Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 61

Feng Xie sneered coldly: "Tangyue, you really take yourself seriously, you can say everything, do I care if you don't ask me? Huh?"

Tangyue: "...."

He looked ugly and very unhappy.

"Sorry, what happened today is all my fault."

Tangyue apologized again, her voice was soft and soft, like a stream flowing gently, which could make people's hearts soften to the extreme.

She thought that Feng Xie was still angry about the clubhouse. The reason for this incident was actually her fault. If she hadn't had expectations for Feng Xie, she wouldn't have thought of changing him, and even wanted him to break up with his cronies.

What happened later got a little out of control, but after she made adjustments, she decided to change the way. It's better to keep a distance from Feng Xie in the future, otherwise she wouldn't know how to get along with him.

With a snap, Feng Xie switched on the bedside warm light.

"what's on your mind?"

He narrowed his eyes dangerously, approached Tangyue, and lowered his head to look at her. Her porcelain-white skin was clearly illuminated by a layer of tiny fluff, and the breath on her body was calm and gentle, as if something happened during the day None exist.

But she was obviously so angry at the time.

When she was angry, Feng Xie didn't want her to be too angry, but when she showed that she wasn't angry, he was thinking why?

Why is she not angry anymore? Is it because you don't want to care about yourself at all?

As long as this thought appeared in his mind, he felt a sense of anger.

"I was thinking, how can I make you forgive me?"

Tangyue said softly, then raised her head to look at Feng Xie, her eyelids were raised timidly, as if regretting, her voice lowered three degrees: "The way of life between us is different, you What I have experienced may be beyond my comprehension before, so I can't help but want to impose my way of thinking on you."

"So?" Feng Xie's voice could not hear any joy or anger.

"So it won't happen in the future."

As soon as he finished speaking, Feng Xie's eyes sank, filled with turbulent waves, he squeezed Tangyue's chin, Tangyue could even see two balls of flames in his eyes.

He looked even angrier: "Tangyue, what you said is very good, you came back just to listen to you and me venting your anger?"

Why don't you care about him? Why not add her way of thinking to him? As if about to give up on him.

Tang Yue frowned, completely understanding what Feng Xie meant.

This apology quote was the version she had been thinking about for a long time, and she just hoped that Feng Xie would not argue with her, and that she would spend more time doing her own things in the future.

How could she vent her anger on Feng Xie?

She wouldn't do this kind of thing that was not good for her. What did she say that made Feng Xie wrong?

Tangyue took a deep breath, and said seriously: "Feng Xie, I'm apologizing to you very seriously, and I didn't vent my anger. I hope you can see my sincerity."

Sincerely, she will never take care of anything about Feng Xie again, and whenever she meets him in the future, she'd better stay away.

In this way, she will live longer.

Feng Xie lifted her fingers up and licked her lips, like the most ambiguous gesture between lovers: "If you don't sleep with me, how can you be sincere."

Tangyue: "...."

How did this broken car start?

She gritted her teeth and continued: "Did you see the text message I sent you? What I want to say is all on it. I have thought about it too. I overstepped this matter, but you have to understand, We are people from two different worlds, and we think in different ways, so I will make mistakes..."

Feng Xie's head suddenly came closer, and he put her lips in his mouth.

The words he saw on the phone before appeared in his mind.

"Kiss her. There are various reasons for two people to quarrel. Sometimes you can't reason with her, so use your actions to explain it."

He put his hand on the back of Tangyue's head, and with light force, he pulled her face towards him. In this way, the distance between the two was even closer, which made it easier for him to continue to kiss lightly.

Tangyue: "!"

There was a faint smell of smoke in the man's mouth, all of which came to her side. His kisses were always intense, as if he wished to be one with her. If it was before, she might pretend to cooperate with Feng Xie, but now she is very Repel evil spirits.

After experiencing what happened during the day, she deeply realized that Feng Xie is a scumbag, and she is only one step closer to the rumors. She can't put her life and time on him, or she might be dragged to hell by him .

A slight disgust flashed in Tangyue's eyes, she reached out and was about to push Feng Xie away, but a stern look flashed in Feng Xie's eyes, one hand held her hand, restraining her movements.

"If she doesn't forgive you, you can push her down and kiss her, be rough."

Feng Xie pushed her down on the bed, Tangyue exclaimed for the rest of her life, and covered her stomach.

"Tsk, trouble."

He said something in a low voice, then changed his position, let Tangyue lay on top of him, and continued to deepen the kiss.

The breaths of the two were constantly exchanging, and Tangyue could feel that his current mood was not very good.

But she was the same, she closed her eyes and turned her head, but Feng Xie straightened her again.

She didn't want to see Feng Xie at all now, let alone having such an intimate activity.

"Are you in a better mood now? Tangyue."

He rubbed her lips and asked gently.

The warm yellow light shone on his black hair, which was coated with a layer of shimmer, and the light flowed through his evil eyebrows and eyes.

Tangyue, who had her eyes closed, didn't see it. Her breathing became rapid and her chest rose and fell.

"What did you say?"

A few words were spoken intermittently by her.

Feng Xie hooked his lips and said, "Do you like it?"

After speaking, he kissed her again, maybe the kiss just now was too intense, this time his movements were much gentler.

Tangyue's brain also started to work, and she came up with a ridiculous idea.

By kissing her, Feng Xie was apologizing for what happened during the day?

He thought he would enjoy his kiss.

It's ridiculous!

But she didn't have time to think any more, because the man quickly brought her into a new wave.

Gradually, Tangyue's mood also calmed down a little bit. Anyway, she couldn't avoid it anyway. She simply found a comfortable position and leaned against Feng Xie, and gently put her arms around him.

After a long time, my lips parted.

He was still hugging Tangyue above, and put his hands behind her head, running along her hair every now and then.

So hot.

The two were so hot that they were stuck together.

Tang Yue didn't move, the harder she struggled just now, the harder Feng Xie kissed her, so she acted a little more obedient later on.

Sure enough, the man felt a little better when he saw her so obedient.

"It's gotten a little heavier recently, and it has some weight when it's pressing on me." Feng Xie said.

Tangyue: "...."

She didn't want to press him.

"Then I'll come down."

She was struggling to get off Feng Xie's body, but Feng Xie's hand refused to let go. During the movements of the two, they didn't know where they touched, Feng Xie suddenly let out a muffled snort.

Tangyue was taken aback when she heard that his voice was wrong, but she still pretended to be stupid: "Feng Xie, is there something wrong with you?"

Feng Xie sneered, "Don't move."

Rubbing back and forth, I really regarded him as a Bodhisattva.

Tangyue was much quieter this time, so she really didn't dare to move.

After a while, the hostility in Feng Xie's body dissipated a lot, and his voice was cold and quiet: "If you really want to meddle in my affairs, it's not impossible."

Tang Yue pursed her lips, not wanting to answer.

She doesn't care anymore.

Feng Xie is too dangerous, she has no confidence in controlling him within the limited time, so she should give up as soon as possible.

After she gave birth to the child, she could only let Mrs. Feng spend too much time looking after the child. As for Feng Xie, her biological father, she did not dare to place high hopes on him.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Feng Xie said displeased: "Speak."

An excited smile appeared on Tangyue's face, but then she was a little sad: "Can I do it? Actually, I can't figure it out. I don't have the qualifications at all."

So never mention it again.

Feng Xie looked at her deeply, the warm light shone in his eyes, and two Tangyues appeared in his pupils.

The two were too close, and Tangyue used his pupils as a mirror to see herself clearly inside.

In fact, Tangyue hoped that he could stay away from those cronies and go back to the Feng family to live a good life. She also thought about letting Feng Xie have some affection for the child, so that he would spend his time on the child after it was born.

He is always hanging around outside, and spends only a handful of hours in Feng's house every year. He has no human appearance at all. How can a person who has no family in his heart care about children.

But no matter how important these are, they are not as important as her life safety. If Feng Xie threatens her, she must stay away from him.

So, Tangyue frowned, and gently hugged Feng Xie: "Forget it, I don't want you to be unhappy, I would rather you live freely."

Feng Xie's hand paused, and he snorted. This woman loves him so much, but since he has already made up his mind, he won't change it.

His voice was hoarse: "Starting tomorrow, I will basically be back."

Doesn't this woman want to control him, then he will show mercy and have a chance with her.

Tangyue's body froze, and her face was a bit ugly. She rubbed her face against Feng Xie's body, covering her face perfectly: "Really? Then I'm so happy."

Feng Xie was heated up by her again, he stretched out his hand to touch Tangyue, asking for a reward, Tangyue realized his behavior and sat up quickly.

"Have you not eaten yet, let me see what else is in the kitchen?"

After speaking, she left in a hurry.

Feng Xie looked down at his rumpled skirt, which was a little wet.

He completely forgot that he took a shower just now, and the expression on his face became a little smug. Was it because Tangyue was moved by his behavior just now, that's why she left in a hurry?

Tangyue came back soon, and she came over with two bowls of pear soup in her hands. The pears were boiled very badly, and the soup was transparent, with a few goji berries dotted on it.

Feng Xie frowned, took a sip, and was a little unhappy: "It's sweet again?"

He doesn't like sweet food, but Tangyue likes to prepare a lot of sweet food for her every time.

Tangyue took a sip of the soup, bit another half of a pear, and said gently, "Yes, eat more sweet ones, and you will feel better."

In fact, she is not picky eaters, and her diet is light, but since she was pregnant, she has started to like sweet food. The aunt in the kitchen knows that she will cook sweet soup for her every night, so that she will have food when she wakes up hungry.

Because of the old lady Feng's instructions, the Feng family is very careful about this.

Feng Xie glanced at the pears in the bowl with distaste. Seeing Tangyue eating with gusto, he picked out the pears in the bowl and offered them to Tangyue.

Tangyue was stunned for a moment, then put her palm on the bowl to stop Feng Xie's actions.

Feng Xie looked at her expressionlessly: "Why didn't you dislike me when you were kissing, but now you dislike me instead?"

That's not what he forced himself to do, otherwise who would want to eat his saliva?

But the truth must not be told.

Tangyue looked at the displeasure in his eyes, and could only make up things: "Pears must never be divided, because dividing pears is equal to separation, so since ancient times, eating pears cannot be shared with others."

She continued: "Drink it while it's hot, the pear soup helps moisten your throat."


Feng Xie said disdainfully, but his face was very useful. He finished the pear soup in two or three gulps, and ate the pears as well.

Tang Yue smiled. When she laughed, her eyes were crooked, reflecting her entire face, which was indescribably touching.

Feng Xie put the bowl aside, walked over to pinch her fingers and played with it.

Tangyue shrank her fingers, and then smiled again: "What dishes do you like, I will ask them to prepare them in advance before you come back."

Since Feng Xie decided to return to Feng's family in the future, she couldn't do nothing.

Before having a baby, she had to play her part.

Feng Xie glanced at her faintly, and said calmly: "You want to know everything about me?"

What does he like to eat?

He ate everything. When he was a child, when there was a shortage of food, he even turned over the trash can, but a young lady like Tang Yue would never understand.

Tangyue blinked slowly, and said seriously: "I don't want to invade your privacy, I just hope you can eat well, you don't like sweet soup, then I will ask them to make something else, the more you Not hard to swallow."


Feng Xie said.


Tangyue squirmed her lips, her lips had a faint luster, and she looked very kissable.

"I don't have any favorite food."

Feng Xie added.


Tang Yue nodded without asking further questions.

It's fine if Feng Xie doesn't want to say it, but she doesn't really care too much.

"I said I would come back every day, so you started asking me what I like to eat. What else do you want to know in the future? Do you want to get to know me thoroughly so that you can seduce me?"

He lowered his voice, his voice was extremely provocative.

Tangyue was once again defeated by his associations, she just casually asked if he had any favorite food, yet he could guess so much.

"No, I said that I will not interfere with your life in the future, nor will I overstep without permission. Don't worry, what happened today will not happen again. I will not do anything you don't want to do or say. Will mention it again," she promised, like a qualified and virtuous wife.

She will not offend Feng Xie again in the future, she just wants to live in peace.

When the time is up, she leaves, simply.


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