Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 46

Yan Duyu's complexion was not very good-looking. He certainly didn't expect that flattery would be slapped on his stomach. He thought that Ye Buxiu would start to be interested in women after he got married, but he didn't expect that to be the case. Those who are principled will never mess around with women. Thinking about what he did just now, Yan Duyu feels ashamed. copy url access

If something happened to Ye Buxiu and Shui Fang, wouldn't he have made a big mistake? As the saying goes, ten temples are better to be demolished than a single marriage. Thinking of this, I can't help but break out in a cold sweat.

"Young Master Ye, woo woo, for the sake of the photo I gave you of Xu Aiqing and me, please spare me this time."

The current Ye Buxiu is too difficult for Yan Duyu to figure out. Before he went abroad, he knew Ye Buxiu clearly at that time, and he never lost his temper with himself. It was all by himself who led Ye Buxiu to travel around the mountains and rivers, and now a water party suddenly appeared. It is really strange that Ye Buxiu's temperament has changed drastically.

"Okay, don't talk to you, I'll go out to find her."

Ye Buxiu finished speaking coldly, then looked at the stunned girls on the spot, and said lightly: "Disgusting."

Yes, except for the water side, anyone who touches any part of his body will feel extremely disgusting. I don’t know what is going on with this feeling, as if I can only be with the water side in this life, although I don’t know who the little girl is. What ability, but to be honest, just now when I saw her leave suddenly with an aggrieved face, I felt as if I was stabbed severely by something, and that feeling was a bit uncomfortable.

In any case, all we need to do now is to find her.


Shuifang was walking aimlessly on the street, when suddenly a gust of wind blew over, and there was a thunder in the sky, which made Shuifang's ears hurt. Back to the "home" where I and Ye Buxiu lived, I have no face to go back.

In fact, some things are very simple. She just needs to tell Ye Buxiu briefly. It was Lin Xichi who contacted her and sent her a text message. Maybe this misunderstanding will be resolved in advance, but she didn't say it. In fact, she didn't. I said it was because I was afraid of Ye Buxiu's random thoughts, and sometimes I was really helpless, and I didn't know it, I already felt that Ye Buxiu was an important person in my world.

Sure enough, a heavy rain came as expected, as if it was mocking the innocence of the water side. From the beginning to now, every look and action of Ye Buxiu, every domineering move deeply touched her heart, and the rain began to fall When she got up, the water side didn't hold an umbrella, the rain wet her hair, and the clothes on her body were tightly pressed against her body after being wet by the water, which was extremely uncomfortable.

At the same time, Yan Duyu and Ye Buxiu drove together and quickly dispatched troops to start looking for the water side.

He had already called to confirm, and the water side did not go back at all.

This woman, if you are angry, you can just coax yourself, but she dares to run around by herself, and when you find her, you must fuck her hard, so that she can't get out of bed for a few days is the best!

He also didn't understand why he would get angry because of a little thing, but he felt that he cared a lot. Forget it, let's talk to her first.

He's mad at him!


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