Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 44

Before leaving, Xu Aiqing's venomous eyes and the shock in Lin Xichi's eyes were still in his mind, which lingered in his mind for a long time and could not be forgotten.

Now that Xu Aiqing is really blocked by Ye Buxiu, there is no way out. At the same time, even Lin Xichi's company will have a mandatory turning point starting today...

Even so, Ye Buxiu was still unhappy. From the moment he got in the car until now, his expression was tense, he didn't talk to Shui Fang or express his opinion, he just drove the car sullenly, and waited until he returned to the villa. , he finally opened his mouth, and said in a cold voice: "You go back first, I have something to do." After speaking, he waited for Shui Fang to get off the car, and drove away quickly.

The water side felt inexplicable, and had no idea what happened.

Seeing her coming back, the butler has already prepared a lot of small desserts and cold drinks. Forget it, take a bath and relax. I don’t know why I always feel bored, as if there is some depressing atmosphere, which is uncomfortable. What happened today Everything is mirroring each other in my mind like a slideshow.

Soaking in the super large bathtub, the whole person relaxes, and the feeling of comfort is self-evident.

When did Yan Duyu and Xu Aiqing have an affair?

If there was an affair, where did these photos come from? Could it be that Yan Duyu gave it to Ye Buxiu?

Didn't Yan Duyu ruin his reputation?

After much deliberation, Shuifang actually fell asleep in the bathtub, and the housekeeper called her up, because too much soaking in water is not good for your health.

"Does Young Master Ye like to lose his temper?" Shui Fang couldn't help asking.

The housekeeper thought for a while, "Young Master Ye's temper is very strange, but we've gotten used to it after working here for so long. He usually loses his temper and doesn't speak and then does his own thing. Usually, he will go to Mr. Yan Duyu to complain. After Mr. Yan Duyu went abroad, the young master gradually lost this habit."

"Where would Mr. Yan Duyu usually go if he was in China?"



Ye Buxiu was dressed in a handsome and straight suit, sitting gracefully on the wine-red sofa with his legs crossed, holding a red wine glass in his hand.

Yan Duyu next to him didn't even dare to say anything, he just drank wine on his own and didn't dare to toast, because now, Ye Buxiu was obviously angry, and he didn't want to be a muzzle .

It’s okay to be hard, but it’s always okay to be soft, right?

As long as he is a man, he shouldn't lose his temper with a beautiful woman, right? Thinking of this, Yan Duyu quietly sent a text message to the bar owner, asking the owner to find a few tender models to come and serve Young Master Ye. The bar owner naturally wants to deal with a rich and powerful person like Ye Buxiu. Yan Duyu was already a regular customer.

Soon, a few people in high heels, with long beautiful legs, long hair, and delicate faces pushed open the door of the private room.

They quickly recognized who Ye Buxiu was. He was so handsome and elegant, with a charming aura that fascinated women all over his body. There was no doubt that it was the man.

"Master Ye, drinking alone is not boring, let us sisters drink with you."

"Yes, yes."

Several beauties wrapped themselves around Ye Buxiu like snakes, and one of them intentionally touched Ye Buxiu with her proud chest, but even so Ye Buxiu's expression remained unchanged.


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