Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 98

In Su Qing's life doctrine, her man can only be bullied by her, and if others dare to slander him, he is her enemy.

One word about Mrs. Chu is enough for Xie Huizhen to lose her old face. iread novel app read the full content

She's just a mistress, and she's not the one with a high position. In fact, she can't even bear the title of Mrs. Chu.

How can the Lu family be provoked by the Chu family?

Xie Huizhen's face turned red and then turned pale. Seeing that Xie Huizhen was bullied, Su Xue was so happy, she didn't intend to help at all.

Xie Huizhen didn't dare to do anything to Su Qing, so she could only give Su Xue a hard look and cast her anger on Su Xue.

"My son married you, it's really bad luck, really bad luck." Xie Huizhen reprimanded Su Xue with a red face, "If it wasn't for you, Miss Su would have been my daughter-in-law a long time ago, you must have upset Miss Su just now, right?" no."

"Mom, I didn't." Su Xue felt aggrieved and angry, like a dead old woman, seeing her abandoned by the Su family, the Zhou family didn't intend to recognize her, so they started to slap her nose.

Su Qing was not in the mood to watch the conflict between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and said in a cold voice: "Second Mrs. Chu must be cautious in her words and deeds in the future. I repeat, I have nothing to do with your son. You need to go to jail for defamation. If Mrs. Chu is tight , need to borrow money, for the sake of the 200,000 that Mrs. Chu gave me before, I might borrow it."

In order to prevent her from interacting with Chu Tianyi, Xie Huizhen once took a check of 200,000 yuan to let her leave.

What Su Qing did today was just to return the humiliation Xie Huizhen gave her.

After leaving these words, Su Qing didn't care about Xie Huizhen's expression, and walked out directly.

Xie Huizhen was very angry, but Su Qing is now Li Kuihua's goddaughter, and she still counts on Chu Tianyi to chase her back, she can't get angry, she can't offend him.

"Mom." Su Xue called out.

"You bastard." Xie Huizhen slapped Su Xue in the face directly: "It's all you, otherwise how dare Su Qing humiliate me like this."

The force of this slap was not light, Su Xue's face turned red immediately, and a strong hatred flashed in the depths of her eyes.

Su Xue touched her face and clenched her fists tightly. Xie Huizhen was still cursing, pointing at Su Xue's nose and scolding: "You are a disaster star, you are specially designed to beat my son, don't think that you are proud of having a child, who knows what is going on? Whose bastard is this, like a mother, like a daughter, your mother is a shameless slut, and you are no better..."

The more Xie Huizhen scolded, the worse it sounded, the hatred in Su Xue's eyes turned into murderous intent, staring at Xie Huizhen's face that could curse, she only had one thought at that time, to make Xie Huizhen shut up forever.


Su Qing found Xia Bao in the hall, this little greedy cat, was eating chocolate ice cream in his arms.

"Little Treasure, if you continue to eat like this, you will become a pig."

Xia Bao especially likes to eat sweets, and he can't walk when he sees them.

"Sister, take a bite." Xia Bao generously shared: "Eat sweets and you will feel good."

"Okay." Su Qing smiled and took a bite. She looked around, but she didn't see Liu Xueqin, and asked, "Where's grandma?"

"Beautiful grandma is going to count the donations." Xia Bao dangled his legs and sat on the sofa: "Sister, I saw that bad uncle again just now."

Xia Bao was referring to Chu Tianyi.

Before Xia Bao peed on Chu Tianyi, Su Qing asked nervously, "Did he do anything to you?"

"The bad uncle gave me a red envelope." Xia Bao lowered his voice and said mysteriously: "Sister, let me tell you quietly, the bad uncle gave me 10,000 red envelopes and asked me to invite my sister to dinner. I will accept the red envelope. Sister, you can't go to dinner."

Su Qing shook her head and laughed: "Xiaobao, it's only 10,000 yuan, so you sold me?"

"Sister, I have to marry you in the future, and I have to save money for my wife." Xia Bao sighed, with a look of great pressure: "The beautiful grandma said that it costs a lot of money to marry a daughter-in-law."

"Yo, our little treasure knows even this." An Ruo came out from behind and handed Xia Bao a glass of juice: "Xiaobao, how much money have you saved for your wife?"

"I won't tell you." Xia Bao snorted twice: "The bad uncle is too stingy, and his actions are not generous enough."

Su Qing smiled and said, "You accepted someone's red envelope, and you didn't let me eat with the bad uncle. Be careful that he comes to you to ask for the money back."

"No." Xia Bao covered the red envelope tightly, looking like a little money fan: "It's hard to chase after a gentleman's words. He gave it to me, so I can't take it back."

Su Qing said: "But you also promise to help me invite my sister to dinner."

"I'm a child, and I'm not a gentleman." Xia Bao pouted, "He's a bad uncle, cheating him of some money is called stealing from the rich and giving to the poor."

Both Su Qing and An Ruo were amused.

An Ruo covered her stomach and laughed: "Little money fan, you still rob the rich and help the poor. I think you are taking advantage of the fire to rob."

Xia Bao is a pistachio, he often says some unexpected things, making everyone laugh.

An Ruo likes playing with Xia Bao the most.

The three were talking and laughing, and at this moment, Su Qing suddenly felt an uncomfortable look on her body.

She looked back and saw Su Xue coming from the direction of the bathroom.

She was alone and went straight to Chu Tianyi.

Seeing Su Xue alone, Chu Tianyi asked, "Where's Mom? Didn't she go to the bathroom too?"

"She said she was a little tired, so she went back to rest first." Su Xue smiled and took Chu Tianyi's hand, deliberately showing Chu Tianyi the face that was beaten.

"There's a big audience, what are you talking about?" Chu Tianyi frowned and pulled his hand back. He did see Su Xue's red and swollen face, and asked casually, "What's wrong with her face?"

"Mom, Mom beat you." Su Xue lowered her head, looking like a pitiful little daughter-in-law.

Chu Tianyi didn't show any pity at all, he just said: "From now on, follow my mother, don't make trouble for nothing, the charity dinner is about to start, you either go back, or cover your face so that people can see it, I don't know if you think it's too late. Our Chu family abused you."

Chu Tianyi's words chilled Su Xue's heart, and she secretly swore in her heart that she must make Chu Tianyi regret it, and said submissively on the surface, "Okay, I'll touch up the makeup."

The dinner party was about to start, and the entrance of the hall suddenly fell silent, and everyone looked towards the entrance.

Lu Rongyuan sat in a wheelchair and was pushed in by Xia Dong, followed by Lu Xingnan and Wan Yang.

When these few people appeared on the stage, the whole charity dinner suddenly felt like it was flourishing.

Lu Rongyuan and Wan Yang, one is the helm of the Lu Group, the other is the prince of the Wan's Film and Television Group, and Lu Xingnan is not only well-known in the entertainment circle, but also the son of the third house of the Lu family, all of them are heavyweights.

Su Qing's gaze and Lu Rongyuan's gaze met in the air, and when their eyes met, An Ruo beside her could smell the rotten smell of love.

An Ruo joked: "Someone's thoughts have flown there."

Su Qing came back to her senses, and gave An Ruo a blank look: "No way."

"I still don't admit it." An Ruo said with a smile: "Is it possible to drink wedding wine soon?"

This time Su Qing did not evade, but said frankly with a smile: "Your cup will not be missed."

An Ruo was startled, and hugged Su Qing excitedly: "Congratulations."

Li Kuihua personally led Lu Rongyuan and others to sit in the first row, while Su Qing's seat happened to be in the back row of Lu Rongyuan.

This was deliberately arranged by Liu Xueqin.

The banquet started, and the host came to the stage: "Welcome everyone to attend tonight's charity dinner in your busy schedule... Zi..."

There was a piercing electrical sound from the microphone, everyone subconsciously covered their ears, and the host also took the microphone away.

At this time, a woman in overalls hurried to the stage, lowered her voice and whispered into the host's ear.

At this time, the microphone suddenly turned on, and the sound content from the microphone blew up the entire charity dinner.

"The jadeite bracelet donated by Miss Su is fake."


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