Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 45

Faced with the fatal temptation of several women, Ye Buxiu's face did not change much, and he didn't even look at the woman in front of him.

Of course, these women naturally know Ye Buxiu's identity. In fact, such an astonishing CEO is rarely met in a nightclub. No, it should be said that he never meets him at all. Part of it is all fake, a famous car, or spending a lot of money does not mean that he is rich, it can only be said that he is willing.

So it would be very exciting to be able to touch Ye Buxiu anywhere, such a man usually only looks aloof and indifferent to the world, but now he can touch it with his own hands, so why wouldn't it be exciting?

Yan Duyu looked at Ye Buxiu without any expression, and couldn't see any emotions in him, so he felt that his strength must be insufficient, so he winked at a few women, meaning to make them work harder.

After receiving Yan Duyu's gaze, several women tried their best to please Ye Buxiu, and one of them even tried to untie Ye Buxiu's expensive belt.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Shui Fang asked Ye Buxiu for an explanation with apologetic feelings, but when he opened the door and saw such a beautiful scene, he was stunned immediately. Two women were held in Ye Buxiu's arms, and one of them was She was unashamedly untiing Ye Buxiu's belt. When she saw this scene, she felt that suddenly someone wrapped her head tightly with a transparent fresh-keeping bag, and she wanted to breathe but couldn't.

Various expressions of grievance, shock, injury and disbelief appeared on her face one after another.

Will anyone understand the feeling of not being able to breathe? It's like picking up a fish that is free in the water and cruelly putting it on a dry beach, trying to breathe but eating a mouthful of sand.

Obviously, neither Ye Buxiu nor Yan Duyu thought that Shui Fang would appear in this place suddenly.

In the next second, Shui Fang turned and ran out of control.

I don't know why I feel so uncomfortable. I know that the moment when Lin Xichi cheated was not as uncomfortable as it is now. Shuifang ran to the city center in a hurry. The news anchor was broadcasting a news on the big screen in the city center: the new debut The star Xu Aiqing, who was immediately popular all over the country, was revealed to have had abnormal relationships with many people at the sponsorship meeting. Looking back at the Lin Xichi incident where Xu Aiqing snatched a marriage from the Lin Group...

After that, the host's voice became smaller and smaller, because the tears on the water side kept flowing like beads with a broken thread.

It's not sad, I told myself early on that I shouldn't shed tears over emotional matters after experiencing Lin Xichi's scumbag, but I really feel uncomfortable in my heart, Ye Buxiu has eroded him like poison. His own living space, and then gradually eroded her, his gentleness, his domineering, his concern and his thoughtfulness, these were like a nightmare that lingered.

How could it not be sad.


Seeing the fleeing figure, Ye Buxiu stood up abruptly, looking deeply at the direction in which she left.

On the water side, as long as you love me, I can give everything I have, but I can't tolerate betrayal, and I can't tolerate being with me and contacting other men.

Coldly pushing away the woman beside him, Ye Buxiu's voice was terrifying: "Yan Duyu, it's only three things, if you do this again in the future, I won't give you face."

Then turn around and leave.


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