Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 97

Su Xue was wearing a pair of flat shoes and a long white dress. She was very neatly dressed, with a smile on her face, full of charm.

Chu Tianyi has always been expressionless.

Su Qing wanted to go in directly, but didn't mean to say hello to Su Xue. Before she took An Ruo for two steps, Su Xue's delicate voice came from behind.

"Sister, you are here too, let's go in together." Su Xue turned her head to greet Chu Tianyi again: "Tian Yi, hurry up."

Su Qing and An Ruo looked at each other.

Isn't this one-man show awkward?

Sure enough, as long as you don't feel embarrassed, others are the ones who are embarrassed. Su Xue made this point to the fullest.

Chu Tianyi seemed to be walking slowly on purpose, with no expression on his face from the beginning to the end, as if he was "forced into prostitution".

"Sister, you are so beautiful today." Su Xue smiled, as innocent as a little girl who doesn't know much about the world: "I am pregnant with a child, and my body is a bit clumsy, so I walk slowly."

As the saying goes, don't hit people with smiling faces, Su Qing can't say anything, just ignore Su Xue and continue walking in.

The four of them went in together, one in front and one behind.

An Ruo glanced behind her, curled her lips and said with a sneer: "It's really a white lotus flower, who doesn't know what her plan is, isn't it just to make others think that your sisters have a good relationship, Su Qing, aren't you angry? ?”

Su Qing smiled: "Why am I angry? She just wants to scare me off. If I'm really angry, then she will get her wish."

And it's just Su Xue, so it's not worth getting angry at all.

As soon as she entered the arena, Su Qing's eyes searched the audience, is Lu Rongyuan not here?

In Liu Xueqin's invitation list, there is Lu Rongyuan.

Many well-known people in the circle came one after another, wealthy wives and young ladies.

This charity dinner adopts the form of a fundraising auction. If you donate your own things, you can also auction them back. All the money from the auction will be used for charity.

Su Qing had prepared a long time ago to collect donations, which was a pair of jade bracelets.

Su Qing put the earrings in the box and handed them over to the person in charge. At this time, Su Xue also came with her auction items.

"Sister, what are you donating to?" Su Xue was always smiling.

As soon as Su Xue finished speaking, a voice sounded from the person in charge: "Miss Su donated a pair of jade bracelets."

"Emerald bracelet, my sister is really generous." Su Xue stretched her neck and took a look, but she couldn't take out the things in her arms.

Chu Tianyi didn't give her any money at all, and he didn't buy her any expensive jewelry. Today's auction item was also prepared by herself. iread novel app read the full content

She deliberately took out a limited-edition Hermès bag from her collection. She wanted to use this charity dinner to gain a good reputation and save it, but now that she saw the bracelet donated by Su Qing, she felt jealous and envious.

Su Qing's expression was light: "No matter how much you donate, it's all in one heart, and the children in the mountainous area will feel the same gratitude."

"Sister, that's really good." Su Xue smiled and handed the Hermes bag to the person in charge. Su Xue's eyes never left the Hermes bag, which was her favorite, and the reluctance in her eyes couldn't be concealed.

Later, she must auction off the bag. If she can't buy back the things she donated, that would be a joke.

After donating, Su Qing went directly to the bathroom, and Su Xue soon followed.

Su Qing was handed hand sanitizer and paper towels, very enthusiastic.

Only then did Su Qing look straight at her: "What kind of moth do you want to mess with?"

"Sister, I didn't, I just thank you very much, thank you for your generosity and letting me go." Su Xue had an expression of knowing she was wrong: "During this period of time, I have been reflecting on myself and found that I was really stupid before. "

She was too stupid to step on Su Qing in the mud so that she could never turn over.

She was too kind to give Su Qing the chance to turn over and step on her head.

"Oh, it's really a sex change." Su Qing sneered, and leaned in front of Su Xue: "You really hate me in your heart, don't you?"

Su Xue quickly said: "No, I don't hate at all, I only have gratitude to my sister."

"Oh? Really, it seems that you have really realized it. Chu Tianyi has been staring at me just now, and he probably hasn't given up on me. Hey, who made me have such a charming face? Look at me Chu Tianyi is lukewarm to you, but I actually feel very guilty and feel really sorry."

Su Qing said that on purpose, and sure enough, when Chu Tianyi was mentioned, Su Xue's hypocritical face couldn't keep up, revealing an ugly look of jealousy and hatred.

"Tianyi loves me, we even have children, how could he love you, a vixen..."

Su Xue realized that she had said the wrong thing, and immediately shut up, with a very embarrassed expression on her face: "Sister, I, I just said the wrong thing just now."

No matter how well the disguise was, Su Xue would show her true colors by stepping on Chu Tianyi's tail.


Su Qing didn't believe that Su Xue could really change it at all, she was just too lazy to talk to her.

As for the explanation, she didn't believe it at all.

Su Qing passed Su Xue and went straight out, intending to find Xia Bao.

At the door of the bathroom, I met a lady head-on.

"Sorry." Su Qing apologized first.

"Who doesn't have eyes..." Xie Huizhen was about to explode, when she saw that it was Su Qing, she immediately smiled like a flower: "Miss Su, I didn't bump into you, I should say I'm sorry."

Su Qing also saw who it was, she didn't expect to bump into Chu Tianyi's mother.

Su Xue also came over: "Mom."

When Xie Huizhen heard Su Xue's voice, her complexion was already ugly, the contrast between the two poles was obvious, and she didn't even respond at all.

Su Xue stood there in embarrassment, even if she was pregnant, her status in the Chu family was still not high, and she had to act according to her mother-in-law's winks.

However, the embarrassment is still behind.

Xie Huizhen pulled Su Qing, with a regretful expression on her face: "Miss Su, in the circle of famous ladies, you are my most satisfied candidate for a daughter-in-law. It was because of some villains who broke up you and Tianyi. Miss Su, actually Tianyi has always liked you in his heart, I don't know if you can give him another chance."

Su Qing was surprised by these words.

Xie Huizhen actually came to matchmaking for her son?

And it was in front of Su Xue, which was really unexpected for Su Qing.

Who is Xie Huizhen, how could Su Qing not know, when she dated Chu Tianyi, Xie Huizhen didn't look her straight.

Just because she is a person who was abandoned by the Su family, she has no value.

If it wasn't for Chu Tianyi's hunger strike to force him, how could Xie Huizhen agree to the marriage of the two.

Sure enough, people are all followers of power.

"Mom, what are you talking about." Su Xue showed anger on her face, and Xie Huizhen's words made her feel embarrassed: "I and Tianyi are husband and wife, it's justifiable, and we have children."

"You know how you married my son." Xie Huizhen sneered: "You are so scheming at such a young age, my son did not marry you, but you used despicable means to subjugate the bride. You should marry that cripple from the Lu family." , anyway, I have never recognized your daughter-in-law."

A cripple made Su Qing very unhappy. Her man could not tolerate being slandered by others.

Su Qing withdrew her hand, and said coldly: "Mrs. Chu, be careful that the walls have ears. If you let the Lu family know what you said, I'm afraid it will cause trouble. Also, don't involve me with Chu Tianyi." , people misunderstood, I have nothing to do with him."

"It doesn't matter, haven't you two already..."


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