Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 67

But after that incident, he began to reject going to work.

There are many Jiang Wenling's people in the company. After Feng Xie took office by air, he won the hearts of the people at first, and he did well. Later, a few people under him embezzled public funds and betrayed Feng Xie. It was from this moment that Feng Xie gave these people a hard lesson.

There is actually a more gentle way to deal with this kind of thing, but he came from the black street after all, and his methods are already ruthless. It is said that those people were almost beaten to death by him. This incident directly affected Feng's stock , Feng Zhen was furious when he found out, and the relationship between Feng Xie and him became even more turbulent after that.

From that moment on, he was unwilling to go to work in the Feng family.

Tang Yue frowned. Feng Zhen arranged for Feng Xie to be Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Group, a subsidiary of Feng's Group. The company is very large and there are too many employees to manage.

She has studied many management courses since she was a child, but Feng Xie didn't learn anything. His methods are cruel and violent. At the beginning, he did make his subordinates obedient, but if someone plotted against him in the middle, he still used this method to get rid of him. Solved, that's not good.

This is a legal society.

Covering Tangyue's eyes with both hands, a hoarse male voice came from above: "Can't sleep? Then let's do something meaningful."

After he finished speaking, he suddenly rolled over and fell on Tangyue's body.

Tangyue froze for a moment, and put her hands on her stomach to protect the child. In the darkness, her voice was a little flustered: "Don't..."

Feng Xie approached her, took a breath on her neck, and without making any sound, he whispered in her ear, "What were you thinking just now?"

As if if she didn't tell the truth, he wouldn't let her go.

At this moment, Tangyue thought a lot, and finally told the truth: "I know why you don't like going to work."

The man's breathing sank a little.

"There are many people from Jiang Wenling in the company. She tripped you up, but you didn't have evidence, so you gave those people a hard lesson."

Tangyue boldly said: "Jiang Wenling is very dissatisfied with your arrival. You must have affected her status when you went to work in the Feng Corporation. Her position in the company has long been entrenched. It is very easy to instruct a few people. You can't be angry. , use your own method to solve it, but in fact this method is wrong.”


Feng Xie uttered a monosyllabic word without any emotion.

Tang Yue pursed her lips before saying, "There are a lot of intrigues in the big company, and your methods are too violent."

Maybe Jiang Wenling's idea was to irritate Feng Xie and make him explode, so that there would be a rift between Feng Xie and Feng Zhen, and she would be able to take advantage of it.

After this incident, Feng Xie never went to the company again.

The environment he grew up in was too dark, so his methods were also very dark. He could deal with these people openly, but the public thought it was wrong.

This is where the problem lies.

So he is also full of cold hatred for this world.

To change these problems, it is necessary to reshape Fengxie's values.

This is a very long process.

Feng Xie sneered: "Isn't it too late to dislike my methods now?"

He clasped Tang Yue's hand, and the scorching heat was transmitted to her through the palm of his hand, his voice was extremely cold: "I am such a person, if he betrays me, I will make his life worse than death."

The hand slowly moved to Tangyue's neck. At that moment, Tangyue smelled a faint smell of tobacco: "So, don't betray me."

Tangyue was silent, she felt the coldness, which directly spread to her chest.

Finally, she closed her eyes hard.

She could never agree with Feng Xie's point of view, but she seemed to be able to understand him through those dark things.

The environment in which he grew up made him like this. In such a gray country, the weak preyed on the strong and the fittest survived. He used to survive in an almost cruel way.

Hate others, and be cruel to others.

This is his law of survival.

Although others cannot understand it, it is real.

Her fingers brushed her hair, bringing a trembling feeling, and the man's voice was deep and deep: "Why don't you talk? Is there something you are hiding from me?"

Tangyue's heartbeat suddenly accelerated, it was obvious in the dark night, Feng Xie obviously heard it too, and he put his hand on her chest.

Suddenly, there was a playful smile in his voice: "Did I hit the mark?"

Chill spread in the air.

Tangyue tried to calm down her nervousness, she whispered: "No, it's just a little hot, I can understand you. It's the first time you manage such a big company, and you can make the employees obedient. It's already very good , Later, it was discovered that someone had betrayed the company, and it is normal for you to teach him a lesson."

Is it normal?

Actually not normal.

Just finding out that some employees had betrayed him, he almost beat them to death. How crazy can a person do such a thing.

But the target was changed to Feng Xie, and everything seemed normal again.

Feng Xie said playfully, "Very powerful?"

He couldn't see Tangyue's expression, but he knew she was talking nonsense.

The heir raised by the big family, who will not manage the company?

"That's right, you were able to catch the thief without causing any losses to the company, which is already very powerful." Tangyue said very seriously.

If it's someone else, I guess they don't have the ability to get them out, but the means are really extreme.

Her voice has the power to comfort people's hearts: "Actually, if you want someone to pay the price, you don't just have to beat him up. There are other ways. For example, to make an eagle suffer is to break its wings, and to make a lark suffer is to make the lark suffer." It loses its voice. When you deal with things in the future, you can't put yourself in it."

"Anyway, during this time, I will help you well."

Only by helping Feng Xie well, can she stay in Feng's house safely during this period of time.

As soon as she finished speaking, Tangyue felt that her chin was lifted, and in the next second, hot breath touched her lips.

Tossing and turning.

I don't know if it was her illusion, but compared with the previous kiss, this kiss seemed too gentle.

Tangyue opened her mouth, let him kiss, and fell in love with him.

It's just that the moonlight shines on the corners of her eyes, and she looks very awake.

A good night's sleep.


the next day.

Tangyue opened her eyes first, and she glanced at Feng Xie on the bed, feeling a little helpless in her eyes.

She seemed to have done unnecessary things yesterday.

He simply didn't go to work today.

She went in to wash while thinking.

The door was knocked open, and Madam Wu came in with food: "Madam, I made your favorite lotus seed soup today..."

As soon as she reached the bedside, she met Feng Xie's sharp eyes.

Mama Wu: "..."

Feng Xie will come back these few days, but he has already gone to the company at this time, why is he in bed now.

Feng Xie frowned, scratched his hair, narrowed his eyes dangerously: "Did I tell you not to come in casually?"

How did you get into trouble with this evil god?

Wu Ma's face was a little embarrassed: "Second Young Master, you haven't gone to work yet?"

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