Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 69

"I really think Wangyuezhai is very good. Ding Fu has also developed Anshen Pill, which is even better. In addition, the environment there is very good, so I went to find a job."

Tangyue just froze for a moment, then answered very smoothly.

Feng Xie didn't look at her either, and said casually: "The boss of Wangyuezhai used to work at Qinghetang, I thought you knew him."

Tangyue's heart tightened, she asked Ding Fu to reopen Wangyuezhai, just to conceal his identity, but he has always been in Haicheng, and his personal information is not a secret, if you want to check it, it is easy to find out. Found it.

Feng Xie knew so clearly, he must have checked Ding Fu.

But why did he want to investigate?

"I used to be a student, and I have never had contact with the staff of Qinghetang, and I don't know him."

Tangyue directly denied it: "I heard that you have to take Anshen Wan for a long time, so I went to work at Wangyuezhai, so maybe I can get Anshen Pill earlier."

Feng Xie didn't know whether to believe it or not, he said flatly: "Wangyue Zhai can cooperate with the Su family, so naturally they can cooperate with me. They can research the Anshen Pill, and presumably they can also research other pills."

"At present, Wangyuezhai has not launched a better pill, either because of funding problems, or because the medicinal materials are not in place, and I can solve these."

He sneered, his eyes like the deep sea: "I guess it's the latter, the boss of Wangyuezhai has been collecting some rare medicinal materials for a while."

So he asked Wang Yuezhai to develop a better medicine than tranquilizing medicine.

Tangyue looked up at him, a flash of astonishment flashed in her eyes, these days Feng Xie was hanging out with friends, he didn't want to go to work at all, why did he know so much.

He knew that he was secretly collecting medicinal materials.

She bit her lip. She obviously did this matter very secretly, and Ding Fu had to be more careful. When developing new medicines, he must not disclose the medicinal materials and formulas.

As a result, Feng Xie saw through all of this.

He looks like a jerk, but he has a pair of eyes that are too penetrating. He doesn't care about anything, but everything is under his control. The old lady Feng said that after he returned home, he directly took over as the president of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Group, and within a day he managed all the people submissively. She thought it was an exaggeration, but it seemed to be true. He hates studying, but as long as she reads it once, he can remember it clearly.

This man, he is probably not only crazy, but also has a high enough IQ. If he hadn't taken the wrong path when he was a child, he would definitely grow into a social elite with extremely high IQs.

She really...could have lied to him?

Tang Yue's expression was serious, she looked at Feng Xie seriously: "You are right, if you want to cooperate with Wangyue Zhai, I will help you."

Wang Yuezhai's superficial boss is Ding Fu, but in fact she is the boss behind it.

Since Feng Xie can see this layer, it's not easy to be fooled. Although the risk is high, she is willing to cooperate with him.

They will achieve a win-win situation.

Want to help him again?

Feng Xie lazily lifted his eyelids and glanced at her.

Some noisy voices reached his ears: "Feng Xie, you have disappointed me so much, I brought you home because I want you to make a good achievement in Fengshi, what have you done? ? Fighting and fighting, it really was raised from that kind of shameful place, without any upbringing."

"Looking at what you've done, the company's stock has fallen so much. If I had known earlier, I shouldn't have taken you home."

"Don't scold Feng Xie, it's his first time to work, he must not be familiar with it, take your time, this kind of problem won't happen next time."

"Next time? Does he have a next time? Those people are lying in the hospital now, almost dying. He did it. I'll take care of the matter this time. Next time I think I will send him to prison myself."

Feng Zhen and Jiang Wenling, these two people sing the red face and the bad face.

Of course he knew that this matter had something to do with Jiang Wenling, and she fanned the flames to make Feng Zhen angry and disappointed in him.

But Feng Xie never cared about Feng Zhen's attitude towards him, he stayed in Feng's house purely for An Ya.

What do other people have to do with him.

Whether the people around him are not afraid of him or hate him, he is already used to it.

Now there is a woman who lifts that layer of thick fog. She is like a delicious fruit, standing in front of him, and she says she will help him.

Then give her a chance.

Anyway, his life was very boring, so it's okay to have a little more color now.

Tangyue stood in front of the table, picked up the pen, and wrote down a few herbs.

These are very rare herbs.

Different from hers, although her handwriting is beautiful, it penetrates the back of the paper and exudes a sharpness.

Feng Xie glanced at her, thoughtfully: "Tangyue, your handwriting is not like yours."

The person is delicate and soft, and anyone can pinch it.

Tangyue said: "When I was at Wangyuezhai, I saw them looking for some medicines. If you can find them, you will definitely be able to negotiate cooperation with Wangyuezhai soon."

Medicines are not easy to find.

Otherwise, those pills of the Tang family would not be lost.

Not only is the formula difficult, but the medicinal materials are even more difficult. Those drug dealers who cooperated with the Tang family at the beginning, without the Tang family, also went bankrupt and disappeared.

If Feng Xie can quickly find these medicinal materials and provide them in large quantities, then any cooperation will not be a problem.

Feng Xie looked at her for a while, then said in a low voice, "You are like a spy in Wang Yue Zhai."


Tangyue was stunned for a moment, thinking whether she had exposed too much and wanted to save it, but fortunately Feng Xie didn't care.

He suddenly said: "I don't care about the company's profitability."

This is Feng's company, and it has nothing to do with him, no matter what the business is like, so what.

Tang Yue frowned: "But you are in the Feng family, even if you don't fight for anything, you are already in the whirlpool."

The child in her stomach will definitely live in the Feng family in the future, Feng Xie will not fight, what will be used to protect the child in the future.

She doesn't want Feng Xie to be successful, but at least she doesn't want to be tricked by the rest of the Feng family. The Feng family still has Young Master Feng, who has never been masked, who has been dealing with foreign affairs. At home, there is Jiang Wenling, who is working for her. Children pave the way.

And Feng Xie...

He seemed to have nothing but himself and his children.

Feng Xie stared at him closely, and said word by word: "I want to investigate the news about Anya."

Isn't Anya dead?

In fact, Tangyue has always been curious about why Feng Xie is always obsessed with a dead person. After so many years, Anya's body has already rotted away.

Maybe it's because he loves his mother deeply.

Thinking of this, Tangyue's complexion softened a little. Feng Xie's affection for her mother also proved that he is not that bad.

"You care about your mother very much. When she took you away, she must love you very much."

Tang Yue said, otherwise Anya would have thrown him directly into the Feng family instead of taking him away, but she never thought that she would die early, leaving Feng Xie to face the world alone.

"She abandoned me."

Feng Xie said without hesitation, with a slight disgust in his midnight-like eyes.

Anya abandoned him?

So Feng Xie was living alone at a young age, his attachment to Anya was not because he loved his mother so much, but he just wanted to ask why she abandoned him.

In fact, it is easy to understand.

Anya may have loved Feng Xie at first, otherwise she wouldn't have taken him away, but under the turmoil of life, this kind of love is simply too shallow.

After she threw away Feng Xie, at least she would have a lot of retreats, at least she would be able to support one less person, and it would be easier for her to find a woman.

This is the reason Tangyue can analyze.

If she's right, he's been in hell and never been treated kindly.

"You want to know why?" Her voice was so soft it was barely audible.

Feng Xie's long eyelashes covered her eyes, and her eyes became deeper.

It's a bit ridiculous to say, but he really wanted a result. He wanted to know why Anya abandoned him? Or maybe, he still held some hope that she was not dead.

He has obsession.

That woman gave him a life. When they were very young, they lived in a dilapidated house. She would sing a lullaby to lull him to sleep, and she would also leave him the last bit of oil and water.

This woman is still his mother, and they are connected by blood, which should be the closest relationship.

But she also betrayed herself.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be betrayed.

Feng Xie curled his lips mockingly, his eyes seemed to have life-threatening hooks: "So curious about my affairs?"

Tang Yue shook her head: "If you don't want to talk about it, forget it."

She doesn't like poking people's scars.

Feng Xie lowered his head to look at her. She was a small and soft lump, with fair skin and straight breasts, trembling with her breathing.

She looked very well-behaved, not aggressive at all, but he knew she had claws, and this little rabbit with only claws now showed its teeth to help him.

He smiled lowly, stroked her long hair with his big palm, it was incredibly soft, and said in an ambiguous voice, "You said you want to help me, so how are you going to help me?"

The best way to help him is actually to sleep with him, but she is not in good health, and every time it comes to a critical moment, she will refuse, Feng Xie is a normal man, every night when he sleeps with her, he will feel depressed.

It's not that he has no doubts about Tangyue, and this kind of doubt has not disappeared with the passage of time, but has become more and more serious.

He suspected that Tang Yue approached him with ulterior motives, but after searching and probing, he did not find any clues.

When there is no definite evidence, he will observe carefully and will not stop Tangyue from approaching.

"I'm not helping you now, I'll read to you, and I can also tell you the news that Wang Yuezhai has inquired about... eh."

Feng Xie lifted her chin and kissed her. It was a very innocent kiss. He gently rubbed her lips until they became slightly warm.

Tangyue pushed his chest, not knowing why he suddenly started kissing herself again.

Did she say anything else that caught his attention?

But what she said just now were all very normal things.

Sensing Tangyue's resistance, Feng Xie simply restrained her, then kissed her fiercely.

Tangyue: "...."

She had no choice but to soften her body obediently, this move really worked, Feng Xie has always been soft, so her movements softened a little.

"Feng Xie..."

"Don't you want to help me?"

Feng Xie moved her lips away, but his forehead was still pressed against hers. The distance between the two of them seemed very close. He gasped, and his voice was extremely sexy: "Then go to the company with me tomorrow."

The hormones emanating from his body were too strong, the faint smell of tobacco and fresh mint all the way to Tangyue's nose, making her heart beat faster for no reason.

The room was very empty, there were only the two of them. With such a distance, she had to only pay attention to him in Feng Xie's arms, and had to palpitate only for him.

too close……

And it's hot.

Feng Xie didn't take a step closer, he let go of her, and the distance between the two also widened: "I'm going to sleep, you accompany me."

Hearing this, Tang Yue hesitated, Feng Xie's body is so hot now, if she sleeps with him, something will happen later.

It was still early, and she had no intention of going to sleep.

Tangyue said, "Go to sleep, I'll sing for you, okay?"

"I want to hold you to sleep."

Feng Xie said that he made up his mind to hug Tangyue.

In broad daylight, she seemed to be out for a walk and didn't want to sleep at all.

"I wanted to talk to you about the guitar. When the guitar arrived, I learned that lullaby. Since you are going to sleep, I will accompany you."

Tang Yue said with some regret.

3, 2...

She counted the numbers in her head.

Feng Xie glanced at her: "When did you learn it?"

"Just last week, I asked someone to buy a guitar, and I learned the lullaby I often sing to you. Do you want to listen to it?"

She took a step back and went to the side to take out the guitar.

The guitar is still new.

"You play well?"

Feng Xie asked lazily.

"It's average. I learned a little before, but I haven't practiced it since. It's a bit rusty." Tangyue smiled.

Feng Xie was silent. He sat on the bed with most of his body leaning against her. He didn't sleep either, but just looked at her with his chin propped up.

Tangyue understood what he meant, and gently plucked the strings.

An Mi and melodious songs flowed from her fingertips.

Feng Xie doesn't know music, but she also knows that her piano sound is very good. To describe her in general is simply too modest.

She was sitting on a chair, her skirt was very long, falling to the ground, her long hair was hanging down, covering her face, and the wind was blowing slowly, making her look like a fairy even more.

Well, it is a fairy in the sky.

Feng Xie remembered that when he was very young, he had watched a drama in which a fairy came down to repay her kindness. At that time, he only thought it was ridiculous.

Now it feels like it might be true.

There really are fairies from the sky who come down to earth to repay their kindness.

He closed his eyes slightly, and listened to the music seriously. This lullaby was sung by Tangyue's voice, and it was already very pleasant to hear. Now, it is even more pleasant to hear when she plays it with the guitar.

He felt really sleepy.

"Feng Xie, are you asleep?"

Tang Yue said softly.

Seeing Feng Xie leaning against the head of the bed, she put down the guitar and walked over with almost no sound.

Feng Xie didn't move, watching what she was going to do.

Tangyue took off his coat gently, and she took off Feng Xie's shoes, and then covered him with the quilt on the side.

A gust of fragrant wind hits.

"Go to sleep."

she said finally.


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