Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 66

A trace of helplessness appeared on Tangyue's face, at this moment, the servant said: "Second Young Madam, the master invites you to go over."

She just made a deal with Feng Zhen to let Feng Xie go to work, but Feng Xie didn't persevere on the first day, and now she is probably looking for her for this matter.

Tangyue sighed and had no choice but to follow.

In the hall, Feng Zhen was the only one. He was sitting on the sofa, his face was hidden in the shadows, and the profile of his profile looked a bit like Feng Xie.

"President Feng."

Tang Yue said in a low voice.

Feng Zhen looked up at her, with a displeased expression on his face: "Tang Yue, you signed the agreement, you will leave the Feng family after giving birth, and get rid of all the little Jiujiu in your mind, I will not let you and Feng Xie stay together forever. Together."

It turned out to be a warning to her.

Standing in front of him, Tangyue said neither humble nor overbearing: "President Feng, I will divorce Feng Xie. The marriage will not last long in the first place. From the very beginning, I understood that you don't need to remind me."

Hearing this, Feng Zhen narrowed his eyes, he didn't think Tang Yue was telling the truth.

She seemed to have a very close relationship with Feng Xie, and Feng Xie hated women outside so much, it must have something to do with Tang Yue.

Feng Xie didn't come back very often before, and now he doesn't often go home. These are all changes for Tangyue.

His eyes were heavy and his face was ugly: "Feng Xie is indeed a bit absurd, but no matter how absurd, he is still my son, and not everyone can be worthy of it."

He took off his glasses, which made two red marks on his nose, and his expression was extremely cold.

Tang Yue smiled slightly: "I understand, Mr. Feng, I will leave when the time is up."

Feng Zhen squinted his eyes, he looked at Tang Yue carefully, this woman was calm, no matter what he said, she would not be moved.

She seemed to have stuck to the Feng family and never let go.


Who gave her confidence?

Feng Xie?

Did she think that Feng Xie would listen to her?

Feng Zhen sneered: "Feng Xie is only interested in you for a while now, and soon, he will lose interest. Don't you think he will protect you?"

"Did he listen to you? He even went to work."

Will Feng Xie protect her?


She has never thought about this matter. After all, people can only rely on themselves in this life. How could she think so?

Tang Yue blinked slowly, and said with a light smile, "But at least he's gone, isn't he? Today he's only gone for a minute, and tomorrow for two minutes...he will only stay longer in the future."

Feng Zhen's eyes deepened a little, he looked at Tang Yue silently, and his body began to release aura.

Tangyue still didn't change her face in front of him: "Mr. Feng, I know what you are worried about, but what you are worried about will never happen. I am a person who respects the agreement. After ten months, I will leave , absolutely do not stop."

"Feng Xie doesn't want to get married. If you force him, it will only make him more and more disgusted. If you just want him to return to the right path, you can use a milder method, at least not against him."

A person like Feng Xie has rebellious scales all over his body, the more he is forced, the more he will retaliate.

"Are you teaching me how to do things?"

"I can not."

Tangyue lowered her head softly. She has a beautiful face, not perfect, but very touching. When her lips are opened and closed, a canine tooth on the right is exposed, adding a bit of liveliness.

Under her own coercion, she is still so calm, which shows that her psychological quality is very good.

If it wasn't for the wrong occasion, Feng Zhen would probably have praised her, but if Tang Yue was Feng Xie's wife, then he would have a hundred dissatisfaction.

"What is your purpose?"

Feng Zhen knocked on the table and asked in a deep voice.

If it was said that Tang Yue stayed in the Feng family and had no other ideas, he would definitely not believe it.

Tangyue stood up straight, and said quietly: "During the time I stayed in Feng's house, I wanted to be safe and sound, so I also hope that Feng Xie will be fine."

"After I leave, I can't control these things."

"President Feng, I'm leaving first."

Tangyue bowed deeply and left directly.

The door opened with a creak, and the light came in. At that moment, Tangyue seemed to melt into the light and walked into another world.


The door was closed again, and the surroundings became dark.

Feng Zhen rubbed the center of his brows, put on his glasses again, his whole body was exuding coldness.

The woman Tangyue seemed to be different from what he had imagined.

If the Tang family hadn't been defeated, he might have recognized this daughter-in-law and asked her to help Feng Xie get on the right track.

But if it is not established.

How can an orphan girl sit firmly in this position.

He won't allow it.

After Tangyue came out, looking at the gushing red sun, she curled her lips slightly, she seemed to be in a good mood.

Feng Zhen came to her this time because he wanted to beat her up. She had already stated her position just now, and it didn't matter whether Feng Zhen believed it or not. Since he let him come out, he probably wouldn't cause trouble for him.

For these ten months, she can raise her baby with peace of mind.

This is also her greatest hope.


Tangyue continued her leisurely child-raising life. During the day, she went to Wangyue Zhai to check on the situation. Wangyue Zhai was doing well, and most of the time she was still raising babies at Fengjia.

Feng Xie said that he didn't come back every day, but he did come back more frequently. He often didn't see anyone before, but now he came back three to five times a week.

They always come back at night, and they don't do anything to her, just hug her to sleep.

Tangyue was not used to it at first, but she had to keep smiling.

Maybe it was too many times, but gradually, she got used to it, no matter how tightly Feng Xie hugged her at night, she could still fall asleep peacefully.

She is a keen observer, after observing during this period of time, she also figured out some of Feng Xie's hobbies.

For example, he eats quickly and is not picky, but he eats loofah more than pumpkin. For example, he loves sports, even if he comes back at night, he will go to the gym downstairs to exercise. Another example is that he likes darker clothes.

Feng Xie now decides how she will live in the Feng family, so Tangyue is willing to spend more time with him.



The surrounding area was in full swing, and the sound of explosive music was deafening. Everyone was in an extravagant atmosphere, dancing close to each other, extremely ambiguous.

Su Ling was very satisfied with this situation, he walked towards Feng Xie with a smile: "Brother Xie, it doesn't matter if you don't like the few women I found for you last time, this time I found some more interesting ones. "

Feng Xie raised his hand, revealing an expensive watch under his cuff.

He hooked his lips: "It's nine o'clock, it's time."

Su Ling was stunned: "What time is it?"

Feng Xie said: "I want to go back."

Su Ling: "?"

The wind was so strong that he couldn't hear at all.

What did Brother Xie say just now?

He wants to go home.

"The nightlife has just begun, Brother Xie, what are you kidding, you go back, where can you go back? Tonight must be all night."

Su Ling hurriedly said, he began to keep guessing in his heart whether Brother Xie hadn't forgiven himself, and next time he would reject him.

"I have to go to work tomorrow morning."

Feng Xie said flatly, that he also rejected Su Ling's invitation to stay overnight.

The sound wave was so loud that Su Ling felt like his ears were going deaf.


This word is too old, it seems that Brother Xie used to go to work a long time ago, but not anymore.

They don't hang out in this kind of night scene all the time.


Su Ling was about to say something when the phone rang, and then he saw Feng Xie walking out of the clubhouse.

He glanced at it just now, and the note seemed to be Tang Yue.

Brother Xie and Tangyue are still together.

Su Ling thought about it for a while, and was really afraid that Feng Xie was still angry with him, so she followed her out. Unlike the noisy environment inside, it was much quieter outside.

Feng Xie casually leaned against the wall. He was in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking down at this bustling city.


The man's voice is hoarse and magnetic, and has the power to confuse people in the dark night.

Tangyue asked: "Auntie stewed chicken soup today, do you want to come back and drink it? It's still hot."

chicken soup...

Has he never had chicken soup?

Such a trivial matter should be asked to him.


After thinking about it, Feng Xie added: "I'm in the car now, I'll be back soon."

"Okay, then I'll wait for you."

The woman's tone was soft.

Feng Xie's brows and eyes softened a little, he hung up the phone in satisfaction, and strode outside, ignoring Su Ling who stood stunned at the side.

Su Ling: "!"

he can't hear


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