Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 99

I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional.

Although the woman in overalls spoke to the host in a low voice, she was facing the microphone in the host's hand.

Su Qing's donation is fake?

This is something that has never happened at a charity dinner.

Isn't it fooling people to sell fakes for auction?

There was a lot of discussion in the audience, and Su Qing, who was in the front row, looked suspiciously.

If it was said that Su Qing wasn't flustered, it must be a lie. The people who came to this kind of occasion were all famous figures in the circle. Her behavior should not be inappropriate, let alone have a bad reputation.

She can't embarrass Lu Rongyuan.

Lu Rongyuan looked at Su Qing, and was about to get up, Su Qing shook her head at her, signaling him not to make a move.

Wan Yang and Lu Xingnan glanced at each other, neither of them believed that Su Qing would use fake products for charity.

Liu Xueqin and Li Kuihua looked at each other in blank dismay. This incident must not have happened and let the dinner continue like this, which would do more damage to Su Qing's reputation. iread novel app read the full content

Li Kuihua stepped onto the stage and said to everyone with a smile: "Sorry, because of a little accident, the dinner was suspended for half an hour, please forgive me."

After finishing speaking, Li Kuihua walked up to Su Qing and said in a low voice, "Go and see what's going on first, don't worry."

"Godfather." Su Qing stopped Li Kuihua, stood up, and under the attention of the audience, she raised her voice and said, "Can you bring all the donations on the stage, including the pair of bracelets I donated."

Li Kuihua quickly understood what Su Qing meant, which was to clarify the matter in front of everyone.

Otherwise, even if they figured it out, they would be taken advantage of by those who wanted to. They would not say anything in the open, but they would still question Su Qing behind their backs, believing that the Li family was protecting her.

Su De'an and Qin Suqin didn't come today, and they didn't have the face to come to such an occasion. As Su Qing's godfather, Li Kuihua must protect him.

Not to mention that Lu Rongyuan was still sitting there.

"Okay, I'll go right away." Li Kuihua went to the backstage to handle it himself, brought all the donated things to the stage, and invited the appraiser to the stage.

Everyone in the audience stretched their necks to see the pair of bracelets donated by Su Qing.

Li Kuihua's daughter donated a fake product, isn't that ridiculous?

An Ruo was a little worried: "Su Qing, what's going on, did you make a mistake?"

"Don't worry." Su Qing comforted An Ruo, but she was actually the most nervous in her heart.

When Su Qing stepped onto the stage and walked up to the pair of bracelets she had donated, she heard the appraiser say embarrassingly, "This is indeed a fake, and it's only worth a few hundred dollars."

Hundreds of dollars?

There was a lot of discussion in the audience again, and some people laughed contemptuously.

Wan Yang couldn't stand listening: "Boss, don't you care?"

Lu Rongyuan didn't speak, his eyes just fell on Su Qing, seeing Su Qing's calmness when facing doubts, the corners of his mouth raised slightly unconsciously.

Lu Xingnan, who was on the side, said to Wan Yang: "Brother won't just sit by and watch, but today is a good opportunity and a springboard for Ms. Su. If Ms. Su can handle it, she will be recognized and praised by people in the circle. The seat of the lady is of great help."

Wan Yang suddenly realized: "Boss, you are paving the way for Miss Su."

Su Qing's ability is not limited to being an interpreter. When he exchanged eyes with Su Qing just now, Lu Rongyuan understood what Su Qing meant.

What she wants is to fight side by side with him, not to enjoy what he gives under his wings.

His woman is proud in his bones.

What is needed is evenly matched love.

The current Su Qing has not yet reached the height of being side by side with her, but sooner or later, the two will go hand in hand.

Su Qing frowned. The things she donated couldn't be fake, because it was a gift from her mother on her eighth birthday.

She kept hiding so that she was not snatched by Qin Suqin.

Su Qing took a look at the bracelet, and Li Kuihua anxiously said to the appraiser, "One more appraisal."

There are more and more discussions in the audience.

Su Xue sat in the middle row. She looked at Su Qing on the stage, looking worried for Su Qing.

"Tianyi, think of a way to help your sister. If it gets out that she donated fake things at the charity dinner, she will definitely be laughed at. My sister really wants to help the children in the mountains. She just told me that it doesn't matter how much money you donate. , the important thing is the mind."

Chu Tianyi frowned: "There is no final conclusion now, so don't draw conclusions so early."

"I'm just worried about my sister. I would have given the Hermes bag I donated to my sister if I knew it earlier. She is now the daughter of the Li family. What if she gets a bad reputation and is despised by the Li family?"

Su Xue's words seemed to be helping Su Qing, but they were actually making things worse.

What do you mean it doesn't matter how much money you donate?

The implication is that what Su Qing donated might really be a fake, that's why he said that.

Donating a few hundred yuan is also a heartfelt gesture.

In just a few words, he not only made trouble worse, but also showed his kindness and generosity.

Su Xue's Hermes is on the stage, her whole body is inlaid with diamonds, shining brightly, no one can see it.

Su Xue's voice was neither too loud nor too soft, and the people in front, back, left, and left could just hear clearly.

No one knew about Su Xue's entry into the detention center. As soon as Su Xue's words came out, there was an immediate reaction.

"Mrs. Chu is really kind, and the relationship between the two sisters is really good."

"There were only three Hermès classic bags in the world when they were released that year. I didn't expect Mrs. Chu to have one in her hand, and she donated it so generously."

"Yes, there are not many such kind-hearted people."

Amid everyone's compliments, Su Xue smiled modestly: "This is what it should be. The children in the mountains are too pitiful. Now that I have a baby, I don't want to see the children suffer, so it's a blessing for my baby."

"Young Madam Chu is pregnant. Congratulations. No wonder I haven't seen you come out to gather with everyone for so long."

Su Xue continued to laugh, with a happy look on her face: "I just got pregnant not long ago."

"Congratulations, Young Master Chu, you are so lucky to have such a good wife."

Chu Tianyi smiled with a stiff expression on his face.

Su Xue was secretly happy. She deliberately let everyone know that she was pregnant, so as to tell others that she had secured the seat of Mrs. Chu.

But at this time, a sentence came out of nowhere in the crowd: "How could the Chu family allow an illegitimate son of the second wife to attend such an important dinner?"

"There seems to be no one from the Zhou family today. An illegitimate son and an illegitimate daughter really match."

When these words reached Chu Tianyi's ears, his face darkened immediately, but he didn't dare to attack.

Su Xue's face was also a little ugly.

Other people's compliments are only on the surface, behind the scenes, she and Chu Tianyi's illegitimate daughter and illegitimate child cannot be changed.

The result of the third appraisal on the stage has come out, and several appraisers together, the result is still the same.

"This pair of bracelets is a fake."

Li Kuihua looked serious, since so many people said it was fake, it must be fake.

Su Qing really donated a fake one?

"Xiaoqing, look at this..." Li Kuihua wanted to ask Su Qing, if it was true, then he would find a way to expose the matter.

Su Qing said very seriously: "Godfather, this pair of bracelets is not the one I donated. I accidentally dropped my pair of bracelets before. I remember there was a little flaw on it, but now it's gone. .”

Su Qing showed it to Li Kuihua: "It's really not there."

Xiaoping, the staff member in charge of taking care of the donation, was so frightened that she was about to cry: "Miss Su, when you handed it to me, I didn't touch it. This is the pair you donated."

If this puts the blame on her, she will go to jail.

Su Qing looked at Xiaoping: "You haven't moved, so can you guarantee that you haven't been transferred? This pair of bracelets has been under your sight all this time?"


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