Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 68

He has been wandering for so many years, is this the first time he meets a woman who smiles and says she wants to help him?

Tangyue didn't notice that Feng Xie's expression was wrong, she stood up, and she smoothed the hem of her skirt, which swayed like a flower petal: "Have you not had breakfast yet, I asked someone to leave breakfast for you, Wen Okay, can you eat it right away?"


Feng Xie turned around and walked into the room, clenched her hands unconsciously.

There is also a warm breakfast. It was the first time he felt that someone had breakfast for him. This feeling was very novel.

Tangyue ordered Wu Ma to bring the breakfast up, this time Wu Ma didn't come in, but just brought the breakfast outside.

It was a steaming bowl of lean meat porridge, still steaming, served with a stack of dumplings and mustard.

Tangyue gently scooped up the porridge with a spoon, let the temperature dissipate a little, and made sure it wasn't that hot before handing it to Feng Xie.

Feng Xie took a big gulp of porridge, suddenly thought of something, and stopped: "Who made the breakfast?"

"It's made in the kitchen. Mama Wu just came here to deliver breakfast."

Obviously Feng Xie didn't say anything, but Tang Yue just felt that he didn't want to eat the breakfast made by Wu Ma.

Hearing this, Feng Xie's expression softened a little, and he continued to eat porridge.

Tangyue was sitting next to him, reading a book with her head down.

When Feng Xie was almost done eating, Tangyue looked up at him and asked, "Feng Xie, do you know the law of colleagues?"

Feng Xie swallowed the last mouthful of porridge, looked at her with heavy eyes, and didn't speak.

Tang Yue said slowly: "The law of colleagues is to treat your employees as partners."

Feng Xie lazily raised his eyes, expressionless: "Partners? Are they worthy?"

Tangyue: "...."

She only persuaded: "You don't have to think so in your heart, but at least you have to behave like this in action, otherwise it will cause dissatisfaction among employees."

It's like beating up an employee directly, and almost killing him. Even if Feng Xie took a word of reason, it would also make other employees feel fearful.

this is not right.


A duplicity woman, she actually taught herself to play this trick.

Feng Xie curled his lips mockingly, and in the next second, he seemed to have thought of something, and his expression froze: "You also treat me differently? On the surface, you say you like me, but you have other thoughts in your heart."

Tangyue: "...."

She panicked, and she was afraid to look at Feng Xie.

Did he guess?

Feng Xie breathed a sigh of relief: "Tangyue, it's okay for you to be inconsistent with others, but if you play tricks on me, I will definitely make you regret it."

The voice was cold, from the ears to the bottom of the heart.

Tangyue lowered her eyes, brushed her hair back from her ears, and said softly, "This is what I read in a book today, and I just want to share it with you."

Feng Xie stared at her for a while, then withdrew his gaze.

As long as she didn't lie to herself, otherwise, he would make her pay the price.

After withdrawing her persuasive gaze, Tangyue breathed a sigh of relief, and said boldly, "I know you don't like reading, so after I read it, can I tell you about it?"

The Feng family has a large study room, in which there are many management company books, which were prepared by the old lady Feng for Feng Xie.

In the beginning, Mrs. Feng invited someone to teach Feng Xie how to manage the company, but Feng Xie didn't want to learn at all.

Tangyue still hoped to instill some knowledge in him, otherwise he wouldn't be able to last long with his underworld methods.

Feng Xie sneered, didn't want to pay attention to Tang Yue, turned around and left.

Tangyue grabbed his sleeves, her hands were long and white, and her voice was soft and soft: "Try it, I promise I won't disturb you, just learn a little every day, just promise me."

The ending sound is low, with a hint of hooking.

If Feng Xie refuses to learn anything, he won't make any progress even if he goes to work. People need to improve bit by bit, even if the progress is very slow.

Otherwise, you will be eliminated.

Feng Xie was so seduced by her that he couldn't move. He stopped, stared at her delicate lips for a while, and rolled his throat: "Okay, but I have a request, you give me a kiss."

kiss him?

The two kissed a lot, but most of the time it was Feng Xie who took the initiative, and she accepted it passively. She was... a little embarrassed to ask her to kiss him.

Seeing her hesitate, Feng Xie's eyes turned cold: "It's fine if you don't kiss."

He tugged his sleeves back and was about to leave.

Tangyue clung tightly, but he didn't pull it.


Anyway, it's not like they haven't kissed before.

She stood on tiptoe, closed her eyes tightly, her butterfly-like eyelashes trembled slightly, pouting her lips lightly, and kissed Feng Xie's side face.

Because I didn't control the strength well, I made a "boo" sound.

The woman's body pressed against him, as soft as if it had no bones.

Feng Xie squinted his eyes, feeling the warmth on his face. He wrapped his arms around Tang Yue's waist, engulfed her with his hot lips, and said vaguely, "The one who wants to kiss is here." , not the face."

I really want to do it with her.

After the kiss, such an idea appeared in his mind.

Tangyue's eyes seemed to be covered with water, she pushed Feng Xie's chest, pushing him away a little.

The temperature on the two of them was scalding hot.

After a while.

Tangyue sat on the chair, she put the book in front of her, every time her bony fingers brushed the pages, they made a slight brushing sound.

After reading a page, she read out the knowledge in the book in a nutshell.

Feng Xie stared at her constantly opening and closing lips, wondering if she listened.

"Feng Xie, what is the most important factor for a leader?"

Tangyue asked a question suddenly, her expression was very serious, a bit like a head teacher.

head teacher……

His eyes drifted away, thinking of some videos he had watched before.

Tangyue's face was full of disappointment, her eyelashes were covered, and she looked a little pitiful: "So, Feng Xie, didn't you listen to me just now? I have been working hard all this time."


Seeing her disappointed, he was actually very upset.

Feng Xie gritted his teeth: "Knowing people and making good use of them makes employees full of confidence..."

Fuck self confidence!

There was a hint of surprise in Tangyue's eyes. She didn't expect Feng Xie to repeat what she said just now, and her voice raised her voice: "Feng Xie, your memory is really good, as long as you listen to it once, you You can memorize everything, you are so smart, you will learn everything very quickly."

Feng Xie was silent.

"You must learn to run a company very quickly."

As long as he can learn more about management, he will not use violence to treat employees.

Feng Xie looked at her mockingly: "Isn't this a very normal thing?"

In fact, he has never been very fond of studying, and he has never put his mind on it. After Anya left, he was adopted by a dancer in the black street. It was said that that person was Anya's former friend. Anya was kind to her, so she helped him out.

But that woman is very busy, and different men often come to her house. At this time, she will drive him out, and he often sleeps on the street.

That woman was neither nice nor bad to him, and when he was older, she sent her to school, and occasionally gave him a dollar or two to make sure he didn't starve to death.

He was expelled from high school for fighting, but those classes were easy and meaningless to him.

No matter what book it is, he only needs to glance at it to remember it, but what's the use of remembering it?

"How can it be normal?"

Tangyue was surprised and said: "There is a gap between people. Some people can memorize articles in an hour, while others may take three hours. Someone like you must have a high IQ. You can learn everything. soon."

It's just that I didn't use my intelligence on the right path.

She added in her mind.

"No wonder, you managed the company so well for the first time. It seems that you have a strong learning ability."

No matter what the situation is and who the other party is, all you need to do is praise. Compliments are the best way to make people feel at ease.

Sure enough, the obscurity in Feng Xie's eyes disappeared slightly.

Tangyue took the opportunity to say: "If you put your mind on the company, it will be fine, and if you study management well, no matter what situation you face in the future, you can easily solve it."

"You want me to run the company?"

Feng Xie glanced at her. He actually had no interest in Feng's property at all. When Feng Zhen asked him to go, he was just playing tricks, but he didn't like it later, so he left.

After all, he has no interest in these.

If Feng Zhen didn't have Anya's belongings in his hands, and the news about Anya's disappearance, he wouldn't even want to stay with the Feng family.

"Of course, since you have to agree, you must do it well and do your best."

Tangyue rubbed her belly, a faint light flashed in her eyes: "Don't give up halfway."

Feng Xie stared at her, his eyes gradually changed, his eyes changed, he gritted his teeth and said, "Are you plotting against me?"

Tang Yue: "?"

Where did she show her secrets again? It was discovered by Feng Xie.

Feng Xie sneered: "Tangyue, did I tell you that if you dare to plot against me, the consequences are not something you can bear."

Now he also found that Tangyue was not as gentle as he thought. This woman was scheming, and it was good to have scheming, but it would be wrong to use her scheming on him.

"You and Feng Zhen used me to make a deal and let me go to work in the company. It's not because you are jealous. You don't want me to marry other women, but you want me to make some achievements in the company."

Tangyue: "...."

She really discovered that she shouldn't underestimate Feng Xie's IQ.

Feng Xie grabbed her chin and said sharply: "You lied to me, you are with me because of my identity."

She wanted him to work well in the company, wanted him to make progress, and wanted him to be the leader of the Feng Group, so she approached him and said that she liked her.

She calculated every step, and it was really difficult for her.

After hearing this, Tangyue started to think quickly, she nodded: "Yes, I hope you can do well in the company, but it's not for me, but for yourself."

She organized her words: "If I don't care about you, how can I meddle in these nosy things, but you are by my side, I hope you can be well, even if I leave, you can still work and live well, so that you will be happy okay?"

Her voice is gentle and has a soothing power.

Very sincere, not like lying.

The eyes are so clear that one can see the deepest part at a glance.

Feng Xie put down his hand, and the coldness in his eyes dissipated.

It seems that this level has passed, Tangyue pursed her lips, and she said softly: "From now on, when you come back every night, I will help you study, firstly, it can help you remember some knowledge, and secondly, it can also help you hypnotized."

He doesn't sleep well, and this is a good way to go.

Seeing that he was not disgusted, Tangyue took out more than a dozen books from the cabinet: "I will organize these books and simplify them. You can read them when you have time. Anyway, your memory is that of ordinary people. Several times, you must read it once."

She cautiously dismissed Feng Xie, and continued: "It's all very easy, and you don't need to memorize it every day, just listen to it. I've read these books, and there are some business methods of celebrities in them, which are worth learning from. "

You don't need to study, you just need to be familiar with it.

Tangyue knew that if she deliberately arranged studies and made detailed plans, people would lose interest, so she made everything very simple and easy for people to learn.

What Feng Xie lacked was not ability, but some means of dealing with people.

"Have you read all these books?"

Those books are very thick, each of them is like a Xinhua dictionary, filled with densely packed words, just looking at them gives me a headache.

Tang Yue actually finished reading it all.

"Well, I couldn't stick to it halfway, but I thought it would help you understand more, so I finished it."

Tangyue was a little shy. In fact, she chose these books as her previous compulsory books. She just read them again this time: "I promise I won't waste too much of your time. Just listen to it for a while every day. How about it?" ?”

Feng Xie didn't speak.

But he opened a heavy book, pointed at the tadpole-like characters, and said coolly, "How do I organize it?"

Is this a promise?

Thinking in her heart, Tang Yue took out a pen and wrote down a few theorems on a piece of white paper: "Just follow the title on the catalogue. It seems to be a long article, but it can be summed up in one line, and then There are useful stories in this, and I will tell you."


He's fine anyway, so she can tell a story if she wants to.

Her voice is nice, and every time he stays by her side, the impetuousness in his heart will be relieved a lot.

His expression became clearer again, Tangyue took this opportunity to open the book just now, and continued to read.

This time, Feng Xie seemed to be listening more seriously than before.

He was sitting on a chair, with a pen in his hand, looking straight at her.

"Okay, let's stop here for today. Later, I will draw out the key points in the book before continuing."

Tang Yuehe went to the book, and she tidied up the table, intending to end the day.

In a way, she has achieved what she wants.

Seeing that her lips were no longer moving, Feng Xie stood up, and as soon as he walked to her side, he smelled the fragrance of her body mixed with the fragrance of ink, which made people feel impetuous.

"Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is looking for a new partner recently, and I plan to cooperate with Wangyuezhai."

Feng Xie said suddenly.


Tangyue was a little restless, she knocked a book on the ground, just as she was going to pick it up, Feng Xie had already put the book on the table.


"You seem a little uneasy?"

Feng Xie squinted at her.

Tangyue pursed her lips: "I'm just a little surprised. After all, Wangyuezhai is only a small company. It has been established for less than three months, with a small scale and few employees. You can definitely find a stronger company to cooperate with. .”

"Really? I thought you were very optimistic about Wangyuezhai, otherwise why would you be willing to go to Wangyuezhai to be an administrator."

Feng Xie smiled faintly, but there was no smile in his eyes.

Tang Yue's heart skipped a beat.


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