Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 63

Hearing this, a faint smile flashed in Jiang Wenling's eyes.

The others dare not say a word.

Feng Xie had a relaxed face, as if he didn't take these things seriously.

Seeing his appearance, Feng Zhen's face became even more angry, he gritted his teeth and said, "Go and throw away all of Anya's belongings."

The housekeeper froze for a moment, looked at Feng Zhen in disbelief, and said in a low voice, "Yes."

Feng Xie's eyes, which had been slightly closed, suddenly opened, filled with murderous aura.

At this moment, a servant came in hurriedly from outside: "Master, Mr. Su and Ms. Su are here."

Feng Zhen's face became even more ugly, and he quickly stood up: "How is Miss Su?"

The reason why he came to Xingshi to inquire about the crime was because the Su family told him the news. The two families are family friends.

The servant hesitated for a moment before saying, "Mr. Su looks very angry, Miss Su's leg seems to be broken."


Feng Zhen frowned tightly, Su Kebi was injured, she was not in the hospital to recuperate, but was brought here by Su Zhixiang, it seemed that the matter was very serious.

He was expressing the importance he attached to Su Kebi, and wanted the Feng family to ask for an explanation.

Now the best way to deal with the aftermath is to let Feng Xie and Su Kebi get married. Anyway, Feng Xie will be responsible for hurting her.

The servant nodded: "Miss Su has been crying and walking with a limp, saying that her leg is useless and it can no longer be cured."

Feng Zhen felt a pain in his head, and hurriedly said: "Go, go and have a look."

After the same person went out, Tangyue looked at Feng Xie with a worried expression and said, "What's going on?"

Feng Xie's eyes flashed sharply.


In the hall, Su Zhixiang supported Su Kebi who had a pale face, his face was full of displeasure, Su Kebi was crying all the time, and there was still deep hatred hidden in her eyes.

Gone in a flash.

"What are you all doing in a daze, and you haven't made tea yet."

The housekeeper hurriedly ordered.

Su Zhixiang just stood there, with an ugly expression on his face, and said coldly: "There's no need to drink tea, I'm here this time to solve Kebi's matter."

Su Kebi supported the sofa and sat down slowly. With a pale face, she said: "Three days ago, I was put in a sack, and the other party did evil things to me indiscriminately."

Thinking of what happened that night, her breath became short of breath: "I covered my head with my hands, and those people beat my hands and legs, and my left leg and right hand were seriously injured."

Her voice became more and more painful, making people feel extremely pitiful: "The doctor said that my right hand hurt a nerve, and I will not be able to draw anymore, and my left leg will be crippled for a lifetime."

"I will find the best doctor with you."

A trace of unbearableness flashed across Feng Zhen's eyes, he looked at Su Zhixiang and said, "I also know some top doctors, I will send her there for treatment."

Su Kebi was depressed, she covered her face with her hands, and burst into tears: "It's useless, the hospital I went to was the best doctor in Haicheng, and he said that even if there is an operation, the success rate is only 20%. "

"I've become like this anyway, so I might as well just die like this."

When she was taken back to the Su family, she still had a beautiful dream in her heart, and it would be best if she could control all the property of the Su family.

After all, her mother is a mistress, and she can't even access the Su family's genealogy. What she wants, she can only rely on herself.

She was ambitious and courageous, but she did not expect to be defeated by this.

Feng Zhen rubbed his eyebrows in embarrassment: "Don't worry, Feng Xie has done such a thing, I will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation, if you can't move your hands and feet, let him marry you and take care of you for the rest of your life."

Su Kebi pursed her lips, and slightly stopped crying.

She didn't think that Su Zhixiang had much affection for her. If she was useless, she would definitely be abandoned by the Su family soon.

Su Zhixiang is still willing to bring her to the Feng family, not because of her, but because he wants to gain some benefits.

So, she raised her eyes swollen from crying, and said logically: "It was one o'clock in the evening that day. I went to Heijie. As soon as I opened the car door, I saw a few men rushing towards me. It was too dark. I didn't see their appearance clearly, anyway, they held knives and sticks in their hands, and they looked menacing, and they came here specifically for me."

"Feng Xie has also passed?"

Feng Zhen asked.

Jiang Wenling saw some doubts on Feng Zhen's face, which was gentle and generous, and there was a trace of worry and disappointment in his eyes: "Feng Xie has always been the boss of the black street, even if he returns to Feng's house, he has always been with those people. There is a relationship, the gangsters in the whole street listen to Feng Xie's words, those few people must have been found by Feng Xie."

"Just ask Feng Xie and you'll know. Miss Su has been tortured like this. Those people must be brought to justice."

The black streets in Haicheng are not a good place. Gambling, beatings and violations of law and discipline often appear in that area.

Feng Xie grew up in that place for a long time.

As the second young master of the Feng family, he had such an experience that Feng Zhen has always been ashamed of.

He patted the table: "I know he's an asshole, but I didn't expect him to be an asshole to this extent. He just disagrees with this marriage, and he dares to do such a thing!"

"It's simply presumptuous. Miss Su is still so young, and her wonderful youth has been ruined by him."

Su Zhixiang kept his expression somber and said nothing. He agreed with Feng Zhen's words.

"I don't know what to do in the future..."

Su Kebi said softly, and a few more tears rolled down her face, which was so charming.

Feng Zhen gritted his teeth and said, "Where's Feng Xie? What he provoked, now he's a coward!"

"Second Young Master is here!"

The servant's voice came over suddenly.

At the same time, two people came down from upstairs. Feng Xie put his arms around Tangyue's waist, his posture was languid, and there was a hint of coquettishness between his eyebrows. What about the party?"

Feng Zhen was taken aback.

He said that Tangyue must not be allowed to appear in front of everyone, let alone expose Tangyue as Feng Xie's wife, but they still dared to show up.

Su Zhixiang looked at Tangyue and frowned calmly.

It would be fine for Tangyue to be a woman that Feng Xie raised outside, but now that she has appeared in the Feng family, has she already been approved by the Feng family?

if it is like this?

So Kebi?

Tangyue was wearing a white dress with a pair of white slippers underneath, which were soft and weightless when stepped on. She turned her head, showing a fresh and refined face, and said softly: "I heard that Miss Su came to thank Feng Xie of?"

As soon as the voice fell, the surroundings became quiet.

Su Kebi looked at Tang Yue's face, jealousy flashed in her eyes, she clenched her hands tightly, almost unable to maintain the expression on her face.

Feng Xie was sitting on the wine-red sofa, with a cynical face on his face, he didn't look like he was here for a trial, but like he was on vacation.

He took a look at Tangyue, and suddenly stretched out his hand to embrace her, letting her sit on his lap, like a prodigal.

This made Feng Zhen angry again.

Su Zhixiang couldn't hold back anymore: "I don't think Second Young Master has the slightest thought of apologizing, so let's go."

He didn't take Tangyue's words to heart at all, and only regarded Tangyue as a fool.

Qin Zheng walked over from the side at this moment, he coughed: "Boss Su, Miss Su, you don't have to thank Young Master Feng too much, it's just a little effort, you go first."

As soon as these words came out, Su Zhixiang's footsteps that were about to move also stopped, and he couldn't move anymore.

He said in a deep voice, "Are you guys joking? I have to thank him for beating my daughter like this, for saving my daughter's life?"

Even if he didn't pay much attention to Su Kebi, he also felt so angry that his stomach hurts.

Qin Zheng looked at him with a calm face, and looked at him in surprise, with puzzled eyes: "Mr. Su, why would you say that? Five days ago, I happened to be dealing with some matters in the black street, and I saw Miss Su surrounded by a bunch of gangsters." I stopped, thinking that Young Master Feng told me to always help others, that's why I saved you, I told Young Master Feng afterwards, and he also expressed his approval of my actions."

"I thought you were here to thank Young Master Feng, could it be that I was wrong?"


Do you want to hear what the hell you're talking about?

Feng Xie...

Helping others?

Feng Xie propped his chin and looked at Qin Zheng with great interest, as if he was watching a big drama.

So just now Tang Yue and Qin Zheng murmured behind his back for so long, did they discuss these things?

Qin Zheng suddenly seemed to understand something, and a trace of embarrassment appeared on his face: "I understand, you all came here to thank me, but there is really no need, it's all because of Feng Shao's good teaching, otherwise I wouldn't have have a finger in the pie."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Feng Xie, hoping that Feng Xie would cooperate with him.

Feng Xie didn't even give him a look.

Qin Zheng didn't feel embarrassed, just smiled: "Young Master Feng has always kept a low profile. He has done too many good things, so he won't take such things to heart."

"Special assistant Qin, what are you talking about?" Someone couldn't help but questioned.

In broad daylight, what nonsense is Qin Zheng talking about?

When they are all fools?

He also described Feng Xie as a good person, Feng Xie has done all kinds of bad things, his crimes are too numerous to record, what kind of international joke are you making?

Qin Zheng was not happy: "Is it hard to understand? At that time, it was I who moved out of Feng Shao's reputation, which scared the little gangsters away. You also know Feng Shao's reputation in the black street, even if he is not in the black street now, Those people still fear him very much."

Seeing that Qin Zheng didn't seem to be lying, Su Zhixiang glanced at Su Kebi and asked with his eyes.

Su Kebi was also stunned for a moment.

In fact, she was not 100% sure that Feng Xie did it, but when those people beat her, she seemed to have heard Feng Xie's name.

But she was hit with a mild concussion at the time, and she was treated in the hospital later, and she wasn't even sure if what she heard was true.

Jiang Wenling covered her lips, and said in surprise: "Qin Special Assistant, don't lie, I heard from Ms. Su that Feng Xie hired someone to do her injuries."

"It's impossible for Miss Su to lie, right?"

Her words were very clever, anyway, she was just repeating Su Kebi's words, it would be best if she could push the matter to Feng Xie, if not, then it was Su Kebi's fault and had nothing to do with her.

Someone said: "We all know that Er Shao used to be the boss of the black street, and the gangsters in that area all listen to Er Shao."

Qin Zheng retorted: "What do you mean? Do you suspect that Miss Su's injury was caused by us? Feng Shao was famous in the black street before, but it has been a matter of years, and the people in the black street have changed. Another batch has been approved, besides, Young Master Feng wants to harm Miss Su, why did he choose to go to the black street?"

"At one o'clock that night, Ms. Su went to the black street alone. Surely it wasn't Feng Shao who asked you to go there, right? What were you going to do? Whoever let you go there will be more disliked."

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked at Su Kebi.

Su Kebi bit her lips tightly. It's not a decent place to go to places like the Black Street. She bought a banned drug in the past, and this drug was still intended to be used on Feng Xie.

But how could such words be said.

"A friend of mine told me to go there. She lived there, so I went there." Su Kebi had no choice but to lie.


Qin Zheng said meaningfully: "It turns out that Miss Su has friends who live in Heijie."

Su Kebi's face turned red and blue.

The people living in the black street are all different, and the slums in Haicheng are all concentrated there, but she has no way to explain it, and can only bear the questioning eyes of everyone.

"It's an old friend, a long time ago."

She took a deep breath, and there was a hint of uncertainty in her tone: "When I was put in a sack, I heard someone call Feng Xie's name again."

Qin Zheng quickly answered her words: "That's my voice. I mentioned Young Master Feng's name at that time, and they stopped. Otherwise, your little life will be gone."

"You were seriously injured at the time, and your whole body was covered with blood. I called, and Young Master Feng asked me to take you to the hospital. Otherwise, your situation would only get worse, and your hands and feet would have to be amputated."

Su Kebi's face was full of bewilderment, whether Feng Xie was her savior, she couldn't tell the difference now.

She was in the hospital when she woke up. It is said that a kind person brought her here, but that person had already left. She was in a serious condition at the time, so she didn't investigate who sent her to the hospital.

In short, she has no evidence.

Feng Zhen's expression softened a little, he looked at Feng Xie who was sitting on the sofa, and said in a deep voice, "Didn't you send someone to beat Miss Su?"

Feng Xie was about to be innocent now, but he still asked Feng Xie himself, hoping to learn the truth from him.

Feng Xie didn't raise his head, he played with Tang Yue's hair, his face was full of indifference.

Tang Yue patted his hand lightly, stood up, and said in a disappointed tone, "Mr. Feng, the matter is already clear. You let so many people come here, and you don't trust Feng Xie at all. If you ask him now, his answer is very Is it important?"

"Five days ago, Feng Xie was with me the whole time. In the middle of the night, Special Assistant Qin called him. I also heard that Feng Xie asked him to save someone. I can testify for him."

Feng Zhen's body froze slightly.

After Su Kebi's accident, when the Su family approached him, he believed that everything was done by Feng Xie, and he had no intention of investigating the matter at all.

After all, it was common for Feng Xie to do bad things.


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