Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 42

Shui Fang sat on the steps and looked at the sky of City A, which was as clear and cloudless as ever. copy url access

Lin Xichi was sitting next to her. In fact, Lin Xichi was like a male god to her in the past, a dragon among men, the best among them. At that time, Lin Xichi would always write his thoughts on his face. Lin Xichi would blush when she saw a woman. She cherished this spotless man who came out of a wealthy family. Now everything has changed. He has become covered in filth. Not the old man.

Li Qingzhao said that things are people and things are not things. Who knows that the saddest thing is that the landscape architecture is the same as before, but only people's hearts have changed. The most terrible thing is that nothing has changed, but people have changed.

"We almost have nothing to do with each other anymore? Why are you texting me anyway?"

The water side cut into the topic coldly.

"You know, Xu Aiqing is a person trained by my company... We have invested a lot of money in her. If she is blocked, you should know what it means. Not only is her future ruined, but also our company. going downhill."

In other words, his purpose of saying these words was just to ask him to help? Or begging Ye Buxiu not to block Xu Aiqing?

"It's not that you have no future. You are not seeking sponsors now. As long as you get a few wealthy sponsors, will Xu Aiqing's future be a problem?"

What annoys me the most in my life is that other people regard me as the Holy Mother, why do I think she is a good person, I have done so many things to hurt myself, and now I come to ask her for help? To be honest, for Ye Buxiu's banning and killing of Xu Aiqing, Shui Fang almost applauded.

"I don't believe that the relationship of many years will disappear overnight. You are not a woman who worships money! As long as you say that you still like me, I will divorce Xu Aiqing immediately!" Lin Xichi's eyes turned red suddenly, and went straight Look straight at her.

It's funny for him to say such a thing at this time.

"Don't be kidding, I am a very realistic person, whoever hurts me will remember it forever and will never forgive."

As soon as the words fell, Lin Xichi suddenly changed his face. He who had always been calm suddenly grabbed Shui Fang's wrist, pulled Shui Fang viciously into his arms, and then forcibly kissed Shui Fang's chest. His voice was like a roar. The male lion lowered his voice like a low voice: "What about Ye Buxiu? Believe me, although I, Lin Xichi, have been with many women physically, I only care about your water side. That Ye Buxiu is different. You can't understand him at all, let me see how you are trained by Ye Buxiu..."

Like a raging beast, he bullied him viciously, which really frightened Shui Fang, so he quickly pushed him viciously, but it didn't help, until he kissed Shui Fang's lips , she waited for the opportunity to bite his tongue resolutely and fiercely, and a fishy smell filled her mouth, which lingered for a long time.

"What are you doing?"

The cold voice was mixed with unstoppable emotions.

Shui Fang hurriedly took advantage of Lin Xichi's daze, pushed him away, raised his head, and sure enough, the man who spoke was Ye Buxiu. There was no emotion in his eyes at this moment, he just looked at Lin Xichi lightly. With her, occasionally from the rough breathing sound, he was very angry at the moment.


Without saying a word, Ye Buxiu kicked Lin Xichi in the stomach.


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