Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 41

The destination was quickly reached. The party was held on an open-air rooftop, but the water side had been to this place.

Yes, this place used to be a place where Lin Xichi often brought her here. This is also a secret base for her and Lin Xichi. In the past, whenever she was unhappy, she would come here. I didn’t expect that this place has been transformed into such a place, and parties can also be held ?

Probably seeing what was on Shui's side, Ye Buxiu said lightly, "Come here?"

Shui Fang quickly shook his head.

There are two people who look like security guards at the door. Anyone who goes in has to show their invitation letter, because this party is only for the rich, but this is just an excuse for everyone. Ai Qing is just looking for sponsors in order to make a living.

After Ye Buxiu led the water party and showed his invitation letter to the security guard, he was let in.

"This party is really fun. I need an invitation letter to enter the party for the first time."

She gave Ye Buxiu a blank look, "What kind of person are you, do you count as the richest man in the world?"

"Then you are also the wife of the richest man in the world, my little lady~"


Originally thought that there should be few rich people in City A, but after waiting on the terrace, I realized that the place is filled with people. Nobles and elites from all walks of life are gathered here. Everyone is wearing expensive evening gowns and expensive suits. Of course, these things are extremely cheap in Ye Buxiu's eyes, after all, he is a man who spends a lot of money.

Amidst the noise, Xu Aiqing walked onto the stage slowly in a beautiful evening dress.

"You play by yourself first, it seems that Yan Duyu is also here."

Ye Buxiu saw a familiar figure in the crowd, that person was none other than Yan Duyu, and at this moment he didn't know which woman he was talking about.

Not long after he left, a voice behind him sounded so familiar that it made Shui Fang's heart tremble.

"Xiao Shui, I knew you would come today."

You don't need to look back to know that this voice comes from her ex-boyfriend Lin Xichi, the man who hurt herself to the point where she was cornered and even desperate, but now she can easily call out her name. She turned her head and saw Lin Xichi wearing Very tidy, looking at her deeply.

"Come somewhere with me."


Light tempo music, romantic atmosphere, and fine wine and food.

Yan Duyu was chatting happily with a cute little girl in front of him, and felt that he was kicked hard, and was about to scold his mother, but when he turned around, it was Ye Buxiu, his angry expression immediately turned into flattery Said: "Master Ye is here too?"

"You really don't change your nature. You haven't settled the matter with Deng Silin yet, and you're out to hook up again?"

He quickly took down the phone number of the little cute girl in front of him, and then said to Ye Buxiu with a flattering smile: "Younger brother, just take this one, peony flowers die, even a ghost is flirtatious."

"You can play, but don't provoke Shui Fang, or I will make you die ugly. The one on stage is pretty, have you played?" Ye Buxiu coldly pointed to Xu Aiqing who was making a declaration on stage.

"I've played it a long time ago. I had a fling with her just after returning to China. I conquered her in bed~" Yan Duyu smiled.

Ye Buxiu's eyes were like the dark night, silent and dark, staring closely at Xu Aiqing on the stage.


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