and said: "Dad, Su Qing is Li Kuihua's goddaughter, and Li Kuihua promised that when Su Qing gets married, she will take the shares of the Li Group as a dowry. Besides, Su Qing is beautiful and capable. Without her, wouldn't we be even more powerful?"

"That's what you said, but Lu Rongyuan obviously also took a fancy to that woman, you hid Yayuan five years ago..." Lu Zhanyuan's words came to an abrupt end: "Xiaojun, don't touch Lu Rongyuan's nilin, he doesn't have many days to live Live, as long as we hold our breath and endure slowly."

"Dad, you were taught a lesson by Lu Rongyuan, why are you getting less and less courageous." Lu Chengjun said disdainfully, "I could hurt him five years ago, and I can do the same five years later. Leave the rest alone, in my heart There are many."

Su Qing's assistant is a bit perfunctory, she just hangs her title and works as a young mistress in the office.

Su Qing wanted to do something, but Lu Rongyuan refused to let her, so he let her eat, drink and watch dramas.

The reason is that Su Qing is a patient.

Su Qing retorted: "I have recovered from my cold."

"That doesn't work either, you have to rest for a week." Lu Rongyuan carried the restless Su Qing back to the lounge, put him on the bed, and covered him with a quilt: "Sleep."

Su Qing couldn't help laughing: "Lu Rongyuan, I'm almost useless."

"Then let Emily take you shopping for a beauty treatment."

"Forget it, I'll go to sleep."

For the next few days, Su Qing would sleep, watch dramas and play games, and occasionally hand water to Lu Rongyuan.

She obviously came to work, but in the end it became to accompany Lu Rongyuan to work.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the charity dinner.

Liu Xueqin took Xia Bao to the dinner party early, and Su Qing was with An Ruo.

It's just that I didn't read the almanac when I went out today, and ran into Su Xue and Chu Tianyi as soon as I arrived at the hotel gate.

If she knew what would happen next, she would definitely turn around and leave, but there was no if.


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