Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 47

Generally speaking, do you know what it means that the sky does not follow people's wishes?

If you don't know, then you should know what it means to have a house leak and rain all night, right?

Shuifang was holding a mobile phone on the street. Although the screen was blurred by the water, Shuifang still opened the text message. The recipient was Ye Buxiu. She planned to say something, thought about it, and edited it in the message window hesitantly. "Let's make up." The words.

But hesitantly did not press it out.

That's right, using these two sentences to describe her as the water side is perfect. She was injured to pieces by two men in a row. If human beings really have a golden bell shield that can prevent one injury, then her golden bell shield has already been destroyed. Lin Xichi was disintegrated, so Ye Buxiu could let her be bruised and bruised without any effort.

In fact, no one is to blame, it's all my fault, it's not that I like Ye Buxiu so easily, how can I feel so uncomfortable for what he does now?

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and it didn't seem to stop at all. It was like a winner standing on the highest point looking at her in a state of distress. This feeling was really uncomfortable. She stumbled and wanted to find a place to shelter from the rain. , but was shocked to find that there was not even a single eaves.

Yes, I didn't find a place to take shelter from the rain, so I could only let the downpour pour from the beginning to the end. Thinking of the day when I had a falling out with Lin Xichi, it seemed like it was the same heavy rain.

Shui Fang felt a little dizzy, as if she had caught a cold, and wanted to find a hotel to stay before talking. Unexpectedly, she suddenly felt a burst of extremely fast footsteps behind her. Before she turned her head to check clearly, she felt something A pair of strong big hands grabbed her instantly, and then a towel full of soda water smelled fiercely covering her nose and mouth.

Before he had time to struggle and figure out what was going on, he felt a burst of dizziness, and then his eyes were darkened, and he fell unconscious, except that the mobile phone in his hand fell to the ground with a loud noise.


Ye Buxiu's face was as frosty all the way, looking coldly at the pouring rain outside, the atmosphere inside the car was about to freeze Yan Duyu who was driving into slag, Yan Duyu peeked at Ye while driving. The unrepaired expression seemed to be getting more and more dangerous. Yan Duyu felt that he was struggling on the verge of danger, and he might end up belching (death) anytime, anywhere.

Now that the two belonged to the search for almost all the places in City A, Ye Buxiu's face became more and more ugly.

If there is no one in the last market, then I really don't know where the water side went.

Yan Duyu prayed in his heart that Shui Fang would show up soon, if he couldn't find him anymore, Ye Buxiu didn't know what crazy move he would make.

In short, this matter has an inseparable relationship with him, so if something happened to the water side, he would not be able to bear it and walk around. Thinking of this, Yan Duyu couldn't help but wipe a cold sweat.


When reaching the last crossing, there was no whereabouts of the water party.

Yan Duyu lowered his head, and his voice was full of guilt: "Hit me, Young Master Ye, I'm a beast."

"Mobilize all your human resources, and it's best to catch her back to me within 48 hours. This is your only chance to make up for it."

It was rare for Young Master Ye to give him a chance, and Yan Duyu nodded his head, "The campaign to find wives for all is officially launched!"


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